Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List

Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit is one of the most popular and highly anticipated treks that everyone wants to plan perfectly.

One of the frequent questions that are asked when planning the Manaslu Circuit trek is what are the best trekking packing list.

One of the spectacular things about Manaslu circuit trek is varied scenery and terrain. You’ll be supposed to be walking via sub-tropical to alpine passes.

Thus, with such varied landscape weather are also varied. Even in the peak season like autumn and spring, the weather is unpredictable.

So, it’s essential for both your safety and general mental happiness that you need to be well prepared.

When you’re preparing for Manaslu circuit trek packing list, be sure don’t overpack and only bring the essentials with yourself.

But don’t panic if you don’t have any idea I am here to help you with this article to finalize Manaslu Circuit Trek Packing List.

Being a well prepared can make or break your trekking holiday. Thus, to ensure you’ve got all the essentials here is a guide to Manaslu circuit trek packing list.

Weather Variations

Nepal has a most pleasant climate. As you move towards from the hilly region to the Himalayan region, the temperature decreased.

The weather along the Manaslu Circuit trek splits into four dominant seasons. The spring run from March to May, summer or monsoon from June to August, autumn from September to November, and winter from December to February.

Spring and autumn seasons are considered to be the best season for Manaslu Circuit trek. Both seasons are dry and provide pleasant climate conditions for trekking.

During the spring season, weather remains quite stable and you’ll also get a beautiful view of blooming rhododendrons. But sometimes the mountain views can be obscured due to the hazy and misty conditions.

Autumn season is the best trekking season in Nepal. The climate is dry and the weather is pleasant. Clear blue sky, warm days, and cool nights are some features of this season.

There is a rare chance of rainfall during these months. Thus, for the good visibility and pleasant climatic conditions, a post-monsoon period is the best time for the Manaslu Circuit trek.

Summer season is dominated by the monsoon in Nepal. During the monsoon season, lower land in Nepal receives frequent rain showers. The fog and the clouds are the main reason for the obstructed mountain views. On the lower downhill, you might get the encounter with the leeches.

But still, it is possible to visit Manaslu Circuit with good trekking gears and rain gears.

But be prepared for rain!!!

During the winter season, temperatures remain much colder as it located at high altitude. But if you preferred the least crowded trials, then April is the best month during the spring season.

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Weight Limits

During the trekking period, you may have to face several conditions. So, it is important to keep the weight to a minimum.

The Nepalese government has fixed the weight that each porter can carry. For example, limits that to 20 kg or 44 pounds on its Manaslu Circuit trek.

It may depend on how many Porters you want to hire, this limit could be higher or lower.

Though if you want to carry more weight, you can by paying an added fee. Last also check with your airline and trekking companies about their weight limits.

Yes, I keep repeating that don’t pack too many things, pack smartly. With a little help, you’ll definitely prepare for every day on Manaslu Circuit trail.

Trekking Gear List for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Sleeping Gear

Talking about trekking gear trust me the lighter you travel, the more you can enjoy the trip.

The following are the essential sleeping gear for the Manaslu trekking packing list:

Sleeping Bag

You need a good quality down fill sleeping bag. The four season sleeping bag is highly recommended. Additionally, the sleeping bag liner is also handy for extra warmth and to keep your bag clean.

If you’re planning for camp then you’re compulsory to bring a sleeping bag. Though the tea house on the trail provides a blanket, at the high altitude the only blanket may not be enough to keep you warm whole night as the night would be freezing. In this time, it’ll save you from freezing cold.

  • Sleeping pad/ sleeping bag liner

These are optional, they can be used to add extra warmth to a sleeping bag. It also provides comfort if you plan to hire a sleeping bag a locally rather than bringing your own.

  • Pillow

If you want something soft under your head at night, then you can bring a small inflatable pillow.

  • Ear Plug (Optional)

After all walking for a whole day, one thing you want to have is a good sleep. If you don’t want to get disturbed with the snoring of your fellow trekkers, then you should bring ear plug. It’ll help you to sleep peacefully for a whole night.

Trekking Clothing


In the Himalayas, you can see four weather in one day. It can all change in a matter of hours. Thus, when trekking to adjust with variance temperatures layering is important.

Basically, you need to prepare three layers; base layer, middle layer, and out layer. A base layer is an important layer especially for the colder section of the hike. The base layer traps heat and reduces airflow out. So, this layer like thermal tops must be made of moisture wicking material. It is used for the higher section of the Manaslu Circuit trail or at night when the temperature is coolest.

The second layer consists of long sleeve t-shirt and short sleeve t-shirt. The trekking t-shirts must be lightweight, quick drying, breathable, and comfortable. Also, you need a fleece jacket which is also a water-resistant or windproof. This is not a winter jacket but it should be fairly light and still provide warmth.

The third or outer core layers consists of windproof, waterproof and most importantly warm jackets and trousers.

For the lower body, you need to pack the trekking shorts and trousers. Convertible pants are the best options. During the trek, you often start activities in the early mornings when it’s cooler and finish the day when it’s much warmer. The transition from cold to warm weather, it’s super easy to simply zip off part of your pants to make them into shorts.


You need to bring a comfortable pair of sturdy hiking boots. During the multi-day hike there is no more important than good comfortable shoes, so be sure to break in before wearing them on the trekking journey.

Besides the hiking boot, you also need camp sandals. You can wear them while you’re in tea houses or going toilets. Walking whole day on your trekking boots can be blissful. So, taking off your boots and wearing sandals that will air your feet for a while.

