A Guide to the Electronic Travel Authorization for Nepal (E-Visa Nepal)

Electronic Travel Authorization Nepal

In an era where technology intertwines with travel, Nepal is embracing digital solutions to streamline the entry process for visitors. The Department of Immigration in Kathmandu, Nepal, has introduced an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, accessible through the Nepali Port Web application, revolutionizing the way travelers obtain visas to explore the wonders of this Himalayan nation.

This marks the first step for Nepal in providing electronic travel authorization for visitors from around the world. However, there is one limitation: visitors cannot make payments from their respective countries unless they use Nepali payment gateways like Khalti or Connect IPS.

We have communicated with the IT department of the Immigration department and they are aware of this limitation and are in the process of integrating a fully online payment system that can be accessed regardless of the visitor’s location. For now, visitors can still use this system, but they must ask someone in Nepal, such as family, relatives or a travel/trekking operator, to make the payment on their behalf.

Electronic Travel Authorization Nepal

Below, you will find a step by step guide on how to process Electronic Travel Authorization for Nepal or E-Visa. With this ETA, you can travel to Nepal and proceed directly to the immigration desk without queuing at other kiosks to fill out forms or make payments.

You can then get your visa stamped directly onto your passport. It’s important to note that you still need to have your visa stamped on your passport, but this can be easily done by an immigration officer upon your arrival in Kathmandu when you approach the desk. This process is much easier than what visitors have faced in the past.

What is Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Nepal?

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system is Nepal’s latest initiative to facilitate the entry of foreign visitors into the country. Through an online application process managed by the Department of Immigration of Nepal, travelers can now easily apply for their ETA. This digital system aims to expedite the visa application process while enhancing border security measures.

The processing time for Nepal’s ETA varies but is typically completed within one day, according to government officials. Upon approval, travelers receive authorization to enter Nepal for a specified duration, based on their application. Notably, the ETA allows for multiple entries, regardless of the duration of the requested entry permission (15, 30 or 90 days).

It is advisable for travelers to stay updated with the latest guidelines and information provided by the Department of Immigration of Nepal regarding the ETA system. This technological advancement reflects Nepal’s commitment to enhancing border management processes while promoting tourism and facilitating smoother entry procedures for international visitors.

Here is the step-by-step guide to obtain Electronic Travel Authorization for Nepal:

Method to open an Online Visa Application portal:

Accessing the Portal

To initiate the visa application process, users must open the URL: https://nepaliport.immigration.gov.np/ in any web browser.

ETA Nepal

Selecting Electronic Travel Authorization

From the list of options provided, users should select Electronic Travel Authorization to proceed with their application.

Filling Personal Details

Upon selecting ETA, a new page with input fields will appear. Users are required to enter personal and passport details as prompted, upload profile and passport images and click the “PROCEED” button.

Electronic Travel Authorization Nepal

e visa nepal

Visa Category Selection

Selecting Visa Options

Users must choose their preferred visa option, specify the purpose of the visa, and provide an address in Nepal or hotel details (optional).

eta nepal e visa

Proceeding to Confirmation Page

After selecting the visa category, users can proceed to the confirmation page by clicking the “PROCEED” button.

Confirmation and Submission

Reviewing Details

On the confirmation page, applicants must carefully review all provided information. They can edit details by clicking the “BACK” button if necessary.

electronic travel authorization nepal

Submitting the Application

Once satisfied with the information provided, applicants can click the “SUBMIT” button to finalize their application. Upon successful submission, a confirmation message with a unique submission ID will be displayed.

e visa nepal

Printing, Downloading, and Application Tracking


Applicants should print or download the generated slip for their records. They can also take a screenshot of the page for future reference. If needed, they can click “Apply Again” to submit applications for relatives or others.

Tracking Application Status

Users can track the status of their application by selecting the “Visa Application Track” option. They need to provide specific details such as country name, submission number, passport number and date of birth to track their application’s progress.

tracking application for e visa

application tracking for e visa

visa tracking details page

Payment Details

Payment Process

Once the application is verified, applicants will receive an email notification regarding payment details.

payment request page for visa application

Payment Options

Nepal Visa fees can be paid online through Nepalese payment channels such as mobile banking apps, Connect IPS, E-sewa or Khalti. Alternatively, relatives or travel agents in Nepal can facilitate payment by sending QR codes or voucher numbers.

payment options for e visa nepal

Important Information regarding payment Method for ETA

  • For now, payment for e-visa can only be done using Nepalese Payment channels (Mobile Banking App, Connect IPS, Khalti etc).
  • So please proceed only if you are able to pay the visa fee through Nepali payment channels.
  • Alternatively, visa fee payment can be done by relatives/travel agents (by sending QR code or Voucher Number to them) in Nepal.

As Nepal embraces technological advancements in its immigration procedures, the Electronic Travel Authorization system offers travelers a convenient and efficient means of obtaining visas. By following the step by step guide provided by Mosaic Adventure , visitors can navigate the online application process with ease, paving the way for unforgettable experiences in the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures of Nepal.

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