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Reviews of adventure tour company in Nepal - Mosaic Adventure
Small group adventure holidays throughout Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.
TripAdvisor Excellence Award winning socially responsible tour company.
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Customer Reviews

Good buzz from our adventure loving happy customers. For latest reviews please visit our TripAdvisor Listing.

Victor Thliu

Victor Thliu ()

rating Review date : 4 Nov, 2015

It was an amazing trip! Mosaic was very helpful and provided us with professional advice. The trek is definitely incredible and the view is fascinating. It's indeed a very good choice when you travel Nepal during the raining season. Rishi is absolutely a professional guide who helps you clear all obstacles to make you be there. He is also a great ambassador to show you the local cultures. The trip won't be so rewarding without his presence. I would like to give my sincere gratitude to them and wish them continue delivering unforgettable experience to other trekkers.

face man

Rob Rickman ()

rating Review date : 25 Oct, 2015

We had a great trip down the Trishuli! Krishna, what a great guy, very insightful, very funny and educated. His decade long experience made our trip the best it could be, hope to be able to take part in this wonderful adventure again soon. Thanks Mosaic for organizing such a wonderful Trishuli River Rafting trip!!!

Noel Ng

Noel Ng ()

rating Review date : 1 Oct, 2015

I was on the less popular 21 days Manaslu trek with Mosaic. Mosaic offered one of the most competitive pricing for this trek but be assured that the good price in no way compromise the level of service rendered. Madhav, the business manager, was very prompt in replying to all my pre-trip enquiries which prompted me to sign up the trek with Mosaic ultimately. Many other agencies took ages to reply if they did reply at all.After meeting Madhav in person, I find that he is very friendly and helpful and is always ready to help with any matters regardless they are trek or non-trek related which is a really nice gesture. Administratively wise, I have absolutely no issues with Mosaic. Also, the accomodation that Mosaic arranged in Kathmandu is one of the best if not the best in its class The company also appears to have strict hiring criteria and their guides are of exceptional quality. My guide for Manaslu is Krishna who is in his early thirties and has a very good command of English. He's very familiar with the route having been on Manaslu trek for the 10th time (unlike other guides I've met on the trek, some could not even identify which is the manslu peak!). Krishna was very competent and was able to advise accurately the terrain and the places we are crossing or about to cross. On the big day of crossing Larke pass, my group was the only one that set off after daylight (quarter to 6) while other groups with guides less familiar with the trek decided to set off in the dark as early as 2am. My group was the 2nd to reach the destination that day but took the least time albeit me and the danish girl in the group may not be the fittest person around. I attribute the efficiency to Krishna's familiarity of the trail and because we did not have to spend unnecessary energy trekking in the dark. I can't say for other treks, but for Manaslu Krishna is definitely the guy. Members and guides of other groups often came to him for advice which says a lot about his competency on this trek. Beside being competent, Krishna was also very caring and attentive to all our needs. He pays attention to the food we eat and will do the cooking himself if he feels the cook at the tea house is not good enough. He also carried a lot of fruits with him that last us throughout the trek even though it means additional load for him. Having fruits every night was one of the few luxuries you will learn to appreciate on the manaslu trek. In short, I simply could not fault him in any ways. I simply could not imagine myself signing up with another company for a Nepal trek especially after having seen other trekkers having lots of issues with their guides (poor English, overcharging, lying, under aged porters etc). I was really glad I chose Mosaic and I will definitely go back to them the nest time I'm in Nepal. I would highly recommend Mosaic to anyone looking for an enjoyable trip in Nepal.

face women

Marian Van Den Broek ()

rating Review date : 21 Sep, 2015

Yesterday I returned from a trek to Langtang Valley Trek guided by Ram. Unfortunately the first part was very wet, 3 days and night rain. But We were lucky to end with good weather and nice views. It was well organized and I enjoyed. Perhaps next time to helambu and/or Gosaikunda. I will keep in touch. Marian Van.


