Langtang Valley Trek

8 Days

Are you ready for an adventure in Nepal?

The Langtang Valley Trek offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural richness.

Nestled in the heart of Langtang National Park in Nepal, this popular eight day trek promises an experience you will never forget.

From stunning sunrises over the mountains to peaceful evenings under the stars, every moment in Langtang Valley is a treasure.

  • We organize Langtang Valley Trek round the year, best time to do it is during spring (March to mid June) and autumn (September to early December).
  • Moderate
  • 4,984 meters / 16,351 feet.
  • 7 nights and 8 days
  • 12 People Maximum.
  • Kathmandu, Nepal


Langtang Valley Trek takes you on a journey to the remote valley of Langtang, known for its high mountain lakes and the beautiful Kyanjin Gompa.

You will see amazing views of the Himalayas, walk on pristine trekking trails, and learn about the traditions of the Tibetan-influenced local people.

Langtang Valley Trek itinerary:

Day 1: We will pick you up from your hotel in Kathmandu and take a 7-hour bus ride to Sybru Bensi (1462 meters).

Day 2: Trek for 5 hours to reach Lama Hotel (2500 meters).

Day 3: Trek for 5 hours to reach Langtang Village (3307 meters).

Day 4: Trek for 4 hours to reach Kyanjin Gompa (3798 meters).

Day 5: The group will decide to trek to Kyanjin Ri (4773m/3 hours) or Tsergo Ri (4984 meters/7 hours) and return to Kyanjin Gompa.

Day 6: Trek for 6 hours back to Lama Hotel.

Day 7: Trek for 6 hours to reach Syabru Besi.

Day 8: Take a 7-hour bus ride back to Kathmandu and transfer to your hotel.

The Langtang Valley Trekking trail is located in a national park to the north of Kathmandu near the Tibetan border.

The Langtang Lirung (7246m) dominates the skyline while forests, farmland, traditional villages, and the deep gorges of the Bhote Koshi and the Langtang Khola prevail on the valley floor.

Highlights of Langtang Valley Trek:

  • Langtang National Park: This trek is located in the Langtang National Park, one of the most unspoiled national parks in Nepal, offering a diverse range of flora and fauna, including the endangered red panda.
  • Kyanjin Gompa: The trek takes you to the Kyanjin Gompa, a beautiful Buddhist monastery surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
  • Stunning Himalayan Views: The trek offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including Langtang Lirung (7246m), which dominates the skyline.
  • Traditional Villages: You get to experience the time-honored traditions of the Tibetan influenced local people and their culture, ethnicity, and lifestyle.
  • Remote Valley: Langtang Valley is a beautifully remote valley with high mountain lakes and deep gorges of the Bhote Koshi and Langtang Khola.
  • Trekking Trails: The pristine trekking trails through a sumptuous environment make the Langtang Valley Trek unforgettable.

The forests on the trek are home to many types of wildlife including wild boar, Himalayan black bears, ghoral, grey langur monkeys, leopards, musk deer, and the endangered red panda.

The upper Langtang Valley is also a breeding ground for the Tibetan snow cock and snow partridge, which you may be lucky enough to see.

Pack your bags, lace up your boots and fly to Kathmandu to start this adventure.

The Langtang Valley Trek awaits with open arms, offering amazing landscapes, rich culture and unforgettable experiences.

Join us for the journey of a lifetime!

Detailed Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

Activities: Ride a local bus to Sybru Bensi.
Duration: 6 to 7 hours depending on traffic.
Highlights: The countryside views during the drive.
Accommodation: Basic teahouse.
– Private transfer upgrade available at extra cost.

