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  • Unforgettable Everest trek with fantastic hospitality
    By Hannah Vickers June 8, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    We just had the most amazing trekking holiday in the Everest region. Our guide, Pralhad, took great care of us and made us feel like family. The trek lasted 11 nights through stunning mountains, followed by a couple of extra days exploring Kathmandu. Everything was perfect from start to finish. The porters were incredible and Mosaic Adventure provided top-notch service. Pralhad, our guide and Raj, the tour agency boss, went above and beyond to meet our needs with a generous spirit. I highly recommend Mosaic Adventure for anyone planning a trek.
    Date of Experience: May 13, 2024
  • Amazing Everest Base Camp Trek
    By Karl Grice May 29, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    My partner and I just finished trekking to Everest Base Camp with Mosaic Adventure and it was amazing. The scenery was beautiful and our guide, Pralhad, was fantastic. He made sure we were safe and shared lots of interesting facts about the mountains and local culture. The group felt like a family by the end, thanks to the friendly atmosphere and great guides. I highly recommend Mosaic Adventure for a wonderful trekking experience. Thank you, Pralhad and team!
    Date of Experience: May 13, 2024
  • Incredible 11 Day Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return
    By Richard Marois May 19, 2024
    Reviewed Tour EBC Trek with Helicopter Return
    This trek was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. It was an incredible adventure from start to finish. Our group of nine was guided by two outstanding guides, Ramesh and Sonam. They were informative, interesting and always ready to help. Ramesh shared many stories and his patience and kindness made the journey even more special. Both guides went above and beyond to ensure everyone's satisfaction, offering great advice on walking pace and food. Whether you're an experienced hiker or need a bit of extra encouragement, this trek is a must do, especially with Ramesh and Sonam. Highly recommended!
    Date of Experience: May 07, 2024
  • Amazing Nepal Tour
    By Liz Jensen May 17, 2024
    Reviewed Tour A Taste of Nepal Tour
    We recently finished 12 day Taste of Nepal tour organized by Mosaic Adventure, which included exploring Kathmandu, trekking to Poonhill and a safari at Chitwan National Park. It was an incredible way to experience Nepal. The landscapes were stunning, from cultural and religious sights in Kathmandu and the Himalayas from Poon Hill to wild animals in Chitwan; we got to experience everything. The tour was very well organized. Our guides – Keshar in Kathmandu, Ramesh on the Poonhill trek and Bhakta in Chitwan – were incredibly helpful and accommodating. The Mosaic team took care of everything, ensuring we were all comfortable and had what we needed. Madhav from the office was always available on WhatsApp for quick answers. This was a truly memorable experience and out of all my travels, this trip will always stand out.
    Date of Experience: May 04, 2024
  • Spring EBC Trek 2024!
    By Chan kai May 13, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Me and 3 other friends went on EBC trek with Mosaic Adventure during the spring season. With our guide Pralhad, who is friendly, knowledgeable, and safety-conscious, and always ensuring we're in good hand every steps of the way. He go the extra mile to customize the experience to our preferences, making our trip memorable and fun. This tour takes you off the beaten path and immersing you in stunning natural beauty of the Everest region. We are very glad that we have chosen Mosaic Adventure to be our guide for EBC trek. It's a once in a lifetime experiences!
    Date of Experience: April 26, 2024
  • Memorable trekking experience on the Manaslu Circuit
    By Kelly Gleason May 9, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Manaslu Circuit Trek
    Going on the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Mosaic Adventure was an amazing experience that exceeded all our expectations. My two friends and I were very happy with the excellent service we received from Mosaic Adventure right from the start. Everything was well organized, and the entire trip went smoothly, making our journey very enjoyable. When we arrived in Nepal, we met our guide, Ramesh, and next day our porter, Prabin, who made our trip special. They were professional and friendly, helping us feel comfortable and welcome. Ramesh had a deep knowledge of Nepal’s history and culture, which made our trek even more interesting. Prabin was cheerful and hardworking, always bringing a smile to our faces. The Manaslu Circuit is known for its beautiful and challenging trails, and Mosaic Adventure made sure we were well prepared for the trek. Starting from Machha Khola, we climbed up to Larkya La with the support of our team. Traveling through Machha Khola to Dharapani, was a tough but rewarding trek, and we enjoyed the stunning views of the Himalayas. Although the trek was challenging, Mosaic Adventure took great care of us so we could focus on the beautiful landscapes and cultural experiences. Looking back, we were grateful for Ramesh and Prabin's insights into Nepal and the Manaslu region. Their enthusiasm and knowledge made the trek memorable and their company made our journey even more special. For anyone interested in trekking in Nepal, we strongly recommend Mosaic Adventure for making your journey enjoyable and meaningful. Thank you, Mosaic Adventure!
