World Environment Day 2024

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Mosaic Adventure is committed to raising awareness and taking action on World Environment Day.

On this World Environment Day, Mosaic Adventure reaffirms our dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

This year’s theme, “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience,” highlights the urgent need to rejuvenate degraded lands and strengthen our resilience to droughts. Coupled with the #RestoreNature campaign, it underscores our collective responsibility to combat climate change and safeguard our ecosystems.

Join us in taking meaningful action to ensure a thriving, resilient planet for future generations. Together, we can restore and cherish our natural environment.

world environment day

Nepal’s Climate Crisis: A Call to Action

Our commitment to environmental conservation is underscored by the alarming realities that Nepal faces due to the climate crisis.

Recent reports reveal Nepal as one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, evident through ongoing disasters like extreme weather events, glacier explosions, delayed monsoons, intense landslides and floods. The increasing heat has even led to the closure of schools in the lower lands of Nepal, posing harm to school children.

The consequences of climate change extend beyond the environment, affecting food security, health and poverty levels.

Rising temperatures have led to the proliferation of vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria, as well as waterborne diseases such as cholera.

Nepal is endemic for cholera with the potential for large outbreaks, as seen in the numerous cases reported in 2022 across Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur.

This situation demands immediate action and collaboration between government bodies, private organizations, and the general public to address these issues and safeguard the well-being of our communities.

Challenges and Commitment to Solutions

Despite Nepal’s efforts to combat the climate crisis, challenges in implementation persist. The nation’s renewable energy expansion targets have fallen short, with renewable energy accounting for only 3 percent of total energy consumption in 2020.

Additionally, plastic waste remains a significant environmental threat, as the use of polythene bags continues despite pledges to transition to paper and cloth bags.

As an eco-conscious tour operator, Mosaic Adventure remains committed to mitigating climate change and preserving Nepal’s natural beauty. We actively promote sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing the importance of minimizing ecological footprints and supporting local communities.

Through the organization of small group tours, we strive to ensure responsible exploration of Nepal’s breathtaking Himalayas, fostering a deep connection with nature while minimizing the impact on fragile ecosystems.

A Call to Global Action

On World Environment Day, we encourage individuals and organizations worldwide to take immediate action. By adopting climate-friendly measures such as reducing plastic consumption, promoting renewable energy and preserving vital ecosystems, we can collectively address climate change and secure a better future for generations to come.

“Every small step counts in protecting the environment that we are all connected with. Let us hold our leaders accountable, demand action, and inspire change through our own actions. Together we can make a positive impact and ensure a sustainable future,” says Rajendra Sapkota, Managing Director of Mosaic Adventure.

“As founders of Mosaic Adventure, we believe that in the face of land degradation, desertification and drought, our actions today determine the landscape of tomorrow. By restoring our lands, we sow the seeds of resilience for future generations. Let us cultivate hope, nurture our ecosystems and together, let’s make every parched soil fertile again,” adds Madhav Prasad, Tour Coordinator and Co-founder of Mosaic Adventure.

As Nepal faces the challenges posed by climate change, we must prioritize funding and initiatives that support climate-friendly practices.

We can play an important role in reducing carbon emissions and preserving our natural heritage for future generations by raising awareness, advocating for policy changes and empowering individuals.

Join Us in Protecting Our Planet

We hope that people around the world recognize the value of the environment and the Earth we all share. Let us unite in the agreement that we must take action to enjoy this world and keep it intact for generations to come.

The world is nothing without its natural beauty, which inspires us, energizes us and connects us all together like a thread in a flower garland.

We appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Please feel free to comment and share any suggestions on how Nepal can take different approaches to safeguard the environment of the Himalayas.

Your valuable input is crucial in our collective efforts to protect and preserve this precious ecosystem.

Happy World Environment Day 2024!

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