Lunch, Dinner

Hours of walking: 5.
Difficulty: Easy to moderate.
Elevation reached: 2500m.
Terrain: Gentle inclines, well defined paths, riverbank trails, forest tracks and a suspension bridge to cross the river.
Views on offer: The Langtang Khola and Bhote Koshi Rivers.
Highlights: The wildlife in the forest.
What’s to see: Langur monkeys, bears, endangered red pandas and giant beehives hanging from the rocks.
Accommodation: Basic Teahouse.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hours walking: 6.5.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Elevation reached: 3430m.
Terrain: Forest and river bank trails, gentle inclines, grassy meadows and a log bridge to cross the river
Views on offer: Magnificent views of f Langtang Lirung. (7246 meters.)
Highlights: Walking across the lush meadow of Ghora Tabela.
What’s to see?: Local lodges, a police check point, pine forests.
Accommodation: Basic Teahouse.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hours of walking: 5.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Elevation reached: 3830m.
Terrain: Farmland, bridges and some gentle ascents.
Views on offer: Langsisha and Langtang Lirung.
Highlights: Crossing the Langtang Khola River on an impressive suspension bridge, loaded with prayer flags to see the mountain views emerge, arriving at the beautiful site of Kyanjin Gompa.
What’s to see: The traditional village of Muna and Singdun, yak pastures, farmland and some small Buddhist monestaries.
Accommodation: Basic Teahouse.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hours of walking: 3 hours to Kyanjin Ri or 7/8 hours to Tsergo Ri..
Difficulty: Moderate (Kyanjin Ri) difficult to strenuous (Tsergo Ri).
Elevation reached: 4773m at Kyanjin Ri and 4984 at Tsergo Ri.
Terrain: An easy climb over well defined trekking paths to Kyanjin Ri or a rocky, steep ascent to Tsergo Ri.
Views on offer: There are some pretty amazing mountain views from Kyanjin Ri but you get the best views of Langtang Lirung, Langsisha and Ganja La Ridge, Yala Peak and Langtang Ri from the top of Tsergo Ri.
Highlights: The unparalleled, panoramic views from the top of Tsergo Ri.
What’s to see: Mountains, mountains and more mountains! Kyanji Ri is an interesting place to explore if you decide that.
Accommodation: Basic Teahouse.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hours of walking: 6.
Difficulty: Easy to moderate.
Elevation reached: 2500m.
Terrain: Gentle descents, well defined trekking paths and riverbank and forest trails.
Views on offer: The snow-capped peaks of the Langtang range.
Highlights: The crisp, fresh mountain air and watching the wildlife in their natural habitats.
What’s to see: Sweet smelling pine forests, an array of wildlife and giant beehives.
Accommodation: Basic teahouse.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hours of walking: 6.
Difficulty: Easy to moderate.
Elevation reached: 1503m.
Terrain: Gentle and some steep descents, well defined trekking paths, a ridge path and riverbank and forest trails.
Views on offer: Ganesh Himal, Gosaikunda Ridge and the Bhote Koshi Valley.
Highlights: The views from the ridge at Sherpagaon village.
What’s to see: Pine forests, wild boars and the village of Sherpagaon.
Accommodation: Basic teahouse.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Activities: Drive back to Kathmandu and free time in the afternoon.
Highlights: Time to relax your tired legs after days of trekking!
Accommodation: Your own (transfer to hotel in Kathmandu after trek)
– Private transfer upgrade available at extra cost.

Breakfast, Lunch

The Cost Include(s)

  • All your standard meals as per itinerary during the trek.(breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Tea house accommodation during the trek.
  • Licensed English speaking guide during the trek & required number of porters (1 for 2 people basis) to carry your luggage during the trek; their food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment, medicine for all staff.
  • Required trekking area entry permits.
  • Jacket, sleeping bag, duffel bag to use on trek (on request).
  • Kathmandu - Syabru Bensi - Kathmandu bus transfers.
  • Government imposed taxes.

The Cost Exclude(s)

  • All kind of beverages (tea/coffee, bottled water etc).
  • Items of a personal nature such as telephone, laundry etc.
  • Travel insurance (recommended).
  • Personal gears.

Langtang Valley Trek FAQs

When is the best time to go on the Langtang Valley Trek?

The best time to go on the Langtang Valley Trek is during the spring and autumn seasons. March to May in the spring season and from late September to early December in the autumn season are considered the best due to mild weather conditions, dry season, and pretty good Himalayan views with clear blue skies.

Although spring and autumn are considered the best months, we run this tour throughout the year. With proper preparation and research, you can enjoy this trek throughout the year.

Is the Langtang Valley Trek difficult?

The Langtang Valley Trek is moderate level trek, which means it is not as physically demanding as some other popular treks in Nepal like the Kanchenjunga, Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Circuit Trek. The highest altitude reached during the trek is 4,984 meters (while climbing Tsergo Ri), which can be a bit challenging for some trekkers.