Normally, during the trek, the maximum amount of heat is lost through our head and foot. So, if you want to be warm then you’ve to keep your head and feet warm. To keep your feet warm in your boots you should bring woolen socks which are well padded around the toes and heels. During the summer the lightweight socks are helpful to keep your feet dry and fresh.


Inner gloves must be a lightweight, quick-drying ideally made from fleece materials. Likewise, outer gloves are like outer layer jacket. Thus, it needs to be warm, waterproof, and durable.


In the high altitude, the sun can cook you. Though temperature can be low, there will be high radiation of UV rays. So, you need to wear a sun hat, sunglasses, and a high SPF sunscreen.

Likewise, as you reach higher altitudes on the Manaslu Circuit trek the temperature can get cold during the early mornings and nights. Thus, a warm fleece headband or beanie is important.

A neckband or balaclava can keep your neck and face warm when the temperature drops below freezing. It also protects your face from the chill wind.

Personal Items

First aid kit

Manaslu Circuit trail is isolated the basic first aid kit are essential. Kit essential includes antiseptic wipes, a variety of bandages and sticking plasters, blister treatments, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy. Carry the kit in a backpack pocket or near the top of your pack for quick access.


During Manaslu circuit trek you require a few additional toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo. For female travelers, it’s essential to pack feminine hygiene.

Hand Sanitizer

On the trail, you might get infected from the dust or your hand might get dirty. So, it’s good to have hand sanitizer with yourself as it is great for disinfecting hands before and after eating.

Face/ Body wipes

Wet wipes are used to clean your hands, face, body in case they get dirty. It’s near to impossible to take a daily shower during the trek. So, when there is no shower, face or body wipes are great options for a quick and easy wash.


You can take general medication like the paracetamol or aspirin for headaches and Imodium for diarrhea.

Quick Dry Towel

You need to carry a portable towel with yourself during the trekking journey. Since you never know, when you’ll need to dry off while adventuring. Additionally, a quick-drying one is the best solution.

Small Locks

It can be useful to protect your belongings in your backpack or duffel bag.

Small Locks

Lightweight Down Jacket

As I’ve mentioned earlier that you can see many seasons in one day. Thus, you should be prepared for any type of weather. Even in the middle of the summer, it can get cold overnight and especially on the Himalayas. Thus, you are suggested to bring lightweight down jacket for cold days and cold nights.

Head Lamp with extra batteries

It’s worth a carrying head torch with yourself. In case, if you reach your trail after sunset then it will provide enough light to travel safely. At night the visibility is too low, torchlight will help you especially in the tent.

Water bottle

During the high altitude trek, dehydration is the major problem for the altitude sickness. So, you should drink 2-3 liters of water a day. So, you need to bring a water bottle with yourself.

Water Purification Tablet

Water purification tablet can be bought in your home country or even in here Nepal. Though these are for backup only, as you’ll get boiled water on the whole trail. But in some places especially at the higher altitude, you might have to pay few dollars for boiled hot water.

Trekking Poles

The rough and uneven terrain can be a great deal on your knees. Thus, walking with the help of trekking poles make a huge difference. These trekking poles will reduce the impact on your joints so these are worth bringing.

Daypack Bag

You’re supposed to carry this daypack bag while trekking. Actually, you need to keep your essentials items that you will need access to throughout the day. It should be large enough to carry all your essential items, but it shouldn’t be heavy. After all who wants to walk a whole day with a heavy pack on the back !!! A bag with pockets and compartments with waterproof cover can be helpful.

Duffel Bag

A duffel bag is carried by your porter on whole trekking journey. Normally, in this bag it’s best to pack heavier stuff and that you won’t need during the day but will need when you reach camp.

It should be light and comfortable with shoulder straps or luggage with wheels. The soft luggage is more preferable.

Manaslu circuit trek cost is an essential part.

Manaslu Circuit Trek packing list tips

In your day pack, the one you’ll be carrying, be sure to include; water bottle, sunblock, sunglasses, hat, wind/waterproof jacket, and headlamp.
Since the trail will be uphill and downhill the trekking poles can make a huge difference. They lighten the load on your feet. Especially when coming downhill, they take the brunt of shock from your knees. If you take trekking poles with shock-absorbing technology, it would be best.
While trekking on the high altitude, the altitude sickness can be a serious problem. To avoid and prevent the altitude sickness, you need to drink plenty of water. Besides, you can take medication like Diamox. Also, you can ask your doctor what might work best for you.
Remember to do the travel insurance which includes the evacuation insurance. It is more than travel insurance that includes more than loss or cancellation.
If you’re trekking Manaslu region during the monsoon then remember to bring rain gears including a raincoat, umbrella, and waterproof gears. Don’t let the rain ruin your plans bring a lightweight and breathable rain jacket for an adventure trip. With rain gears, you’ll also require insect repellent that works on mosquitoes and bugs. Trust me on this you don’t want to be attacked by leeches and mosquitoes while you’re on trial. Peak season for biting mosquitoes and leeches is summer. So, during this time repellent is must and it smells fresh too !!!
During the trek, you may deal with the intense heat, freezing cold nights, and mild day. The best way to deal with the different temperatures and extremes on Manaslu Circuit trail is to dress using several clothes layer. Clothes can be added and removed depending on what the weather brings. Generally, jeans and cotton are not a good choice for trekking.
Prepare your feet before you arrive !!! I mean do your best to break in your footwear before departure. Buying a new pair of boots right before trek is not a good idea. Walking only 15 miles into 45 miles a day is not a good time to discover the boot fits.

I hope this article will help you to prepare for your upcoming Manaslu Circuit trek. If you have any specific queries about Manaslu Circuit trek packing list please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you !!!

See you on the trail soon. Happy trekking !!!

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