Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Tour

15 Days


Mount Kailash is considered to be one of the most sacred places on earth and is sacred to four different religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon. Nobody has ever summated this sacred mountain and it is visited by a small number of pilgrims each year. Pilgrims come to circumnavigate the mountain, some religions go clockwise, some counterclockwise.

Hindus believe that Lord Shiva resides at the top of the mountain with his wife, in an eternal state of meditation. Mount Kailash is sacred for Tantric Buddhists as they believe the Buddha Demchock, who is a figure of supreme bliss, lives here. In Jainism, they believe that Mount Kailash is where the first Jain became liberated and in Bon, followers believe that Mount Kailash and the surrounding region is the “seat of all spiritual power.”

The path around Mount Kailash is 52km in total and pilgrims who complete this believe that it will bring them good fortune. You do not have to be apart of any of these religions, or of any religion for that matter to make this journey, many people from all over the world come here for the spirituality and peacefulness that Mount Kailash exudes. The reason for doing this pilgrimage is personal to you, whether it be to find inner peace, bask in the deep spirituality of the place and the pilgrims or simply just to experience something different, you will no doubt leave feeling replenished and enlightened.

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Mount Kailash Pilgrimage Tour
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Trip Facts

  • 15 Days
  • Moderate
  • 40 People max

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