Do I need any permits for Langtang Valley Trek?

Yes, you need two permits for the Langtang Valley Trek: Langtang National Park entry permit and TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card. Mosaic Adventure will obtain these permits for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How long will I be walking each day during the trek?

You can expect to walk an average of 5 to 6 hours each day during the Langtang Valley Trek. However, on some days, the walk can be longer, especially on days when you are climbing to higher elevations like Tsergo Ri. You will have enough time to reach your destination and go slow and steady.

What kind of accommodation will be provided during the trek?

You will stay in teahouses, which are basic lodges built on the trail to provide meals and shelter. You will usually share a twin room with another trekker and eat your meals in a communal dining area. The rooms usually have a bed, mattress, pillow, and sheet. Teahouses provide blankets, but it is recommended that you bring a sleeping bag for extra warmth and hygiene.

What kind of food will be available during the Langtang Valley trek?

Teahouses along the Langtang Valley Trek offer a variety of meals including Nepali, Indian, and Western cuisine. You can expect to find dishes such as Dal Bhat (rice, lentils, and vegetables), momos (dumplings), noodles, and soups, among others.

Do I need previous trekking experience for the Langtang Valley Trek?

Previous trekking experience is not required for the Langtang Valley Trek. However, it is recommended that you have a reasonable level of fitness and are comfortable with walking for several hours each day over hilly terrain.

What kind of gear do I need to bring for the trek?

You will need items such as a sleeping bag, hiking boots, warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, a hat, and gloves. It is also recommended that you bring a water bottle, a headlamp, and sunscreen. If you need help with packing information, please get in touch.

How much does the Langtang Valley Trek cost?

The cost of the Langtang Valley Trek is USD 515 per person. This cost is inclusive of transfers, a guide, accommodation, porter, permits, etc.

Do I need to get travel insurance for the Langtang Valley Trek?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for us to run the Langtang Valley Trek, but it is recommended that you purchase good insurance while trekking in such a rural area. It’s good to have insurance that covers emergency evacuation, medical expenses, trip interruption, etc. Do speak to your insurance about the maximum altitude trek they cover on the policy.

How much money should I bring for an 8-day Langtang Valley trek?

Meals and accommodation are included in the cost. Extras like tea/coffee, bottled water, Wi-Fi, etc., should be paid by you. For such expenses, bring about USD 80-90 equivalent in Nepali Rupees.

Is it possible to use my bank card during the Langtang Valley trek?

No, bank card facilities are not available on the trail. So, it is better to carry cash. You can exchange currency to NPR while you are in Kathmandu and use it on the trail.

Does the Langtang Valley Trekking trail offer Wi-Fi?

It is not always reliable, but you can get Wi-Fi at some teahouses. Do not depend 100% on Wi-Fi that is available on the trail. Contact your friends and family beforehand about the limited conditions on the trail, and that you will be away for 8 days.

Is it possible to charge my electronic items on the trail?

Yes, there are facilities available at teahouses. Again, like Wi-Fi, it may not always be available, so be prepared with a power bank, extra batteries, etc.

How do I get to the starting point of the Langtang Valley Trek?

As part of the trek, we meet in Kathmandu, so you don’t have to worry about transfers to the starting point and back from the ending point.

Is there a chance of getting altitude-related sickness during the trek?

While trekking above 3500 meters, there is always a chance of getting sick if you don’t plan your trip properly. With proper acclimatization, you can make it without any problems. It is not common for people to get sick on the trail of Langtang Valley. Our guide carries a basic first aid kit along with diamox tablets that help if you get altitude-related sickness.

Are there any emergency rescue options while we are trekking?

We recommend that you purchase proper travel insurance, and in case of any emergency, our guide reaches us, and we will arrange a rescue operation in coordination with your insurance company.

How do I get prepared for the Langtang Valley Trek?

To get prepared for the Langtang Valley Trek, you can do some exercises like cycling, walking, swimming, etc. Other than physical fitness, you should also pack your bag properly, including everything you need to complete this trek comfortably.