  • A once in a lifetime experience
    By Pim Broersen May 5, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    I had the opportunity to do the Everest Base Camp trek in April 2024. It was simply stunning. Amazing views, great weather and a good bit of exercise. Our guide Madan was extremely helpful and kind, especially when we had a bit of altitude sickness at the higher altitudes. I will not forget this trip easily.
    Date of Experience: March 25, 2024
  • Seamless Adventure
    By Brian FD April 29, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Trekking to Everest Base Camp with Mosaic Adventure was an incredible journey. Manoj, our guide, along with Lhakpa and Dendi, made the trek smooth and fun. Their dedication and friendliness turned the trip into an unforgettable experience. The team was always available to help and made us feel at home, ensuring our safety and enjoyment. By the end of the trek, we felt like we had made lifelong friends. The support from Mosaic Adventure made our time in Nepal memorable. We highly recommend them for anyone planning an Everest Base Camp trek and will definitely trek with them again!
  • Poon Hill Trek Experience with Skilled Guide
    By Miki Nargs April 25, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Poon Hill Trek
    Our trek to Poon Hill was an outstanding adventure made memorable by the exceptional guidance of Rudra. From the start, the team provided great flexibility and catered to our needs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. We felt safe and comfortable thanks to their knowledge and experience. The trek itself offered a perfect balance of challenge and reward, with stunning views of the Annapurna region. Rudra, our guide, and Prabin, our porter, helped us navigate the trail's challenging parts while keeping our spirits high. We are grateful for their hospitality and professionalism, which made our trek truly special. For anyone considering a trek in Nepal, I highly recommend this experience with these wonderful guides for a journey you won't forget!
  • EBC Trek - beyond imagination
    By Kiley Nichols April 21, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    My EBC journey began four weeks before the trip, when I reached out to Mosaic Adventure to plan my adventure. In no time, Madhav responded with a detailed itinerary that perfectly suited my schedule and preferences. His swift and informative communication left me with the confidence to book the trek right away. The trek itself was a profound and transformative experience, both mentally and physically challenging. Our group was diverse, and I felt a strong sense of friendship with our guides, Pralhad and Tej, who took excellent care of us. They prioritized our safety, checking in regularly and conducting nightly oxygen saturation tests. The porters were indispensable, carrying our gear with a smile. Thanks to Madhav's expertise and commitment to local communities, the journey was smooth and enriching. I wholeheartedly recommend Mosaic Adventure to anyone considering a trek in the Himalayas. Their exceptional service and dedication to ensuring a memorable experience make them my top choice for future adventures.
  • Exploring Poon Hill with Rudra
    By Simon Luzet April 15, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Poon Hill Trek
    Walking to Poon Hill with Rudra was awesome. It was just me and my two pals and Rudra made sure we all had a good time. Even though we walked at different speeds, Rudra kept us comfy by slowing down or taking breaks when we needed them. Rudra looked out for us, making sure we were okay during the trek. But he is not just a serious guide, he is also fun to be around. It felt like hiking with a friend, not a guide. Overall, our time with Rudra was amazing. If you are thinking of trekking to Poon Hill, Rudra is your guy.
  • Unforgettable Everest Basecamp Journey
    By Anna Weston April 15, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Our trek to Everest Base Camp in March 2024 was truly memorable. Led by the exceptional guide Ramesh, we went on a two week adventure with Mosaic Adventure, enjoying breathtaking views and overcoming challenges along the way. From the initial booking to our departure, Mosaic Adventure provided smooth service. The dedication and hard work of our guide, Ramesh, ensured our safety and enjoyment throughout the trek. The accommodations were comfortable and the flexibility offered by Mosaic Adventure perfectly suited our group needs. I highly recommend Mosaic Adventure and Ramesh to anyone seeking an extraordinary trekking experience in Nepal.
