Our formidable team at Mosaic Adventure is made up of professional, hard working and friendly individuals, ready to take on a challenge and give you the best customer service for your trip in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Just like caring and considerate members make up a good family, a hard working group of staffs forms a team formidable enough to take on any challenges and face off all sorts of problems. It is this ability of an organization as a team that makes us successful and helps us do what we do best. When you are working in an industry as unpredictable as this, you find newest, strangest and weirdest ways in which the problems turn up. As a professional you have to expect the unexpected. Everyone has to be on their toes because you never know what kind of problem they have to be faced with. It could be your guests complaining about their loss of baggage or it could be an emergency call from one of your team mates reporting you about the guests running into trouble in the wilderness. You have to be up for the challenges whether it is about finding the baggage or arranging the rescue for the survival situation. It is beyond the scope of possibility to see off those problems without a studious and fighting team. In this matter Mosaic Adventure Trek  has turned out to be very fortunate.

We work together as a team, to offer our valued customers an array of outstanding treks, expedition and tours. We all have a wealth of hands-on experience in the tourism industry and also of high altitude expeditions and adventure activities. We understand exactly what is needed and what you should expect for completely safe travels in the mountains, in the cities and on the rivers.

Rajendra Sapkota

CEO / Co Founder

Rajendra, who is affectionately known as Raj, is the CEO of Mosaic Adventure. Raj grew up in a traditional Nepalese home, where traditional values were instilled upon him. It is Nepalese culture to treat guests with the highest respect and always put them first. This …

Madhav Prasad

Tour Coordinator / Co Founder

Madhav is our Tour Coordinator/Co-Founder, he started his working life as a trekking guide in the infamous Annapurna region. Madhav is our resident, he loves to have a laugh and a joke with staff and customers alike. He is famous for offering personal and impeccable …

Rupa Rijal

Marketing Director

Rupa has been actively working in the Marketing of the company since Jan 2015. She is is responsible for providing marketing advice and providing support to our management team, enabling them to make sound business decisions. Additionally, she does her best to analyze the companies …

Bhabanath Adhikari

Tour Leader

Bhabanath who is affectionately known as B.N to all his customers, delivers impeccable service, always with a smile on his face. His attention to detail to make sure you have an unforgettable trek is infamous. His knowledge of the mountains will enthrall you as you …

Irada Koirala

Account Assistant

Irada is the newest member of our team. She joined us as an accounts assistant in March 2015. She looks after all of our daily transactions and keeps the books balanced! She is a friendly person and loves to talk to our customers about their …

Keshar Jung Thapa

Tour Guide

Keshar was born to be a tour guide! He has grown up with a passion for the history and culture of our beautiful country. Nepal has a rich, diverse culture and an interesting and intriguing past, there is nobody better to tell you all about …

Prabin Baniya

Tour Leader

Prabin has enjoyed guiding ever since he discovered that he loves mountains. Throughout his career he have led various groups around different route that is available for trekking. During his free time he enjoys reading books and spending time with his family and little kid.

Pralhad Pokhrel

Tour Leader

Pralhad, a licensed and certified trekking guide, is a zealous and dynamic guy and has been with Mosaic for 10 years. His youthful looks may be deceiving, he has a wealth of experience, trekking the trails of the Himalayas. Pralhad is a native of the …

Purna Adhikari

Tour Leader

Purna started working with Mosaic since 2010 as a porter. Since then he is working for Mosaic as one of the best members. After working for few years he was provided required training and promoted to assistant guide. With his capability to lead trekking team …

Rajan Nepal

Tour Leader

Rajan is one of our young leaders with zealous and dynamic personality. His youthful look may be deceiving as he has wealth of experience trekking in the Himalayas. His passion of traveling has helped many likeminded trekkers love the mountain even more. He like football …

Ramesh Adhikari

Tour Leader

Ramesh has two decades of experience in this field, walking on all the popular trekking routes in Nepal. He is a family man, has young children whilst also studying for a bachelor’s degree. He has extensive knowledge of the mountains and will be a friendly …

Rudra Adhikari

Tour Leader

Rudra, a licensed and certified trekking guide, is possibly our most famous guide! He is known the length and breadth of Nepal for his action packed, thoroughly enjoyable treks. Customers request Rudra by name for their trips from personal experience on a previous visit, or …

Sanatosh Dharel

Tour Leader

Santosh has been working with us since 2012 and started working as tour leader starting 2014 and has established himself as a knowledgeable expert guide in the region. His ability to reel off the names and elevations of every peak you see is second to …

Sharan Prasad Sapkota

Marketing Assistant

Sapkota has been actively working on the marketing side of the company since November 2013. His business and marketing education background, keen knowledge of the ongoing market situation and hard work has made him a proven leader and a valuable asset to Mosaic. Sharan is …