Langtang Valley Trek Map

Overall Trip Rating:
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  1. Wonderful Langtang Valley Trek
    By Michael Khaled March 7, 2024
    Trekking through Langtang Valley with Team Mosaic was fantastic. The trek was peaceful with stunning views and the trail wasn't crowded, which made the journey peaceful. Our guide Purna, and porter Rabi, were both excellent. Purna was friendly, professional, patient and attentive, which made the trek comfortable, especially in such a remote area. We really thank the team for making our holiday trek in Langtang so amazing.
  2. Amazing trek to Langang
    By Harry Ridley March 1, 2024
    Langtang Valley Trek with Mosaic Adventure was an amazing journey my friends and I will always remember. For 8 days, we explored the beautiful landscapes of the Langtang region. We found out that the trek can be done in 7 days, but we highly recommend taking the 8 days trip because the side trip to Tserkori is totally worth it. Daily trek lasted about four to five hours, which made it easy and enjoyable. What made Langtang different from other popular treks was that it wasn't as crowded, especially when we went just before the high season started in late February. Our guide, Pralahd, was fantastic. He spoke English well and was very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of the country. Mosaic Adventure did an excellent job organizing our trip. They were always available and responded quickly to our emails and messages on WhatsApp. I strongly recommend Mosaic Adventure for the Langtang Valley trek, their expertise and support made our journey unforgettable.
  3. An unforgettable trip!
    By Kay Newman December 21, 2023
    Our Langtang Valley Trek experience with Mosaic was simply phenomenal! Rudra, our guide, was an absolute gem, caring, knowledgeable and patient throughout. Ram, our porter, was equally fantastic. With just the two of us, having one guide and porter allowed us to set our pace comfortably. Trekking through the breathtaking landscapes was unforgettable, made even more special by Rudra's guidance and Ram's support. Our journey up and down was filled with amazing moments. We will definitely return for more adventures. Huge thanks to Rudra and Ram for an unforgettable trip!
  4. Amazing Langtang Valley trek experience
    By Lexie Szewczyk November 23, 2023
    Just finished Langtang Valley trek with Mosaic Adventure and it was amazing. Scenery changed beautifully along the way, giving us breathtaking views. Rudra, Puru and Hari, our guide and porters, made sure everyone in our group had a fantastic time. Despite simple tea houses, we enjoyed comfortable stays and delicious meals. Rudra's great service eased any worries and the trek itself was fantastic. Following the Langtang River to Kyanjing Gompa was a highlight. Mosaic Adventure's dedication and warmth make them the perfect choice for an unforgettable Langtang Valley adventure.
  5. A remarkable journey through Langtang Valley with Mosaic Adventure
    By Debra Conroy October 9, 2023
    Completing the Langtang Valley Trek amidst the towering Himalayas, we were treated to awe inspiring panoramas and cherished moments with our fellow trekkers. It was truly an exhilarating experience, creating memories that will endure for a lifetime. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Sonam Lama for his outstanding guidance and unwavering support throughout our trekking journey. Reflecting on our adventure, I cannot stress enough the reliability and excellence of Mosaic Adventure. They exceeded all expectations, ensuring a smooth and secure trekking experience. Their meticulous attention to detail provided us with confidence and peace of mind every step of the way. Our guide, Sonam, was an invaluable asset. His deep knowledge of the region, coupled with his reassuring presence, helped alleviate any concerns within our group. Patient and accommodating, he addressed all our inquiries with expertise and enthusiasm. The support from our porter, Suresh, was also commendable. From thorough pre trek briefings to nightly meetings outlining the next day's plans, Mosaic Adventure demonstrated exceptional organization. I wholeheartedly recommend this company for any future adventures without hesitation. In essence, our Langtang Valley Trek with Mosaic Adventure was an unforgettable journey characterized by professionalism, companionship and unparalleled natural beauty.
  6. 8-Day Trek in Langtang
    By M NUSSBAUMER May 2, 2023
    We had an amazing experience during our 8-day trek in Langtang, thanks to our fantastic guide, Ramesh. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, kind, and helpful throughout the entire journey. The trip was well-organized from beginning to end, and we would like to thank Mosaic for their excellent services. We highly recommend this company and Ramesh in particular.
  7. Incredible Landscape and Views
    By Rebecca Irvine December 11, 2022
