What is the Best Time to Trek Mount Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek in June

What is the best time to trek Mount Everest Base Camp? This is one of the most asked questions by every traveling enthusiast, whenever they go through our itinerary and services.

Well, the question is genuine as many climbers and trekkers are usually confused. But meanwhile, they are eager about the world’s highest mountain, the graceful Mount Everest.

We tell you, the peak season for Everest Base Camp trek is Autumn and Spring. However, you can plan for this trek during any time of the year. The variation in the weather condition means the diversity in your trekking experiences. So, it is solely your choice about when to go on this trek.

What is the Best Time to Trek Mount Everest Base Camp

Most of the world’s best climbers have been through the region of Mount Everest Base Camp and the surroundings. After all, it is one of the most spectacular journeys of the Khumbu region and the Sagarmatha National Park that reaches up to 5545 meters.

So far, even the experienced climbers and trekkers have a hard time deciding the perfect time to trek Everest Base Camp. The weather here in the mountains is notoriously difficult to predict.

Having said that, we have researched a lot. After interviewing and screening different professional guides, trekkers, climbers and the locals, we have tried to compile some useful information which will help you decide the best time to trek Mount Everest Base Camp.

What is the Best Time to Trek Mount Everest Base Camp?

The best time of the year to go on Everest Base Camp Trek is between February – May, and October – December. This is the time when the weather is most appropriate for trekking.

Though, if you prefer less crowd and love to owe the trekking area by yourself, there are other options too.

Spring Season

Many queries regarding trekking the Mount Everest Base Camp in spring, is a pretty common question. This season is also known as a prime trekking month as the weather is not as cold as in the winters.

And, this is the time when you will have the chance to view significant exotic and rare species of birds and animals. Most of the climbers choose the time from April to May to pass by the base camp. It is also the best time for them to climb the Majestic Mountain.

So, the trek to Everest Base Camp in spring is the best.

Winter Season

It is also possible to trek during the winter. But the challenges across the terrain multiplies.

The month of December to March is considered as the winter trekking.  At this time of the year, you will notice a huge change in the mountains with colder temperature and heavier snowfalls.

Only the daytime is warm and that too with minimal sunlight. The night is freezing. This is absolutely not the ideal time to trek the Everest Base Camp, but many trekkers love this challenge and have indeed returned victorious.

Aside from the coldest temperatures the best thing about this season is the clear sky and a spectacular view of the mountains.

Be sure to seriously take safety precautions and instructions!

Monsoon Season

The time from mid-June to August is considered as one of the worst time to trek to the Mount Everest Base Camp, as the trek will most definitely get affected by rain.

The rainy seasons are likely to dominate the terrain with frequent rainfalls and the weather will be cloudy almost every day.

Monsoon is not the great season for the trekkers, the cloud and the mist might disappoint you.

But a bright sunny day after the mist and fog would definitely enlighten your journey.

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Autumn Season – The Best Season for Everest Base Camp Trek

Undoubtedly, the best season to trek Mount Everest Base Camp. With monsoon, leaving it to trace, leaves behind quite clear and fresh trekking trail. The sky clears up and gives you an alive and beautiful view of the majestic mountain ranges.

October to  December is the time when monsoon ends and the winter enters the region. Most of the plants and animals are seen to get ready for the winter hibernation.

A lot of waterfalls will still be alive in the lower region and the temperature is also at the medium, best than any other season.

However, it is best to contact us before you plan your  Everest Base Camp trek. We can help you with the weather forecast of the trekking region beforehand.

FAQs Related to Everest Base Camp Trek

How challenging is Mount Everest Base Camp trekking?

EBC is considered as a moderate to difficult level trekking. The extreme weather condition and high altitude are the major challenges of the trek. If you have a good fitness level, you won’t face much of the difficulty.

For a normal hiker without much trekking experience, it can be quite challenging.

You need some training before your trek.

Walking on a plain terrain compared to walking uphill to a higher altitude is different and obviously difficult. So, it is advised to get yourself trained to walk uphill before you actually starting your adventure.

Uphill walks will make your legs and your breathing strong. It would be best to get into somebody strengthening exercises and prepare your body for the trek.

Will I get altitude sickness?

Different people have the different levels of tolerance when it comes to altitude sickness. Majority of the people won’t face such problems. But if you are weak and can’t endure strenuous exercise, it is likely that you will suffer from altitude sickness.

But our experienced guides will take care of this and take care of your acclimatization to different heights.

You can also significantly reduce the altitude sickness by taking medicine like Diamox. Be careful to take extra care of yourself and keep hydrating your body.

But, it is advised to consult the doctor before taking any medications before and after the trek.

Can I use my credit card for any souvenirs or buy extra things on the trek?

Our itinerary will include most of the traveling accommodation and food expenses. But yes, you can take some extra cash on the trek if you want to buy extra food or souvenirs on the way.

The tea houses and hotels there will not accept any credit cards. So, for this reason, some cash in hand will definitely help you in case you want to buy any souvenirs or extra food and beverages.

How busy are the trails on the trek?

It is expected to have a maximum number of tourists at the time of October, considering it the best season. But if you are booked, you won’t have any problems with your accommodation. It is recommended to book Everest Base Camp Trek 2022/2023 in advance to avoid disappointment.

The terrain can be quite crowded at some junctions and you will surpass some yaks, porters, tourists, and locals passing by.

But, there will be plenty of places where you will feel like in heaven with the beautiful mountains and grassland in the hilly regions of the trek.

What will I get to experience while trekking EBC?

  1. Lifetime experience and adventure to the world’s highest Mt. Everest base camp with breathtaking views.
  2. Panoramic view from Kalapathar viewpoint and close views of Mt. Everest.
  3. The local Sherpa’s traditional villages and monasteries and their unique culture.
  4. World heritage sites and high areas of Sagarmatha National Park and Khumbu region.
  5. Heavenly hills and mountains within the eye level of the horizon.
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