Ryan Zielinski ()

rating Review date : 6 Jul, 2015

If you're looking to do trekking in Nepal then stop looking at other companies because this is the one you want to go with. In the main office, Madhav does an excellent job of planning your trip and making sure everything is to your liking. Even half a world away, he answered all of my emails within 24 hours. He will do everything within his power to make sure your stay in Nepal is nothing short of amazing. On the Everest base camp tour, my guide Rishi was equally impressive. So if you have the opportunity to request a guide, request him. He always made sure we stayed at clean and comfortable teahouses with good food. It was also nice to have someone looking out for signs of altitude sickness and checking up on your health and acclimatization, daily. He also knows all the good places to take pictures and is very knowledgable of the surrounding mountains and wildlife. You should also bring some cards with you and ask Rishi to show you some of his magic tricks. The trek itself is the trip of a lifetime and I can't accurately describe it here, so you should just do it! In Kathmandu, Keshar was a fountain of knowledge. During my city tour he told me everything I wanted to know and more. I got so much more out of the places he took me to with his keen insight. Keshar is a great student of Nepalese history and culture and is very enthusiastic about it. I couldn't have asked for a better city guide. If I ever have the fortune to make it back to Nepal I will certainly be booking my trip with Mosiac Adventure.

benjamin imort

Benjamin Imort ()

rating Review date : 6 May, 2015

Ich reihe mich ein in die Spitzenbewertungen von Mosaic hier auf Tripadvisor. Wir haben äußerst gute Erfahrungen mit der Agency gemacht. Wir (meine Freundin und ich, 30 und 32), haben einen zehntägigen Trek im Annapurna-Gebiet gebucht. Wir sind beide keine Trekking-Profis und hatten dementsprechend viele Fragen an Madhav. Wie die anderen hier auch berichten, hat er absolut schnell und immer ausführlich auf unsere zahlreichen Mails geantwortet. Wir hatten mehrere Agenturen angeschrieben, und Mosaic hat am fleibelsten auf unsere Wünsche reagiert (wir wollten zum Beispiel nicht direkt in Kathmandu starten, sondern den Guide erst in Pokhara treffen..). Schon das hat uns ein gutes Gefühl gegeben. In Kathmandu haben wir uns dann im Mosaic-Büro mit Madhav getroffen, um restliche Details zu klären (Bezahlung etc), und der gute Eindruck hat sich bestätigt. Auch über unseren Führer Rudra kann ich nur Gutes sagen. Wir hatten eine Spitzen-Zeit mit ihm, haben viel gelernt und viel gelacht. Man kann den Trek sicher auch ohne Führer organisieren, aber für uns war es der beste und einfachste Weg, um mit den Nepalis in Kontakt zu kommen. In zehn gemeinsamen Tagen und Abenden hat man sich viel zu erzählen! Es war aber auch nicht so, dass Rudra uns in einer Tour zugequatscht hat (worum wir uns vorher ein wenig Sorgen gemacht hatten). Wenn man beim Wandern mal seine Ruhe haben wollte, sind wir auch einfach mal eine halbe Stunde hintereinander her geschlappt. Der Guide war auch dafür super, um immer einen Überblick über die Strecke zu haben, wie lang ist es noch, wie schwierig wird es noch etc ? Rudra und unser Träger Binot haben uns das Rundum-Wohlfühl-Programm geliefert. In jeder Unterkunft hat Rudra dafür gesorgt, dass wir ein gutes Zimmer kriegen, und nach jedem Dinner gabs noch eine Protion frisches Obst frei Haus. Neidische Blicke der anderen Alleine-Trecker sind einem da sicher :-) Noch einmal: Wir sind hochzufrieden mit der professionellen Organisation und dem persönlichen Umgang bei Mosaic - so sehr, dass wir am Ende auch den Mt Everest-Mountain-Flight bei Madhav gebucht haben, den man woanders vielleicht ein paar Dollar billiger gekriegt hätte. Vier Daumen hoch!!

adam parker

Adam Parker ()

rating Review date : 21 Apr, 2015

My partner and I highly recommend Mosaic Adventure to anyone looking to trek in Nepal. We emailed them ahead of our trip and were extremely pleased by how helpful Madhav was in planning our itinerary. You should just email Mosaic to find out about the amazing services they offer! Our trek to Annapurna base camp was truly awe-inspiring and we hugely enjoyed all aspects of it - the sunrise at Poon Hill, the blooming rhododendron, huge bamboo forests, lovely Gurung villages, the Annapurna sanctuary, the hot springs in Jhinu and so much more! Our group consisted of 4 tourists, 1 guide and 2 porters and we all got on really well, playing cards together after trekking and talking about our different home countries. Our guide and porters were very flexible which allowed us to each walk at our own pace and to adapt the itinerary when needed. We think it is much bettet to have a guide and porters in Nepal as we learned so much about Nepali culture from them. They always arranged for us to get the best rooms in the lodges and made sure we would get good food after trekking. It is also much safer as they know all the routes and know where there is danger of avalanches coming down. Finally, it was not much more expensive than doing it all yourself, but so much more enjoyable. Thanks again to Madhav, Rudra, Sushil and Purna for an unforgettable experience!!

