7 Easy Treks in Nepal

7 Easy Treks in Nepal

We have a list of 7 easy treks in Nepal that are short treks to choose from according to your liking.

It is every human’s nature to wish to achieve more by doing less, and that applies to trekking too. You might want to reach places, do things, and experience once-in-a-lifetime moments but might have constraints that stop you.

So, make your dream of witnessing one of the most beautiful places on earth and completely losing yourself to the beauty and diversity of nature, as well as culture, religion, and many other aspects of life, a reality.

Here are 7 Easy Treks in Nepal

1. Royal Trek

With grace and ease in the name itself, the trek is popular because Prince Charles trekked this area on his very first visit to Nepal. The trek begins from Kalikasthan near Pokhara and ends at Begnas Tal. It is a 10 km journey of 4 days with a maximum elevation of 1830 meters.

The trek is a perfect way to bond with nature away from the usual trek route that passes through small villages with ethnic diversities. It is a perfect mixture of cultural and natural experiences as you get to indulge in the life of various ethnicities like Brahmins, Gurungs, Chhetris, Sherpas and others.

You can also enjoy spellbinding views of the Himalayas, such as parts of the Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Machchhapuchhre, Himchuli, etc. This is exactly what Nepal is all about – beauty and unity in diversity. This family holiday with Royal Trek is the perfect option for families looking to add easy treks to their adventures in Nepal.

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2. Helambu Trek

This is a comfortable trek to the north of Kathmandu valley, inhabited by Tamangs and Sherpas. It is the closest trek to Kathmandu.

With low elevation and interesting villages, this trek makes a 6-day loop from Kathmandu – Chisapani – Kutumsang – Tharepati – Tarkeghyang – Timbu, with an overnight stay at each place. Starting from the outskirts of the valley, you will cross several waterfalls, streams, and rivers en route to reach your final destination.

Helambu Trek

Along the route, you walk through the Shivapuri National Park and Langtang National Park, where your journey fills up with the splendid views of diverse flora and fauna of the region. You walk past the traditional villages of Tamang and Sherpa people, exploring their daily activities. Helambu Trek is among the easy treks in Nepal, yet it is an exotic trek just near the Kathmandu valley.

3. Panchase Danda Trek

This is a 5-day camping trip to one of the rural trails in the Annapurna region that is hardly traveled by tourists visiting Nepal. In this trek, you can enjoy the surroundings in their pristine form.

You will trek into the wild with continuous dense forests (covered with blooming rhododendrons in spring) in the first 3 days. You will get a glimpse of village settlements only on the 4th day after spending days totally away from human habitation.

The trail makes a complete circle of Phewa Tal with views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. This trek offers camping in grassy pastures. The uphill climb to the Panchase Danda (2509 m) provides a picturesque view of the Pokhara valley and Machchhapuchhre from the high meadow.

The place is also famous for butterfly and bird watching, especially in spring and summer.

4. Australian Base Camp Trek

It is one of the easy treks in Nepal in the Annapurna region, with the elevation not going above 2000m. The trek has warm weather all year round except in December and January. It is mostly a cultural experience as you encounter a number of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

The trek is most famous for the Tibetan inhabitants, their culture, and handicrafts they exhibit to the travelers and trekkers in the region. The route offers a constant view of the Machchhapuchhre, while the Himalayas can be seen from some vantage points.

You then trek to Sarangkot, a vantage point best to view the entire Pokhara city with Phewa tal where you can also indulge in some boating.

5. Himalayan Panorama Trek

Looking for a chance to enjoy the Himalayas in the shortest and easiest way possible? This trek in the Annapurna region might be your answer, with 5 trekking days and a total elevation of 2000m.

This trail provides an opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views of the Himalayas, the hilly villages, and other beautiful natural sceneries from different vantage points. And hence, derives its panoramic name.

You pass through different suspension bridges, waterfalls, a beautiful valley in the lap of the Annapurna region, and a natural hot spring (Jhinuwa) en route.

With 4-6 hours of walking each day, even children and the elderly can enjoy this easy trek. As you will be enticed by the breathtaking sceneries while coming face to face with one of the highest peaks in the world, Annapurna.

6. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

It is a 4-day long trip to one of the most famous places in the Annapurna region. It used to be the main pass for Tibetan traders to get to Pokhara from Mustang.

The 4-day Poon Hill Trek is blessed with vantage points where you get to witness the magnificent Dhaulagiri and Annapurna during beautiful sunrises. The trail is beautified with colorful flowers, forests of pines and firs, and exotic landscapes.

The Ghandruk village en route is a beautiful balance between nature and culture – an ethnic Gurung village with rich traditions and Buddhist culture, with the panoramic view of Annapurna range embracing the entire skyline.

7. Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Panorama Trek is an ideal choice for those looking for a relatively easy trekking option in Nepal.

With a maximum altitude of 3860 meters, this easy trek in Nepal offers stunning mountain views and high Himalayan landscapes within Khumbu Region.

Everest Panorama trail takes you to Tyanboche, where the historic Tyangboche Monastery stands, providing amazing panoramic vistas of the world’s highest mountain.

Along the way, you’ll walk though beautiful tracks, some steep inclines and picturesque suspension bridges decorated with Buddhist prayer flags. You will also be walking through dense rhododendron forests and following the milky waters of the famous Dudh Kosi river.


These short treks in the different terrains of Nepal give you lifetime memories. These 7 easy treks in Nepal is best for you if you are physically unable to walk on high altitude longer trails. Also, these treks are best for those who are in Nepal for a short period of time. Wherever you go, the exhilarating beauty of Nepal never stops amazing you.

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