Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

The perfect time to trek in the Himalayas of Nepal is autumn and spring season. Nepal welcomes autumn from the month of September as it bids farewell to the monsoon.

You get the opportunity to witness the clear blue skies, soothing weather, lush greenery and vegetation, and very little rain. The mild, friendly and cool temperature welcome a lot of trekkers in this month.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek in September gives you unique and a lifetime experience.

During the late September, you get to witness the rain-washed landscapes shining in the bright sun of autumn. The weather remains quite stable with the bearable temperatures. The mountains start smiling under the clear skies with the enticing views.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September displays all the amazing aspects of a classic trek. It includes epic sceneries, spectacular suspension bridge crossing and a Larkya La Pass at 5100 meters.

Highlights of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • You will find a far lesser crowd in this trek compared to the other classic trekking routes.
  • Enjoy the most scenic views of mount Manaslu, mount Nilgiri, Annapurna mountain range, and many other peaks.
  • You will come across Budhi Gandaki, which is a deep, long river gorge with many suspension bridges.
  • You will trek from subtropical jungles at lower altitudes to the cold and challenging crossing of the Larkya La Pass(5100 m).
  • Exploring the Tsum Valley (if you add this side trip)

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Weather of Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

September is quite cool and pleasant. There is not much rain or humidity and thus you can enjoy the trek pleasantly.

During early September, there may be rain in the late afternoons or in the evenings. However, by mid-September, there is no rainfall. And, the surrounding starts turning drier.

The weather can vary according to the altitude you are heading. For e.g. at an altitude of 3860 meters, Samdo’s temperature in September is about 7.7 degree Celsius on average. Likewise, the precipitation is only 41 mm.

However, at a lower altitude (1410m), Jagat has an average of 21 degree Celsius during September. The precipitation in this region is high with 337 mm.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

Perks of Trekking in September

Fewer Crowds

The Manaslu Circuit is less crowded than other treks in Nepal. September has even less crowd. It gives you way on your own and can enjoy nature on your own.

The tea houses also have lesser trekkers, which allow you to find good rooms without much struggle. Also, you get better hospitality from the teahouse owners who are quite free at the start of the peak season.

Two Seasons in One

You get to experience the monsoon as well as the autumn in the same month.

Even though the monsoon rain will be gradually fading away, you will still get to enjoy the occasional showers. Imagine how beautiful and clear the weather can be after a pour.

The second half of the September begins to welcome autumn. The skies get clearer and so do the majestic views. You will be able to witness the snow-capped mountains, lush green hills, flora and fauna and much more.

Cultural Festivities

Autumn also welcomes festivals and September is just the beginning of the major ones. You will be acquainted with the festivals of Teej, Rishi Panchami and so on while in Kathmandu.

Though most of the ethnicity in the higher altitude are Bhotias and Sherpas, you will find a lot of Gurung settlements too. You might be able to witness the local cultural festivals while on your trek too.

Physical Fitness and Hiring a Porter for Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a strenuous trek in the Manaslu region. You will be walking on the remote, mountain trails for many days in the harsh weather conditions. In average, you will walk for 6-7 hours in a day.

So, you must be physically and mentally prepared for this trek with appropriate gear to withstand the mountain weather.

During early September, you might experience occasional shower so the trails can be slippery. Hiring a porter can be helpful as s/he knows the ways better and can take you safely to your destination. And, with them, your burden of the trekking gears and clothing also diminishes. So, you will have a much easy time walking on the trails.

Trekking Manaslu

Gear and Equipment for Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

When you are packing for your Manaslu Circuit Trek, you only have to pack your essentials so as to avoid over packing.

The first thing that you have to keep in your mind is that the weather can vary according to the altitudes. Therefore, you should have clothes that can match the weather. You can pack lighter clothes for the lower elevations and warm ones for the higher elevations.


September has a cool and moderate temperature. However, the temperatures vary in the lower and higher altitudes.

For lower altitudes like Jagat, you should have light summer clothes. As you ascend to the higher altitudes, you should have proper trekking clothes to keep yourself warm and safe from the wind.

Make sure you prepare yourself for the occasional rain too! You will need the following as your basic necessities:

  • Insulated Jacket
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket
  • Thermal Tops
  • Trekking shirts
  • Trekking trousers/pants/hiking shorts
  • Breathable underwear
  • Rain Gears

While trekking below 3500 meters during the day time, a t-shirt and a light sweater should be enough. As you ascend above 3500 meters, you may need a fleece jacket.

Head and Hand Gears

You will need these gears as you ascend. The weather gets colder as you ascend higher and in the morning and evenings.

  • Lightweight gloves
  • Head Scarf or Bandana
  • Sun Hat
  • Buff/Balaclava or Neck Band
  • UV rays protection sunglasses


  • Waterproof hiking socks
  • Hiking boots (with good grip, as the trails can get slippery)
  • Hiking Sandals
  • Gaiters (useful when it rains and the trails get muddy)

Important Accessories

  • Sleeping Bag. (Though there are teahouses in every stage and they provide bed and blankets, you might want to stay warmer in higher altitudes. However, this is optional. Yet, if you are planning to camp, a sleeping bag is mandatory.)
  • Headlamp with extra batteries
  • Waterproof pouch or ziplock bag (to store your passport, money and other valuables)
  • Medications (as per your need or prescriptions)
  • Water Bottles (You have to keep yourself hydrated. The cool September weather may not be very motivating to drink more fluid).
  • Insect repellent and salt (you might get leeches if it rains at mid altitudes).
  • Make sure to pack your toiletries according to your needs.

For more detailed ideas on your packing, make sure to go through the Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List.

Trek Permit for Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

Manaslu borders with Tibet, you will need a special trek permit to enter into the region. The Manaslu Trek Permit Cost varies according to the season you are planning your trek.

You should know that the permit cost for this region is comparatively higher than other popular trekking routes in Nepal like Everest Base Camp trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek.

Since autumn is the best season for treks in Nepal, the permit cost during September is higher. From September to November, the trek Restricted Area Permit costs USD 70 per person for the first week. An addition of USD 10 per person will be applicable per day after the first week.

Additionally, you need a Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit costing each USD 30 per person.


Autumn is the best season to trek in Nepal. The weather is a great companion while you trek through the trails during this season. Manaslu Circuit Trek in September is a great adventure into the wilderness when the surrounding starts to turn dry and crisp.

This trek is off-the-beaten route and offers a remote adventure to the trekkers. Despite being remote, it is gaining popularity with the emerging tea houses.

It is a great alternative to the Annapurna Circuit Trek. With a lesser crowd in September, you will have better options for accommodations and flights.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek in September is quite a catch!

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