  • Best experience completing the Everest Base Camp trek
    By Jeff Sninsky April 11, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    From booking to bidding farewell, from arrival to spending each day on the trail, Mosaic Adventure delivered an exceptional trip. Accommodations were simple yet comfortable, keeping us comfortable throughout. With wise advice from Ramesh, altitude sickness became a mere hurdle, swiftly tended to by the attentive trekking team. His spirited leadership ensured unity and progress. Food options were plentiful, with meal packs offering both savings and simplicity. Gratitude abounds for the Mosaic team's professionalism, particularly Ramesh and Madhav, alongside the porters. Fitness and following guides' helpful advice are key to a successful trip. Embrace the rugged adventure, leave pride behind and embark on this unforgettable journey today!
  • Memorable Poon Hill Trek
    By Julie Ruppert April 10, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Poon Hill Trek
    Poon Hill trek in just four days was amazing, especially with our guide Purna and Sherpa Ram by our side. Purna made sure we were safe and informed throughout, making the trip memorable. Thanks to Mosaic Adventure's excellent organization and caring guides, our trek was hassle free and enjoyable. We are already planning our next adventure with them!
  • Tough yet fulfilling trip
    By Cecilia Leng April 7, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Our journey to Everest Base Camp was tough but rewarding. With Mosaic Adventure's skilled team, led by Rudra, we felt secure every step of the way. Despite altitude challenges, the breathtaking scenery and Rudra's guidance made it all worthwhile. It's a demanding trek, but the sense of accomplishment amidst Everest's beauty is unmatched. Prepare for the cold, but trust in the team's expertise for an unforgettable experience.
  • ABC Trek with Purna
    By David Wilson April 6, 2024
    Reviewed Tour 5 days Annapurna Base Camp Trek
    Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) over 5 days was truly amazing, thanks to our guide Purna. His support was invaluable, especially when I struggled with altitude sickness. Purna's encouragement kept me going and his care ensured our safety and well being throughout the journey. We met friendly locals and stayed in cozy lodges along the way. Purna not only led us but also organized our meals, checked on our health and shared his love for Nepal's mountains. With Purna's guidance, reaching ABC felt like an achievable feat. I highly recommend him as a guide for anyone planning this trek.
  • Unforgettable Adventure
    By Magnus Svensson April 5, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Manaslu Circuit Trek
    Trekking the Manaslu Circuit was truly remarkable. Guided by Ramesh Adhikari and supported by Mosaic Adventure, every step felt secure and exciting. Over 11 days, we trekked through the stunning Manaslu Himalayas, encountering challenges and breathtaking views. The guesthouses offered cozy stays and the local food was delicious and fresh. From city tours to mountain trails, every moment was filled with wonder. For an authentic adventure along with stunning scenery, the Manaslu circuit trek with Mosaic Adventure comes highly recommended.
  • Amazing trek to remember
    By Zara Scott March 28, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Our experience of trekking to Everest Base Camp with Mosaic Adventure team was truly remarkable. Under the leadership of Raj, Mosaic Adventures displayed professionalism and provided excellent support throughout our journey in Nepal. Our guide Pralhad, demonstrated incomparable commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of every trekker in such challenging terrain. In moments of difficult situations like altitude sickness, Pralhad's expertise ensured assistance and care for all participants. Stunning views of the Everest region combined with hospitality of our team members and local communities created an unforgettable journey. I highly recommend Mosaic Adventures, Pralhad and his team for those looking for a memorable trip to Everest Base Camp.
  • Ultimate Manaslu Trek Experience
    By Shelly Youngman March 28, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Manaslu Circuit Trek
    Completing the Manaslu Circuit trek in 11 days was truly unforgettable. Sonam, our guide, was exceptional, providing unparalleled service and making every moment memorable. His attention to detail and care for our needs made the journey exceptional. The breathtaking scenery and adventurous spirit added to the thrill. Kudos to Madhav from Mosaic Adventure for organizing this remarkable trip. The team, including Sonam, Prem and Harka, went above and beyond, ensuring our comfort and enriching our experience with their knowledge and hospitality. Mosaic Adventure stands out for their professionalism and dedication, making them the top choice for an extraordinary trekking adventure.
  • Unforgettable EBC Trek!
