Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Tour - 15 Days

Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Tour


Mount Kailash is considered to be one of the most sacred places on earth and is sacred to four different religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon. Nobody has ever summated this sacred mountain and it is visited by a small number of pilgrims each year. Pilgrims come to circumnavigate the mountain, some religions go clockwise, some counterclockwise.

Hindus believe that Lord Shiva resides at the top of the mountain with his wife, in an eternal state of meditation. Mount Kailash is sacred for Tantric Buddhists as they believe the Buddha Demchock, who is a figure of supreme bliss, lives here. In Jainism, they believe that Mount Kailash is where the first Jain became liberated and in Bon, followers believe that Mount Kailash and the surrounding region is the “seat of all spiritual power.”

The path around Mount Kailash is 52km in total and pilgrims who complete this believe that it will bring them good fortune. You do not have to be apart of any of these religions, or of any religion for that matter to make this journey, many people from all over the world come here for the spirituality and peacefulness that Mount Kailash exudes. The reason for doing this pilgrimage is personal to you, whether it be to find inner peace, bask in the deep spirituality of the place and the pilgrims or simply just to experience something different, you will no doubt leave feeling replenished and enlightened.


Day 1
Welcome to Nepal!

Activities: We will meet you at the airport and drive you to your hotel, just relax for
the rest of the day to recover from your long journey.

Highlights: Bustling Thamel, an array of restaurants, bars and shops.

Accommodation: Kathmandu 3 star hotel.

Day 2
Pre-tour meeting and Kathmandu sightseeing.

Highlights: Pashupatinath, Boudhanath Stupa, Swaymbhunath and Patan Durbar Square, cultural and historical sights of the Kathmandu Valley.

Accommodation: Kathmandu 3 star hotel.

Day 3
Nyalam, 2 days here for acclimatization and exploration


Duration: 6 hours drive.

Elevation reached: 3750m.

What’s to see: The friendship bridge that joins China and Nepal, miles of countryside and local villages.

Accommodation: Basic guesthouse.

Day 4

Another day here for acclimatization/exploration.

Day 5

Distance: 150km

Duration: 7-8 hours drive.

Elevation reached: 4450m.
What’s to see: Brahmaputra River, farmers herding yak and sheep and beautiful views of the plateau and mountains ahead.

Accommodation: Basic guesthouse.

Day 6

Distance: 277km

Duration: 8 hours drive.

Elevation reached: 4558m.

What’s to see: The wide valley, snow covered peaks, by the afternoon you will be able to see Mount Kailash and the turquoise waters of Lake Manasarover.

Accommodation: Tented camp.

Day 7

Distance: 140km

Duration: 5 hours drive.

Elevation reached: 4564m.

What’s to see: You will get a chance to perform the traditional puja that pilgrims do before circumnavigating Mount Kailash, on the banks of the lake. You will see many pilgrims performing these rituals here.

Accommodation: Tented camp.

Day 8
Dehara Puk

Hours of walking: 7.

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult.

Elevation reached: 5000m.

Terrain: Rocky cliffs.

Views on offer: Waterfalls and the face of Mount Kailash.

Highlights: The first day of your pilgrimage, enjoying the peaceful and spiritual surroundings.

What’s to see: Many pilgrims going clockwise or anti-clockwise according to their religion and Buddhists performing prostrations around the mountain.

Accommodation: Tented camp.

Day 9
Zuthal Puk

Hours of walking: 8.

Difficulty: Difficult/strenuous.

Elevation reached: 5900m on the Dolma Pass.

Terrain: Uneven, ridge tracks, rocky, uphill and steep trails.

Views on offer: Magnificent views of the surrounding mountains from the pass.

Highlights: Completing this sacred journey, the chance to meditate or just sit and reflect on the Dolma Pass.

What’s to see: Yamasthal where pilgrims leave old clothes, a piece of hair or a drop of blood in hope that the terrible Yamraja (The master of death) will be distracted by these signs and will allow the Yatries (travelers) to be pass through Dolma- La Pass. Parvati-sthal and Gauri Kunda .

Accommodation: Tented camp.

Day 10

Distance: 140km

Duration: 6 hours drive after a 3 hour walk..

Elevation reached: 4558m.

What’s to see: You will get a chance to visit the natural hot springs near the lake.

Accommodation: Tented camp.

Day 11

Distance: 150km

Duration: 7-8 hours drive.

Elevation reached: 4450m.

What’s to see: You will get a chance to visit some sacred temples and caves.

Accommodation: Basic guesthouse.

Day 12

Distance: 296km

Duration: 7 hours drive.

Elevation reached: 3750m

What’s to see: Surrounding countryside and local people.

Accommodation: Basic guesthouse.

Day 13

Distance: 150km

Duration: 6 hours drive.

Elevation reached: 3750m

What’s to see: The Friendship bridge and Nepali farmland and countryside.

Accommodation: 3 star hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 14
Free day in Kathmandu

Highlights: Shopping, sightseeing, relaxing, the choice is yours!

Accommodation: Kathmandu 3 star hotel.

Day 15

Goodbye and farewell from Nepal and Tibet!

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Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Tour
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