Ultimate Guide to Luxury Trekking in Nepal

Ultimate Guide to Luxury Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is an ideal destination for trek lovers. From short to long and difficult treks you can choose any. And, walking in such terrains but still enjoying your stay in first-class hotels and resthouses. Luxury trekking in Nepal, What a heaven on earth!

Luxury trekking in Nepal offers lots of comfort staying in the first-class properties offered. You can experience the best of the trekking with great comfort.

This luxury trekking is suitable for the ones who dream of their adventures in style. Also, it is the perfect option for the one choosing to accommodate in better-quality trekking guest houses and hotels.

While indulging in luxury trekking you get to experience wonderful Nepalese generosity.

Yearly, millions of trekkers both male and female travelers decide on the trekking in Nepal. The place where world’s top mountains belong to, Nepal is a heaven for every type of trekkers.

From simple to tough trekking, allow us to help you with anything that sounds good for you.

The finest part of trekking in Nepal is the magnificent and awe-inspiring landscapes and fresh environment. You will also admire the taste of genuine Nepalese lifestyle. Alongside the complete pleasure of exploring around.

Ultimate guide to luxury trekking in Nepal

Luxury Trekking in Nepal provides the comfort of luxury tea house or lodges. This trekking is perfect for those who desire to trek without trouble and view the most beautiful landscape of Nepal.

Let us help you with luxury trekking and make your holiday memorable. These types of luxury hotel benefits with attached washroom, hot shower, luxurious room, and hygienic meals.

Truly, Nepal splendor holiday comes up with the best experience.

Need help for luxury trekking in Nepal?

If so, just follow me. Here I will provide the ultimate guide to luxury trekking in Nepal. This will help you to spend your trip to Nepal with great comfort.

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What to pack for Luxury trekking in Nepal?

For good packing, you certainly require a checklist. I request you not to carry everything with. You can find many well-brand shops in Nepal.

For the beginner, you will require a strong waterproof backpack. For your comfort, the donkey or porter will carry your bag throughout the trekking. Your backpack should be about 45-50 liters in size.

Carry comfortable shoes that include lightweight hiking boots, simple slippers for night walks or a pair of track shoes.

Also, bring a down jacket which will give you good company throughout the luxury trekking in Nepal.

Make sure you carry some shirts and pants, a waterproof jacket, thick socks, comfortable night dress, a sunhat, light cotton scarf, sunscreen, woolen hat, and gloves.

You will also require wet wipes, tissues, toilet papers, water bottle, torch-light, towels, and other toiletries.

Best season for luxury trekking in Nepal

The most admired season for trekking in Nepal is during the spring and autumn season. Yet, you do not have to wait for the peak seasons.

Due to the diverse geography of Nepal and varying climates, trekking in Nepal is feasible all throughout the year. Possibly not precisely where you desire to trek,  good choices are accessible all year long.

Trekking in Autumn Season (September-November)

Autumn is the finest season for trekking in Nepal. Maximum trekkers travel Nepal for trekking to the high peaks. Simply two seasons; spring and autumn are suitable for trekking to the peaks.

So, Nepal welcomes thousands of trekkers this season with the maximum number of trekkers.

Most of the trekkers explore Annapurna or Everest.

In recent times, visitors trekking to Manaslu have increased too. This is also the favorable time for the trek to Kanchenjunga, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, and Makalu.

Several trekking paths taking you to snowy passes at the height of 4000/5000m or more must be completed in the dry and moderate season of autumn and spring.

Besides, the major attractions of these treks during this season are the magnificent Himalayas by the clear sky.

Trekking in Spring Season (March-May)

Spring is another favorable season for trekking in Nepal. It starts getting hot in May but not a bad moment. In another hand, the clear sky gives a clear and pleasant view.

A dry and modest temperature of this season makes the trek to higher altitude feasible. So, in this time you can go for luxury trekking to Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Everest Three Passes Trekking and more.

The best part of trekking in Nepal in spring is the gorgeous flowers along the amazing views of hills and mountains.