    By Nion Donizetti March 26, 2024
    Reviewed Tour EBC Trek with Helicopter Return
    Returning from the Mosaic Adventure organized Everest Base Camp trek with a helicopter return was an incredible journey! Right from the beginning, Raj and the team ensured we were well prepared and supported. Our guide Ramesh made the trek informative and enjoyable, always looking out for us. The landscapes along the way were breathtaking and the accommodations were good. Adding a helicopter return trip made the experience even more remarkable. We are already planning our next Himalayan adventure thanks to the Mosaic team's excellent service. Highly recommend them for an unforgettable trekking experience in Nepal.
  • Trekking the Manaslu Circuit with Mosaic Adventure
    By Melinda Tory March 22, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Manaslu Circuit Trek
    Trekking the Manaslu Circuit with Mosaic Adventure was an incredible journey. Right from booking to landing in Kathmandu and our briefing before the trip, everything went smoothly. As a solo traveler, I was initially nervous about trekking with strangers, but those worries faded away quickly. Our group of six, I booked with another international company, had an amazing time together, making the journey vibrant and fun. Our guide, Ramesh, led our expedition with professionalism, thoroughness and a contagious positivity that made the trek truly memorable. His knowledge and encouragement ensured that each of us got the most out of the experience. I'm immensely thankful for the hard work and dedication of our three porters, Prakash, Sam and Hari. Their unwavering commitment and upbeat attitudes kept us motivated through every challenge. Throughout the trek, I always felt safe and supported by the Mosaic Adventure team. Their responsiveness and flexibility were beyond my expectations. Ramesh, our guide, provided exceptional support, carefully monitoring each person's needs. For anyone thinking about trekking the Manaslu Circuit, I wholeheartedly recommend Mosaic Adventure. This journey will create memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.
  • Amazing EBC Trek
    By Ed Miles March 17, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Our trek to EBC with Mosaic Adventure was beyond amazing. Everything from our arrival at the airport to our goodbye was perfectly planned. The preparation before the trek was smooth and the team made sure all our needs were met. Our guide was fantastic, knowledgeable and attentive. The places we stayed during the trek were cozy and nice. A big thank you to Madhav, who organized our tour and Ramesh, our guide, for making this trip so special. We can't wait to come back again.
  • Reliable Team
    By Daniel Storey March 16, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Mardi Himal Trek
    Booking Mardi Himal trek with Mosaic Adventure was a good decision, as we had been considering various companies before making our choice. Once we reached out to them by filling out the online form, Madhav immediately responded with further details and answered my questions in detail, providing information right to the point. We also booked a sofa bus ticket to Pokhara and a return flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu, he arranged those at a reasonable cost. We met our guide, Buddha, in Pokhara and started the 4 day Mardi Himal trek. Everything went smoothly, all logistics were taken care of and we learned a lot from Buddha, who became our friend during this trek. A truly reliable team that you should not hesitate to book your trek with in Nepal.
  • Great opportunity to view Everest
    By Mark Downhill March 15, 2024
    Reviewed Tour 1 Hour Scenic Flight to Mount Everest
    It was a really unique and great way to see Everest. The views were great, crew members allowed us to see Everest from the cockpit, hotel to airport transfers were on time and overall, it is a highly recommended tour to view the 8,848 meter high Everest.
  • Awesome Tour!
    By Chris Yano March 13, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Kathmandu Sightseeing Day Tour
    A few days ago, my buddies and I started on a fantastic day tour of Kathmandu with Mosaic Adventure and it was great! We visited places like Boudanath, Monkey Temple, Crematorium and Durbar Square. Our guide Keshar, was not only super knowledgeable but also really cool. I highly recommend this tour to everyone who is looking to explore Kathmandu in a day.
  • A great trek with superb views
    By Melissa Jeffers March 13, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Poon Hill Trek
    We went on an amazing trek along the Poon Hill Trail, organized by Mosaic Adventure based on a friend's recommendation. Choosing them was a smart move because they offer daily departures, making it easy to plan. Their prices were also good. Our guide Manoj, took great care of us throughout the trek. The places we stayed were nice and the food was delicious. Manoj taught us a lot about Nepali culture and made sure we stayed safe. Being with him was a wonderful experience. We're already thinking about our next trip to Nepal and we'll definitely go with Mosaic Adventure again. They did a fantastic job and we can't wait for our next adventure with them.
