Living up to its name, Mosaic Adventure offers diverse packages that allows for flexibility, affordability and variety. You may chose from our standard packages, tailor-made tour packages and special interest tours at an affordable cost any time of the year.

Here at Mosaic Adventure, we are committed to bringing top quality, professional customer service in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We run Nepal tour with our own local resources and tour to other countries using our extensive network of local operators from those respective countries.

Mosaic Adventure is travel company based in Kathmandu, Nepal with a team of the experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals who have spent a great deal of time in the field of tourism industry. Rajendra Sapkota, The CEO, has an in-depth knowledge in the sector and has spent most of his life in the tourism sector. The management team of Mosaic Adventure is thoroughly professional and works very hard to earn all important reputation and recognition. Mosaic Adventure provides almost everything that one could possibly expect in a trek and an expedition or in a complete holiday package. This must be why the organization has earned the most loyal clients and their applause. Our motto is to serve the clientele wholeheartedly and we love our job to the bone. Ask anyone who we have served and they have only one thing to say, you couldn’t be in better hands than the Mosaic Adventure.

Hard-earned popularity and recognition do not come for nothing. We offer you the wide variety of choices from specialized packaged tours to tailor-made holiday trips throughout Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. Moreover, we offer you the best trekking, peak climbing, sightseeing at cultural heritage sites, Jungle Safari trips, special interest tours and Adventure holidays that include bungee jumping, rafting, paragliding and cycling. You name it and we serve you the fun-filled tour you have chosen with guaranteed safety, personal care, concern and effort.

Proper communication, endeavor to build up a rapport, and utmost satisfaction of the clients are a must to run an organization smoothly. These are the rewards for any team that works as hard as we do. We do not try to send them back home once they have travelled with us but we try to make our clients come back and travel with us again the next time they come here.

Most importantly, Mosaic Adventure wants you to leave for your respectable countries having an exceptional travel experience as well as an enjoyable stay in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan with promises to return. Continued customer satisfaction, safety, and improvement are our top priorities at Mosaic Adventure.

What we aim at!

Nepal is one of the most ecologically and geographically diverse countries in the world. It has the sky-rocketing mountains that are as high as 8000 meters and more and the treks routes along their feet. And it also gives people the shot at the safari to the tropical jungles where they can encounter rare and endangered wild life. This is the diversity that keeps the tourists coming back. Nepal is blessed with next-to-perfect climate and boasts climatic ranges, temperate to tropical climate and from tropical climate to bone chilling cold climate. This presents the tourists who visit Nepal with the opportunity of witnessing diversified flora and fauna which no other countries in the world can offer. People think of Himalayas, beautiful lakes and other natural heritages when they think of Nepal. But very few people know that there is more to Nepal than just natural landscapes. Nepal is as diverse in culture, food and life-style as it is in nature and ecology.

At Mosaic Adventure, we use our tour packages, holiday trips and trekking programs to meet our business objective and targets. As we strive to achieve our goals we are aware of the fact that our first and foremost priority is the interest of our guests and clients. Mosaic Adventure wants to serve these exclusive information to your doorsteps and provide you with your chance to experience everything firsthand. Once you have visited Nepal, you will be proud to say to yourself and to others that Nepal has everything they say they have and Nepal is everything they say Nepal is. If we get our clients to confess this we will consider this our greatest success and the highest paid rewards. Thus, with this aim in mind, heart and soul we have been trying for years to reach out to the people like you who love travelling, adventure sports and different cultures. We vow to serve our clients to the best of our ability and try and ensure that they enjoy every second of their trip with us. Also, we are committed to keep our words and our sole aim is to make sure our clients are going back home with the rich experiences of the visit of Nepal which they think is the most cherished moment of their whole entire life.

Mosaic Adventure is a government registered trekking company and registered with the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Department of the Tourism Industry, the Ministry of Industry Commerce and Supply office of Company Registrar, the Department of Small and Cottage Industry, the Ministry of Finance Department of Tax and Inland Revenue Department and the Nepal Rastra Bank Foreign Currency Regulation Department. We are also an active member of trekking agent association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal mountaineering association (NMA), and a lifetime member of Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP). We are an authorized licensed holder that allows us to operate tours and all tourism related services in Nepal such as trekking, air ticketing, hotel reservations, peak climbing, vehicles rentals, paragliding, trekking & mountaineering permits, rafting, etc.

Are you the kind of person who cannot bear to sit on a beach for two weeks?

Do you crave adventure, or have a desire to learn about rich culture and heritage?

Then you have come to the right place! We are a fully specialized, experienced and highly-regarded tour operator offering outstanding trekking itineraries and adventure and cultural trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

Trek the infamous path to Everest Base Camp, explore the wonders of the Annapurna Range, venture into restricted and remote Himalayan areas (only visited by a few tourists each year!), or conquer a Himalayan Peak. Ride some of the best and most exciting rapids in the world, spotting one-horned rhinos and its fellow jungle companions, or choose to fully immerse yourself in the culture and history of ancient lands and experience the most breathtaking scenery on the planet with Mosaic Adventure.

Nepal truly is the adventure seekers paradise, with its rugged Himalayan trekking routes, raging white water rapids and high-suspended bridges, perfect for leaping into a lush ravine on the end of a bungee cord. We have trips that cater for everyone! Whether you consider yourself a bit of an athlete and fancy a long trek into the mountains, taking on steep ascents and even summiting a peak, or, if you would rather have a leisurely walk for just a few days to take in the mountain scenery, we can do that too. From pilgrimage tours and city sightseeing, experiencing the rich culture and time-honored traditions to camping in the wilderness and reaching some of the highest points on the earth, Mosaic Adventure really does do it all.

Bhutan and Tibet are deeply mysterious lands steeped in ancient history. It is our pleasure to do all of the legwork to arrange visas to visit these beautiful countries so you can just sit back, relax and soak up the culture and magnificent scenery that is around you.

We started our working lives as porters and guides, leading hundreds of tourists into the Himalayas, so as you can imagine, we know the mountains like the back of our hands and we understand exactly what it takes to make a trip of a lifetime.

Please get in touch with us, give us a call or shoot us an email to begin arranging your dream vacation. Whatever your budget or amount of time you have, we can set you up with a group itinerary or a tailor made trip to one or all of these amazing countries.

Company founders: Mr. Rajendra Sapkota and Mr. Madhav Prasad

Founded year: 2009