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Nepal visa requirements for tourists, online form, on arrival Nepal visa
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Arriving in Nepal: Visa Processing Tips

January 25, 2017 No Responses Mosaic Adventure
Nepal visa on passport

Are you planning to visit Nepal in the near future? Getting here is quite easy. You do not have to worry about visa rejections or delays. Once you land at the Tribhuvan International Airport, you can get the visa on arrival. Following certain regulations and formalities, you can get a visa for Nepal (90 days) in less than an hour.

Documents You Need for visa

Passport. Make sure that your passport is valid for six months within arrival in Nepal.

Passport Photos. You only need a single photo for your visa application, but you’ll need a lot of them if you plan to go trekking and do other activities in Nepal. Keep your passport-size photos in person for accessibility. There are also photo booths at the airport in case you forget to bring. Keep at least 4 copies of your passport-size photos. Nepal visa photo size is not specified so just bring the regular passport size photo that you use in your country.

Immigration Papers (Arrival card). Typically, you will get the immigration papers while on the plane before you land. Make sure to fill out these forms right away to pass immigration upon arriving.

Tourist Visa. All foreigners entering Nepal, except Indians,  require a visa. You can acquire a visa from the Nepali embassy in your country or upon arrival at the airport. Tourists visas are valid for 3-6 months within your travel to Nepal. Single entry visas are valid for 15/ 30 and 90 days which respectively costs $30, $50 and $125. You will get a multiple-entry visa.

Visa Application Process at the Airport
A lot of foreigners opt to get their Nepalese visa at the airport upon arrival. Bring your documents to the visa registration machines. Scan the barcode of your passport and take your photo. Get the slip of paper that the machine generates and bring this to the counter, along with the payment. Finally, have your passport stamped and get your visa.

Online Nepal Visa Application Form. You can fill out the application form online at home before traveling to Nepal. You can visit this site to fill out your immigration papers: and print the confirmation. You can submit the printed confirmation at the immigration desk. This is valid for 15 days only. For step by step guidelines on how to do this, click here.

online tourist visa form for Nepal

online tourist visa Nepal

Currency Requirements
You can pay for your visa in Euro, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Hongkong Dollars, and Japanese Yen, but your safest bet is US Dollars. It’s also a great idea to keep a small amount in USD which you can exchange in rupees at the airport for your taxi fare. After which, try to find a better exchange rate at banks, money exchange counters or your hotel.

People of these countries do not get a visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal

1. Nigeria 2. Ghana 3. Zimbabwe
4. Swaziland 5. Cameroon 6. Somalia
7. Liberia 8. Ethiopia 9. Iraq
10. Palestine 11. Afghanistan 12. Syria

Please visit Nepal Immigration website for updated information.

Extending Your Stay at Nepal
You can stay for a few more days or weeks in Nepal beyond the validity of your Visa, but you have to make sure to apply for visa extension before the validity period of your original visa is up.

You can only extend for up to 150 days and you should only apply for an extension at the Department of Immigration. You pay $3 for each additional day. If you want to extend for multiple-entry visa, you need to pay an additional $25. Also, remember that you need to pay the amount in Nepali rupees.

If you’re going to for more than 60 days, it will save you more money and effort to get a 90-day visa validity instead of the 60-day visa then apply for an extension afterward. It’s also a good idea to ask if your travel or trekking agency can apply for an extension on your behalf and pay a fee.

A Few More Important Reminders
Nepal doesn’t have the most efficient airport so you might experience a certain degree of stress if you don’t know your way around. Keep these reminders in mind to help you go through immigration and visa processing as quickly as possible.

Imigration desk Nepal airport

Immigration desk Nepal airport

1. Go to the appropriate counter. If you want a 60-day visa, don’t stand in the queue at the 15-day visa because they will just redirect you to the appropriate counter. You will have to stand in line once again. Ask the staff or read the signage.
2. Prepare your money. You can exchange a small amount at the airport to pay for your visa and taxi, so make sure you have some dollars and rupees at hand.
3. Apply for an extension as soon as you foresee the need for it. Don’t wait for your visa to get expired before filing for an extension. You could pay more in fines, or worse, possibly get arrested.
4. Be patient. Nepal is not yet as efficient in terms of processing as other developed countries are. Expect long queues and machine malfunctions (ATMs, photobooth, computers etc.) from time to time. Just be patient and you’ll get over the process soon.

All that being said, going to Nepal and applying for a visa is a lot easier than countries with more stringent requirements. Just make sure to have all the documents you need, be patient and smile a lot — you’ll enjoy Nepal soon enough.

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