Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal: A Subtle Experience

The trekking experience is at its sublime best when you’re with friends and the best organizers, exploring the best destinations.

Different parts of the world offer various prospects for trekking, with specialties that vary from region to region.

Nepal offers the best trekking saga for those looking for a fun, back breaking workout and a few days away from their mundane lives. Nepal boasts of ten mountains that surpass the 8,000-meter mark and several others with altitudes ranging from 6,000-7,000 meters.

The bases of these mountains provide the best hiking trails like nowhere else on earth. Renowned trekking areas in Nepal include Annapurna Region, Everest Region, Langtang Region, Dolpo Region, Ganesh Himal Region, Makalu Region, and Dhaulagiri Region.

These places are havens for outdoor hiking enthusiasts, offering miles and miles of trails surrounded by vast wilderness and delivering fun and picturesque vistas. Moreover, these fantastic places offer a chance to appreciate hundreds of endangered species of birds, wildlife and plants.

One of the highlights of trekking in Nepal is that as you move on, you get to experience different cultures, natural environments and lifestyles, while the hospitality of the people remains constant.

The Nepali community’s scriptures instruct Nepali people to treat their guests like gods. Being a multi religious country, tourists are treated like guests and thus, like gods.

One thing to keep an eye on during trekking in Nepal is altitude sickness. The altitudes at which you’re hiking might be higher than you’ve ever been to.

Thus, you’re advised to outline the itinerary to help acclimatize yourself every now and then. You can ask your agencies to prepare one for you, according to your preferred trekking region.

So, it’s best to put on your trekking boots, pack all your things, and book your trip to Nepal. You’ll love every minute of being in Nepal, and that’s a guarantee.

How to book a trekking trip to Nepal?

If you don’t know which area to trek or have no idea what Nepal has to offer, the best way to start is by buying a guidebook. Go through the guidebook, choose your favorite destination and communicate with local agencies in Nepal like Mosaic Adventure.

Though you may find agencies in your home country organizing trips to Nepal, the best way to organize it is through local agencies. Because even though you sign up with international companies, the trip will almost certainly be subcontracted to a Nepalese company that will deliver the itinerary.

If you deal directly with a Nepalese firm, all that you pay goes into Nepal, rather than contributing to the costs of glossy advertising and office expenses.

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