  • Great trip
    By Andrew Wong March 12, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Annapurna Base Camp Trek
    Great trip reaching Annapurna Base Camp with Mosaic Adventure. Our recent trek to Poon Hill and Annapurna Base Camp was wonderful. All staff, Madhav in the office, Ramesh on the trek and both porters, were amazing and very helpful. Weather was good, with beautiful views and the whole arrangement was great. We will definitely come back again for another trek with Mosaic Adventure.
  • Unforgettable Journey
    By Bella Yeo March 12, 2024
    Reviewed Tour A Taste of Nepal Tour
    We booked a Nepal tour that consisted of sightseeing around Kathmandu, safari in Chitwan and Poon Hill trek with Mosaic Adventure. It was for our family of 6 people, with members as young as 12 years old and as old as 67. The trip was well planned, and all of us enjoyed it. It was a good family tour to explore beautiful places in Nepal and also to learn more about it with local guides in different places. Keshar in Kathmandu, Prabhat during the Chitwan tour and Pralhad during the Poon Hill trek were all exceptional. The whole team at Mosaic seems to be polite, professional and service oriented. We highly recommend this team and are already planning our next trekking trip in Nepal with them.
  • Great two country tour
    By Joanne Petridis March 10, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Nepal and Bhutan Tour
    My husband and I booked this tour and just returned home with wonderful memories. Both guides, Keshar in Nepal and Sangay in Bhutan, were awesome. It was an amazing trip, well organized and with very helpful guides. We both had a great time. Highly recommended tour and organizer.
  • Best Tour to See Nepal
    By Helen Schizas March 10, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour
    If you want to see this rare part of the world where Hinduism and Buddhism align together, then travel to Nepal. You will see the best of it if you choose Keshar. He was the best guide and probably an asset of Mosaic Adventure. Keshar did a really good job filling our curious brains with information about Hinduism and Buddhism. It is truly a trip of a lifetime.
  • Excellent EBC & Gokyo Lakes Trek
    By Andy Hamm March 10, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek
    Best trek ever to date, going to Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes in the Everest region. We had 20 days trip planned with Mosaic Adventure and they did a great job arranging our trek. Raj is really helpful and accommodating, as is our guide Ramesh. These guys are the best, so we definitely recommend them for your trekking trip to Nepal.
  • Extraordinary Adventure
    By Tim Travis March 10, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Experience Nepal with Mosaic Adventure and join them for an unforgettable journey. With a dedicated team led by Madhav, every detail is carefully planned to ensure your adventure is extraordinary. We spent 15 days in Nepal, trekking to Everest Base Camp. Our group of 9 adventurers was expertly guided by Pralhad and Phurba, along with a team of dedicated porters. Seamless communication, before and during the trek, made every moment filled with wonder and excitement. From airport pickup to hotel accommodations, from the Lukla flight to arranging nice teahouses along the way, every aspect of our journey is carefully planned for our comfort and enjoyment. Join them for your next adventure and discover why they are the preferred choice for many trekkers seeking to trek to Everest Base Camp.
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek
    By Sergio Crespo March 9, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Manaslu Circuit Trek
    We completed Manaslu Circuit trek in December 2023 and all arrangements were made by Mosaic Adventure. We trusted this company based on a recommendation from one of my colleagues who trekked Manaslu with them. We are glad that we were introduced to them. This team proved to be an excellent local company that organized everything from our arrival until the day we departed Kathmandu. Our trek leader Ramesh and all porters played an important part in our adventure. They showed professionalism and paid close attention to our group's needs and safety. The best logistics arrangement with a superb team to guide us. I definitely will use them for another trek in Nepal.
  • Trek to Poon Hill with Rudra
    By Eduardo Manriquez March 9, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Poon Hill Trek
    Our trek to Poon Hill in Annapurna area with guide Purna exceeded all expectations. Both guide and porter were flexible and caring throughout our journey. Purna was not just a guide but a trusted friend. Each day brought new adventures and the view from Poon Hill was amazing. Exploring Annapurna with Purna helped us understand ourselves and the world. This experience will always be in mind for the rest of my life. Thank you, everyone!