    The entire journey was perfect for me. The incredible landscapes and views made excellent pictures. You really get to experience the unique flora and fauna of the region to the fullest during this trek. I would like to thank Mosaic Adventure and my guide Ramesh from the bottom of my heart for their service that made the whole trip so comfortable and for fulfilling my dream of photographing the Himalayas.
  8. Langtang valley trek was the perfect option
    By Raia Ivanova December 4, 2022
    I have been an avid trekker for quite some time now but last year I ended up breaking my leg. As a result, I was looking for a less intense trek to get back on track and Mosaic Adventure’s Langtang Valley Trek was the perfect option as recommended by friend. The trek was perfectly paced and involved many interesting stops. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Tamang people. It was extremely fascinating interacting with them and learning more about their cultures and traditions. However, the highlight for me was definitely the day spent exploring the Kyanjin Gompa region. The Buddhist monastery present there is an absolute work of art and holds fundamental amounts of traditional and cultural importance for the region. I even had the opportunity to try the yak cheese which had a rather distinguished but delicious taste. Overall, it was a trip filled with the mysteries of exploration, thanks to my guide Rudra who was quite knowledgeable about the region.
  9. Very well taken care of
    By Sjoerd and Jannemiek December 23, 2019
    We really enjoyed the Langtang Valley Trek! The area was very beautiful and we like the change of scenery during the trek. The communication with Mosaic was very smooth, we got quick and elaborate replies. We enjoyed and felt that we were taken care of very well. BN was a great and knowledgeable guide and Suresh was always in a very good mood. The only thing we were sad about during the trek was that we couldn't go to Tsergo Ri because of the weather conditions, but still the trek was challenging enough. Although it was cold outside we still felt very comfortable the whole time! We would definitely recommend doing the Langtang Valley Trek with Mosaic.
  10. Excellent Langtang Valley Trek
    By Lenard and Yue Jing December 20, 2019
    We had an excellent Langtang valley trekking experience with Mosaic Adventure. Our guide Rudra and porter Nabin were superb throughout the entire trip! They were very patient and hospitable, always ensuring that we were well taken care of and meeting all our requests. They always made sure we were comfortable and well fed. Pre-trip, Madhav was also very responsive in answering all our enquiries and flexible in scheduling. The Kathmandu city tour by Keshar was very insightful. He is very knowledgeable. Well done to the Mosaic Team!
  11. Highly recommend the Langtang valley trek
    By Ellie Wilson November 25, 2019
    I and my friend just got back from Langtang - We can highly recommend the Langtang Valley Trek itself (forest/snowy peaks) but also Mosaic and our guide Bhumi and Porter Kumar. The trip was well organised, professional and Bhumi made sure my friend and I had everything we wanted. Also think it is a very fair price for what you get. The only watch point is the 7 hours drive from Kathmandu as the roads are pretty bad - if you can I would recommend getting a jeep as we did!
  12. Friendly and smiling team
    By Jeffrey Winchester May 2, 2018
    Just returned from trek and the mountain were awesome. My guide Thakur & my proter Harkalama were great. The Nepali people we met in the mountain were friendly and smiling. Beware the leech & remember to smile.
  13. face man
    Fabulous Langtang Valley Trek
    By John & Mita March 3, 2016
    We are really thankful to Mosaic Adventure for a fabulous Langtang Valley Trek. Cozy equipments, great selection of teahouses, great food, caring guide and mostly the clear and stunning views makes our trip a great trip that will imprint in the memory. Heartly thankful to everyone for everything!
  14. Victor Thliu
    Amazing trip
    By Victor Thliu November 11, 2015
    It was an amazing trip! Mosaic was very helpful and provided us with professional advice. The trek is definitely incredible and the view is fascinating. It's indeed a very good choice when you travel Nepal during the raining season. Rishi is absolutely a professional guide who helps you clear all obstacles to make you be there. He is also a great ambassador to show you the local cultures. The trip won't be so rewarding without his presence. I would like to give my sincere gratitude to them and wish them continue delivering unforgettable experience to other trekkers.
  15. face-women
    Well organized
    By Marian Van Den Broek September 9, 2015
    Yesterday I returned from a trek to Langtang Valley Trek guided by Ram. Unfortunately the first part was very wet, 3 days and night rain. But We were lucky to end with good weather and nice views. It was well organized and I enjoyed. Perhaps next time to helambu and/or Gosaikunda. I will keep in touch. Marian Van.

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