Gosaikunda Trek in December

Gosaikunda Trek in December

Gosaikunda trek in December takes you to the wintery wonderland in high hills blanketed with the snow. It is such a bliss to visit the frozen world, isn’t it?

Gosaikunda is one of the popular trekking destinations in Nepal. It lies at an altitude of 4,380 m (14370 ft.) surrounded by peaks in Langtang National Park in Rasuwa District.

Gosaikunda Trek in December is serene and blissful as the Gosaikunda lake remains frozen and is absolutely stunning.

The views are clear and the weather remains dry and cold. The main attraction of this trek is an exotic 108 glacier lakes. The lakes are small to medium in size that is all around the Gosaikunda region surrounded by Himalayan range.

The Gosaikunda trek is not too far from the capital city Kathmandu. Despite the cold, with proper preparation and the right gears along with clothing, the trek is doable in December as well.

Highlights of the Gosaikunda trek in December

  • The frozen lake of Gosaikunda
  • Visit the Kyanjin Gompa and Chandanwari
  • Witness unique Tamang ( Buddhist) culture and Tibetan villages
  • Walking through rhododendron forests.
  • Sacred pilgrimage and beautiful lakes of Gosaikunda, Bhairav Kunda, and Surya Kunda.
  • Mountain Views from Kyanjin Ri, Lauribina, Suryakunda Pass, Thadepati and Chisapani.
  • Enjoy the snowy Christmas among the beautiful nature of Gosaikunda.
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Gosaikunda weather in December

December is a cold month with snowfall. But it is also the best time for trekking. The chance of a clear mountain view and open sky while trekking in December is more than 80%.

The maximum temperature is around 27-degree Celsius during the day and the minimum temperature drops to 1-degree Celsius.

If you are someone who enjoys the cold weather, December is just the perfect season for you. With proper winter gear such as a warm and insulating jacket, trekking during this time shouldn’t be a problem.

The days are bright and warm. Morning and nights are quite colder. But it should not bother you because you will be indoors.

However, during this time, trekkers must beware of snowfall and avalanches that can block the narrow entrance. Our experienced porters/guides will help you to avoid potentially unsafe situations.

However, the weather of Gosaikunda remains unpredictable many times. So, you must prepare for the trek accordingly.

Food and accommodation for Gosaikunda trek in December

December is one of the best month to trek to Gosaikunda. Gosaikunda trek is also a tea house trek with well-maintained facilities along the route.

Every tea house serves basic food such as Dal-Bhat, chow mein, fried rice, and momo etc. In December since it is cold you can try the local soup like Thukpa. Thukpa is a noodle soup and it is available in both veg and non-veg.

For accommodation, most rooms have two twin beds, occasionally a double bed. Beds are prepped with sheets and a pillow. In December since it is cold, you can ask for extra blankets to keep yourself warm.

Also depending on the tea house owners, you may be allowed to hang out in the kitchen and warm up by the fire to stay warm.

During December though taking bath may not cross your mind but if you wish to you can ask for the hot water bucket. This might cost you a couple of dollars.

Trekking clothing in December

Since you will be walking in the higher altitudes in the foothills of the different snow-covered peak you will feel much cold. So, proper winter trekking gears is a must to keep yourself warm in the rugged surrounding. This way you can keep yourself warm without having much trouble.

For this, you must carry warm thermals, insulating jackets, base layers, windcheater, and a down jacket. Do not forget to put on snow gaiter for the snow and wear warm socks to keep your feet warm. Cover your head with a beanie cap and hands with a warm pair of gloves.

Proper clothing will help you a lot in making your trek easy and smooth.

Also, you may find some nights unbearably cold. To stay warm in such chilling nights we recommend you to carry a sleeping bag.

While packing, take a proper update of the weather condition and pack accordingly.

Gosaikunda Trek Difficulty in December

Gosaikunda trek is a moderate but not a difficult trek although it has some steep climbs. You don’t need mountaineering skills for this trek.

The month of December is cold so prepare yourself with necessary gear and equipment.

And the trails may get slippery due to the snow and fog, so you must be very careful while stepping forward in the trek. Also, the dense fog in the higher altitude may obstruct the vision thus increasing the risk of missing the trail or slipping off the trails. So, you must walk slowly and ascend gradually.

Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is always a matter of concern in higher altitudes of the trek. Esp. in winters during December the risk of altitude sickness is high.

However, with a little bit of preparation and awareness, you can avoid this. It is very important to learn about the signs and symptoms of AMS (Altitude mountain sickness).

The early symptoms are a headache, fatigue, loss of appetite etc. If you notice any of the symptoms you must stop everything and rest.

If the condition doesn’t improve and the symptoms get worse, it is best to descend. Neglecting this can lead to a worse condition such as HACE or HAPE which can be fatal.

Always ask for help from the guide or porter or team leader to take the necessary precautions.

The best way to avoid altitude sickness is to walk slow and take multiple rests. Do not push yourself too hard.

In December since it is cold people often tend to forget to drink water. If drinking cold water is a problem you can carry a hot flask and drink hot water. Staying hydrated helps to minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

Hence, it is very important to keep reminding yourself and drink plenty of water.

Trekking Permit for Gosaikunda trek

For the Gosaikunda trek, trekkers must get the trekking permits from Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu. The permit you need is TIMS ( Trekkers Information Management System).

You need a passport copy, and a passport sized photograph to obtain TIMS Card.

This permit cost around USD 10 ( about NRs.1000) per person through a trekking company. While for a free individual trekker it costs USD 20 (NRs. 2000) per person.

Gosaikunda Trekking Route

Gosaikunda trek is a short, easy, and scenic trek. The trip starts from Kathmandu and takes six to seven days. You can increase or reduce the days according to your preference.

Be careful, as in December due to snowfall the trails can be wet and slippery. Hence, it is important to put on a good and comfortable pair of trekking boots.

There are two routes to Gosaikunda. One from Sundarijal and the other from Dhunche.

The Sundarijal route takes your through Chisapani, Tuksang, Ghopte, Gosaikunda and back to Kathmandu. The average walking hour is 6 to 7 hours daily.

While the Dhunche route starts from Dhunche to Chandanwari, Gosaikunda and back to Dhunche. The average walking hour ranges from 5 to 7 hours excluding a rest day.

The highest elevation during this trek is 4380m i.e Gosaikunda.

Final say,

Gosaikunda trek is a short and moderate trek in the Langtang region of Nepal. It is very accessible from the main city of Kathmandu. This trek is possible throughout the year.

December is one of the best months to take up Gosaikunda trek. Along with this Autumn and spring are also favorable seasons with a pleasant climatic condition.

The trek holds both natural as well as religious importance. Thus trekking to this destination offers you an experience of a lifetime.

With a little bit of preparation, you can comfortably take this trek in December.

Further questions and queries, please free to contact us. It is our pleasure to guide and assist you and plan the trip for you.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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