  • Wonderful Langtang Valley Trek
    By Michael Khaled March 7, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Langtang Valley Trek
    Trekking through Langtang Valley with Team Mosaic was fantastic. The trek was peaceful with stunning views and the trail wasn't crowded, which made the journey peaceful. Our guide Purna, and porter Rabi, were both excellent. Purna was friendly, professional, patient and attentive, which made the trek comfortable, especially in such a remote area. We really thank the team for making our holiday trek in Langtang so amazing.
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek, our second trek with Mosaic Adventure
    By Suzie N March 7, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Manaslu Circuit Trek
    After completing the Annapurna Base Camp trek in 2018, we decided to book another trek in Nepal with Mosaic Adventure. Our second trek to Manaslu was well organized by Madhav and his team. Our guide Pralhad, was amazing as always; he is a truly professional guide with extensive knowledge of the trekking trails in Nepal. It was an awesome second trip with breathtaking views and unforgettable memories.
  • Professionalism and Reliability in Everest Base Camp Trekking
    By Craig Ellis March 7, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    We completed the Everest Base Camp trek with Mosaic Adventure and we can vouch for their professionalism and reliability. Despite the cold conditions during our February trek, the stunning views made it all worthwhile. Madhav organized the tour on short notice, fitting in with our sudden holiday plans. Once we arrived in Kathmandu, everything was perfectly arranged. We met Madhav and our guide Madan, at Hotel Moonlight, where they gave us a thorough briefing. After clearing up our questions, we were excited to begin our adventure. Our flights to and from Lukla were on time, thankfully. The trek went smoothly under the guidance of Madan and our porter Shir, who both went above and beyond our expectations. Overall, our experience was amazing and we're already considering future adventures with Mosaic Adventure.
  • Short trek to ABC
    By John V Houten March 7, 2024
    Reviewed Tour 5 days Annapurna Base Camp Trek
    My girlfriend and I booked a short trek to ABC. The trek was beautiful, passing through various villages and lodging in local teahouses. Our guide Rudra, excelled in accompanying us and sharing ample information regarding the trip, as well as personal insights that helped me understand the people, culture and religion of Nepal. I highly recommend both the trek and the guide, along with Mosaic Adventure.
  • Great to See Mount Everest
    By Bill Freud March 6, 2024
    Reviewed Tour 1 Hour Scenic Flight to Mount Everest
    It is probably the best way to see Mount Everest. This tour exceeded my expectations and is a good treat for someone who cannot trek to see the beauty of Mount Everest. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me to see Everest up close. Thank you, Mosaic Adventure, for the good arrangement of this flight ticket and transfer and thanks to driver Ram for waiting at the airport while I enjoyed the tour. Highly recommended tour to see the Himalayas, particularly the highest peak on earth.
  • Fantastic 2 nights / 3 days Chitwan National Park tour
    By Stacy Whiffen March 5, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour
    2 nights / 3 days Chitwan National Park tour is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of Chitwan National Park. The tour exceeded our expectations. Our guide Keshab, was really knowledgeable and with him on our whole trip, we got to see rhinos, elephants, birds, monkeys, deer, crocodiles, etc. The Parkland Hotel, as part of this tour, is also really good.
  • EBC and Island Peak Climb
    By Dave Barton March 5, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Island Peak Climbing via Everest Base Camp
    Mosaic Adventure had planned this adventure well to ensure proper acclimatization before heading to climb Island Peak. We reached Everest Base Camp first with acclimatization days along the way. After we were properly acclimatized, they took us further to climb Island Peak. We had different guides for parts of our trekking and climbing and both guides were really good. Pralhad on our trek to EBC, and Phurba on our Island Peak climb were amazing. Both of them speak good English, have guiding skills and always provide helpful information to prepare us for the next day's adventure. Follow Phurba's advice and you can reach the top without much problem. I am sure you will have an excellent trip with this team.
  • Amazing Kathmandu Tour with Ashok!
    By Nick Matty March 4, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Kathmandu Sightseeing Day Tour
    I had a fantastic time exploring Kathmandu with Ashok! He knows so much and is really friendly. We visited Pashupatinath, Boudha, Swyambhu and Patan during the heritage tour and it was really interesting. If you're visiting Kathmandu for the first time, I highly recommend going on this tour with Ashok.