The number of travelers is more in March. It begins to decrease by May and merely some trekkers are found throughout the trails during the early monsoon.

Trekking in Summer/Monsoon Season (June-August)

Monsoon indicates rain and clouds. This season is not an appropriate time to see the hills and mountains. The roads get muddy, slippery and landslides may also occur.

You will find many leeches on the way and some may fall on you from trees too.

So, where to trek in Nepal throughout summer/ monsoon?

You can trek to the trans-Himalayan region as the places in these regions receive very less to no rainfall.

Humla, Jumla, Mustang are some popular places in Nepal to throughout monsoon season.

In fact, summer/ monsoon is the finest time to trek to these places since temperature is most enjoyable throughout this season.

Another good alternative is trekking to Tibet. You can contact us. We offer luxury trekking to Tibet.

Trekking in Winter Season (December-February)

Winter is not actually a bad season to trek in Nepal. The air becomes dry and the sky becomes clear. Here the only difficulty is the cold.

High altitude trekking goes troubling by the cold, snowfall and snow storms. I recommend not to plan the treks that contain crossing over high passes.

During winter, trekking to regions like Dolpo, Mustang, Humla, and others can be the best option.

The temperature at top altitude is colder all through winter compared any other season. So, trekking throughout spring and autumn when the temperature is more endurable.

Even then, due to its good recognition, Annapurna and Everest get a handful of trekkers. Due to this some guesthouse remains open.

A direct trekking to Everest Base Camp and back is recommended rather than Three Passes or other paths. Trek to Annapurna area all through winter is feasible but the high passes like Thorong La Pass are not feasible to pass due to the heavy snow.

Everest Panorama Luxury Trek

Are you planning for Everest Panorama Luxury Trek?

Everest Panorama luxury trek in Nepal is one of the short teahouses treks in the Everest area. It is also popular as Tengboche trekking which an initial short Everest hiking tour in Nepal.

This short and luxury trekking in Everest takes you all the way half towards the Everest Base Camp offering the amazing views of striking Himalayan peak together with the Mt Everest from a low altitude in less than a couple of weeks from arrival and departure to Kathmandu.

This trek is suitable for the one who doesn’t have time and looking for luxury trekking to Everest base camp.

The Everest Panorama Luxury Trek begins from Kathmandu in the 5 star Dwarika’s hotel, situated in the city center and built with a traditional style making proper usage of ancient craftsmanship.

After exploring cultural sites of the Kathmandu city, a short but exciting flight takes you to Lukla offering a beautiful view of incredible mountains and the trekhead of the Everest Panorama Luxury Trek.

The welcoming local people with a combination of natural beauty and mountains, Everest Panorama luxury Trek can be a magnificent trip to experience the magnificence that dwells in the Everest region.

The bustle hillside town of Namche Bazaar provides you with a warm greeting and from there, you will take entrance into a mountain wonderland for outstanding sights of Everest and the nearby Himalayas.

A qualified travel guide and a porter will accompany you all through the luxury trekking offering you more care. You will be kept in the finest teahouses available that provide hygienic and tasty food.

After a week of trekking, we go back to Kathmandu and spend some time in Gokarna Forest Resort, located in the most striking ambiance, far from the busy life of the city.

Here you will enjoy a peaceful, clean and natural atmosphere. At this point, you can go for a spa to freshen up your body after your effort in the mountains, an ideal way to improve this luxurious trek in Nepal.


Trekking in Nepal comes up with a great experience. Throughout the trekking, hiring a porter does not indicate that you are weak. It indicates you value the Nepalese culture and you are offering an extensive Nepalese family with an income.

Also, you are going for the comfortable trekking in Nepal which turns your trek into a  lifetime wonderful experience. So, do not be late to plan the trek in Nepal and make your Nepal holiday for family with kids a memorable one.

Your desires and preferences will be suitably addressed all through the voyage.

Walk all over rhododendron forests. Also, hike up and down over a jagged trail with your travel partner Mosaic Adventure Team. Give us a chance to help and take you to the place of your desire and we will never let you down!

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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