Taking the trek of a lifetime to the Base Camp of Mount Everest!

Taking the trek of a lifetime to the Base Camp of Mount Everest!

Thinking of Everest Base Camp Trek?

If you are considering taking the challenge of trekking to Mount Everest, I’m sure there are many questions you might have. Whatever your motivations, whatever is driving you to consider taking on this challenge, I hope this article will be useful to you in answering or addressing some of the issues faced when doing the trek. Everest Base Camp Trek has captivated many adventurers, both male and female over the past century and continues to do so.

Is it all really worth it? In short, the answer is yes, of course, completely! Having done the trek multiple times, I can personally advocate the adventure. I still haven’t experienced anything quite like the sense of achievement I felt when I did it the first time and have done it again since, many times. It is both mentally and physically tiring, but as the saying goes… nothing truly worth having is easy.

13 days everest base camp trek

Every year over 30,000 tourists trek to the Everest region, making the trek to the Everest base camp.

Of course, as you would expect, the lows can really hit you hard. The stupendously steep gradients and the ferociously freezing conditions. But weigh that up with the alluring and breath-taking scenery, unseen in person by many individuals.  Along with experiencing the unique Sherpa culture, you start to get a much better, more balanced view of the opportunity that is present with this trekking experience.

If you are still researching this and looking at the different choices available to you, then I can tell you from personal experience that an attempt at reaching the summit can cost in the region of sixty-five thousand dollars, as well as requiring a significant amount of experience and a super-high level of fitness too. Opting for the Everest base camp trek can provide a much more cost-effective option. Plus, a much lesser physical requirement too.

With challenging terrain and plenty of unmarked paths along the way, I would absolutely say this for certain that you should plan EBC trip with a guide. It helps to have someone who has done the trek before and knows the local ways and routes. The officials in Nepal have made an official statement to say that deaths which have occurred in previous years, due to people being caught up in poor weather conditions might not have been so, should these people had hired guides.

Whilst I know this is hard to prove after the fact, and some of the people who sadly lost their lives had indeed hired guides. Whatever the circumstance, hiring a guide is an integral part of planning a successful trip to the base camp of Mount Everest. They are experts in the local customs, they know the land, can often accurately predict the weather and of course, they will make the journey that special for you too.

It is vital that you have the very best chance at a successful trip, not a really cheap one that fails!

Planning an adequate amount of rest days is vital, as is the considerations for altitude sickness. Checking the weather might become an hourly occurrence.

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Essential Equipment for the Trek to Base Camp
Something essential that you can take care of in advance of your trek to Everest Base Camp is your equipment. You will generally get a recommended packing list for Everest Base Camp Trek, or of course, there is the option of hiring items when you arrive over here in Kathmandu. My advice is to buy decent equipment and bring it with you. Things such as waterproof boots, a sleeping bag and liner, outer shells and down jackets to name just a few are all essential items. Trust me, when you are there, being snapped in the face by the cold during the day, and night – you will thank your stars you made this choice!

The varying weather is also one element of the trek that will be unforgettable. Not only will it become a huge part of the adventure, but it will also create some of the most spectacular views that most people will never ever get to see in their lifetimes.

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Madhav started working as a porter in 2001 and then went on to work as a trekking guide. After working in the trekking and tourism industry for 8 years, he co-founded Mosaic Adventure in 2009.

Madhav has trekked to most of the treks in Nepal including Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Poon Hill Trek, Jomsom Muktinath Trek, Indigenous Peoples Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Mardi Himal Trek and all of the day hikes around Kathmandu.

He has also extensively traveled to other countries like USA, UK, France, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Behrain, Thailand, Turkey and India. Madhav is the one who answers most of your questions about trekking and tours and helps to plan your trip by giving a personal touch.

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