  • Champadevi Hike with Keshar
    By Sue Rowan March 4, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Champadevi Hill Day Hike
    I booked this one day hiking tour to Champadevi hill and did it with Keshar. The hike itself is manageable in a few hours with views overlooking Kathmandu. Keshar told me we could see some mountains, but the day I went, the weather wasn't clear enough for them to be visible, so I couldn't see any. With Keshar, not only did I enjoy the hike, but I also learned many things about Nepal, including Hinduism and Buddhism. Highly recommended and make sure you do it with Keshar.
  • Outstanding Trip to Experience Nepal
    By Maggie Davies March 4, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Visit Nepal Tour Package
    My husband and I booked this 13 day visit Nepal tour package to explore various places in Nepal. The tour is actually the perfect option to see what Nepal has to offer. We visited all the sights in Kathmandu, enjoyed the sunset and sunrise from Nagarkot, spotted some rhinos at Chitwan, visited the old town of Bandipur and the beautiful city of Pokhara. Everything was perfectly organized and we would like to thank our guide Keshar and driver Santosh for being a part of our Nepal trip.
  • Wonderful 5 day trek to Annapurna Base Camp
    By Paula Cecilia March 4, 2024
    Reviewed Tour 5 days Annapurna Base Camp Trek
    We just finished a wonderful 5 day trek to Annapurna Base Camp with Mosaic Adventure. Rudra was our guide and Ram carried our gear. Rudra kept us safe and taught us a lot about the country. He knows a ton about trekking. We were lucky to have him as our guide. The trek with Rudra and Ram was amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.
  • Upper Mustang Jeep Tour
    By Arik Fine March 4, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Upper Mustang 4WD Jeep Tour
    If you're looking for a company to arrange a jeep tour to Upper Mustang, I highly recommend Mosaic Adventure. Madhav and his team are very professional and know the region's routes well. During our trip, we had comfortable places to stay, reliable transportation and a capable driver. Our guide Ramesh, was incredibly helpful and made the journey fun with his humor. Overall, it was a great trip in every way.
  • Amazing Experience
    By Eric Powell March 4, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Poon Hill Trek
    We had an amazing experience with Mosaic Adventure during our Poon Hill Trek. I highly recommend them. From Madhav the owner, to our guide Manoj, everyone involved was fantastic. The arrangements were flawless and we appreciated the quick responses and support during the planning process. Thanks to them, our trip was amazing. We look forward to returning for another trek with Manoj and Mosaic Adventure.
  • Wholeheartedly recommend them
    By James Cooper March 3, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Base Camp Trek
    Three of us decided to join the EBC trek organized by Mosaic Adventure and we couldn't have been happier with the experience. The whole trip was incredibly well planned and we were fortunate to witness breathtaking views throughout our journey. From our stay at Hotel Moonlight in Kathmandu to the smooth Lukla flight with Sita Air and the selection of cozy teahouses along the mountain trails, everything was just perfect. Our guide Madan, was exceptional. He was professional, spoke fluent English and made sure to check on our health daily, especially when we felt exhausted during the final stretch of the trek. Compared to other guides we encountered, Madan stood out as the best. We were also impressed by our strong porters, Dhana and Pemba. The team at Mosaic Adventure truly went above and beyond to ensure our trekking experience was memorable. We wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone planning a trek in Nepal.
  • Incredible Experience
    By Dawn Clark March 2, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Everest Panorama Trek
    Sonam is an amazing guide. From the moment he picked us up at Kathmandu airport until he dropped us off after completing the trek, he was incredibly helpful, friendly and accommodating. His extensive knowledge about the country, especially the Everest region where he is from, made our journey even more enriching. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Sonam and Mosaic.
  • Fantastic Trek to Gokyo Lakes
    By Jane Trovas March 1, 2024
    Reviewed Tour Gokyo Lakes Trek
    We went with Mosaic Adventure on the Gokyo Lakes trek. It was a great experience with stunning views. It's great that we chose this trek compared to the traditional route to EBC, we felt quieter and more peaceful as soon as we moved toward Gokyo from Namche Bazaar. The views were amazing and you must do this trek instead of the EBC trek if you are into great views. Our guide Rudra, was attentive and professional, ensuring that all our needs were met and that we were properly equipped for the day. It was a fantastic experience and we will be happy to do another trek with Mosaic Adventure.

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