face women

Alison Harvey ()

rating Review date : 7 Apr, 2015

The many elements of our trip to Nepal were seamlessly and brilliantly put together by Madhav at Mosaic. With knowledgeable and friendly guides we got the most out of this trip. We found the personal care provided by Madhav and Keshar, Arjun, Santosh and Azay (guides and porters) was exceptional, particularly when we got into a few scrapes. This care even extended after we'd left the country. I would readily recommend Mosaic to anyone.

face women

Nanette Pettigrew ()

rating Review date : 12 Mar, 2015

We booked our trip to Everest Base Camp and the Gokyo Lakes as an independent group of 3 adults (we are a family) with the recommendation of Madhav. He was the one I corresponded with while arranging this trip over the internet. He was excellent in always getting back to me instantly as long as he was open (14 hour time/day difference). Once in Kathmandu, we met with Raj, who actually coordinated the trip and side trips. He was excellent. He was always in touch with our guide to make sure that we were safe and having a wonderful time. Our guide, Shanker, and two porters, Chiring and Kami (not sure of spellings) were excellent. Shanker kept a close eye on us and always made us feel safe and happy. He would always book teahouses each night that he knew we would approve of (and we could be fussy)! The porters carried our heavy gear and were always so pleasant and helpful for any of our needs. I cannot say enough about these guys. When we were tired, hungry and grumpy, they would always cheer us up. We originally wanted to trek to the Lakes first and then over to EBC. Shanker watched the way we trekked and felt it would be better for us to go to EBC first and then over the Cho La Pass to the Lakes. Thank goodness we listened to him because after EBC the Cho La Pass was closed due to snow and nobody was able to go over it. If we had gone to the Lakes first, we would have missed our trip to EBC. ALWAYS listen to your guide. Thank you Shanker!!! While in Kathmandu, Mosaic booked us excellent hotels. Raj was able to see the types of accommodations we liked and made sure that each time we needed a hotel that he booked us into one we would approve of. He set up excellent sight seeing tours and also a trip to Chitwan National Park. We were always extremely pleased with any tour he arranged. I cannot say enough about Mosaic Adventure. Madhav, Raj, Shanker and the porters are the best!! If we go back to Nepal, Mosaic will be our choice of outfitters. They offer a very fair price for their trips and excellent service. Thank you for making our trip a safe and wonderful time.

face man

Pavel Vizilter ()

rating Review date : 15 Feb, 2015

It was our first visit to Nepal. We didn't have detailed plan of our journey and the only thing we new - we want to see Everest. After reading of several reports we decided to buy fly tickets and to book the hotel for two days in Kathmandu. Trough the book service i booked Great Wall. My choice was accidantal. I just wanted to secure our staying in Kathmandu for the short time and in case we wouldn't like the hotel we were ready to change it. The first pleasant surprise was when i received the e-mail from Madhav offering the pick up service from the airport. Later i understood how important was it. The hotel locates in Tamel - district in Kathmandu, actually it's old part, close to Freek Street and to many of historical objects. There are no exact addresses and we had the problems with taxi drivers in finding the right way to the hotel. Anyway Madhav send the car to the airport and we were successfully driven to the hotel. As we understood the hotel is under management of Mosaic Adventure. This circumstance was very helpful for us. So Mosaic arranged our trekking to Everest inside of an hour: all permissions, fly tickets to Lukla, guide, porters, equipment, accommodation, transfers and so on. Unfortunately we had bad luck and on the day when we had to fly Lukla was closed due to bad wetter. We were short of time and decided to rearrange our rout and instead of Everest to go to Annapurna. Many thanks to Madhav - he re-booked and rearranged everything very fast and next day we landed in Pockara and started our trekking to Pon Hill. Now after the trekking I'm sure it was the right decision and only the highest professionalism of Mosaic and especially of Madhav helped us to spend the great time in Nepal. Every country is introduced by the people and such guys like those who are working with Mosaic adventures make Nepal very attractive for visiting and traveling. Herewith i would like to express my personal gratitude to Madhav and very friendly stuff from the hotel Great Wall. They did everything to make our staying in Nepal comfortable, interesting and unforgettable.

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