Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Manaslu Circuit trek is an opportunity to discover the unspoiled part of the country in a different way than  regular treks and challenge yourself!

It is growing popular as the best alternative to classic Annapurna Circuit trek.

Due to its remoteness, isolated villages, untouched culture, and pristine environment, this trekking trail is slowly attracting many adventurists.

During Manaslu Circuit trek, you can enjoy the less crowded environment with the perfect blend of unique nature and culture.

Before you begin your trek, you need to collect informations on the trek itinerary, prepare your packing list, and most importantly plan your budget.

This article will guide you about trekking costs of  Manaslu Circuit trek.

The good news is: Manaslu Circuit trek is not as expensive as many people imagine.

At the end of the article, you’ll get an idea of how much money to budget when planning your Manaslu Circuit trek.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of everything you need to spend during your Manaslu Circuit trek:

Cost of Trekking Permits on Manaslu Circuit trek

To preserve the unique culture and natural beauty of the region, Nepal Government has declared this region as the restricted trekking region.

Thus, every trekker is demanded to obtain special trekking permits issued by Nepal Government via authorized local trekking agency.

You require three trekking permits for trekking in Manaslu region;

Manaslu Restricted Permit:

Depending on the trekking month and the number of days you’ll be staying in the area, the cost of the permit differs.

From the months of September to November, the cost will be about USD 70 for the first week per person and plus USD 10 per extra day per person.

But if you’re traveling rest of the months, the cost will be about USD 50 for the first week per person and plus USD 7 per extra day per person.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP): USD 20 per person

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP): USD 20 per person

If you choose TSUM valley as a side trip, then USD 35 per week per person is charged.

Therefore, compared to other trekking regions, special trekking permits will upraise the cost of your Manaslu circuit trip.

Note: For this trek, TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card is not required as you already have special trekking permits. But if you wish to continue your trip to Annapurna Base Camp then you’ll need TIMS card.

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Cost of Accommodation on Manaslu Circuit trek

The good news is that teahouse on the Manaslu Circuit trek is cheap, costing as little as  USD 6 – USD 9 per night. That’s because most of the teahouses don’t make money from  rooms, they make money from food.

Almost all teahouses have an offer. You eat dinner and breakfast there and get a room for free. Or, pay least for the night stay.

Rooms are typically very basic with twin beds. The bedsheets and blankets are available. We recommend bringing a sleeping bag as well, it gets cold at night.

Normally, there are no heaters in the bedrooms, only in a dining room.

At low altitude, a few tea houses have Western toilet while most of them  have squat toilets.

Cost of Food on Manaslu Circuit trek

Food on Manaslu Circuit trek is little costly than other trekking regions in Nepal. Since all the supplies have to be carried up to the villages by porters or mules, food is little pricer.

Generally, food in the tea house on the trail is basic. Almost all teahouses offer a similar food menu like popular Nepalese dish Daal-Bhat-tarkari. On average, the food cost USD 5 per meal.

Cost of Snacks on Manaslu Circuit trek

Since the trail of Manaslu region is not fully established, you’ll only find few shops on the trek. So, it’s rare to find places with a cafe on the trail. But there are few local shops where you might get biscuits, noodles, and choco bars. On average, for the snacks you can seperate USD 5 – USD 10 per day.

Cost of Drinks on Manaslu Circuit trek

For the tea and coffee the price range from USD 1 – USD 5. A bottle of water cost range from USD 0.5 – USD 4.

While trekking in high altitude, it is better  to avoid alcoholic drinks as it increases the risk of altitude sickness.

But at the end of the trek, you can have a celebratory drink in Kathmandu. It would be a good way to end a once in a lifetime journey. Normally, a bottle of beer costs USD 2 – USD 5.

Cost of Transportation on Manaslu Circuit trek

Transportation cost includes buses and jeeps. But during the trek, the only mode of transportation you use is your own feet.

Public transportation is cheap in Nepal. Though it is said “you get what you pay for”, inadequate seats, overcrowd may make the journey unpleasant. But sadly this is the reality of public transport, Nepalese style.

But if you can stretch your budget then do consider spending it on transportation for extra safety and comfort. These can be available on the jeeps although, in  higher prices.

On average,  the local buses from Kathmandu to Soti Khola costs USD 10 per person. Jeeps costs  more roughly USD 150- USD 200 per person.

Cost of Guide and Porter on Manaslu Circuit trek

Manaslu region lies in the restricted trekking region. So it’s mandatory to travel with a licensed guide or porter.

Guides are people who have a good knowledge and experience about trekking.

They’ll guide you via navigation, suggest you the best place to stay and eat. Also, they’ll help you during emergencies.

While  porters are  different in that they carry your luggage. With the help of them, you can enjoy your journey more comfortably.

Nowadays, guide-porter are also available. These are people who’ll carry your luggage and  guide throughout the trek. Hiring a guide-porter will save you from extra expenses.

A good licensed guide costs around USD 20 – USD 25 per day, including their food, lodging, and insurance.

Porters cost around USD 15 – USD 20 per day, including their food, lodging, and insurance.

Guide-porter costs around USD 18- USD 22, including their food, lodging, and insurance.

For your budget travel, you can also go for Manaslu trek without guides.

Cost of Travel Insurance on Manaslu Circuit trek

While trekking in Nepal, travel insurance is important. Nobody knows what befalls while trekking in hills, and in high altitudes. There’s  always an element of risk when trekking in the remote Himalayan region.

Prices and plan of insurance can vary from company to company. The insurance plan must cover emergency medical cost and helicopter evacuation, travel risks like road blockage, and damaged or lost baggage etc.

On average, a 30-day insurance policy is likely to cost around USD 150 – USD 200. It covers all the standard emergencies.

Miscellaneous Costs on Manaslu Circuit trek

Miscellaneous cost on Manaslu trek includes charging your electronic gadgets, hot shower, and WiFi. In some tea houses, all these services are available free of costs. But most of the teahouses charge few dollars for these extra services.

Also, if you visit monasteries or stupas, they might expect a bit donation for the maintenance of the area. In Nepal, tipping the guide or porter is not mandatory. But at the end of the trek, if you’re satisfied by their services, you can express thanks in the form of little tips.

For all these miscellaneous services you can separate USD 200.

Cost of Clothes, Equipment, and Gears on Manaslu Circuit trek

The right clothes, equipment, and gears make real difference in how comfortably you trek.

During the trek, days are warm with nights becoming very cold. Thus, clothing in layers is important. Also, a good sleeping bag and a quality pair of trekking boots are essential.

Your costs on clothes and gears will depend entirely on what quality you decide to buy. If you spend money on lower quality items, but they may not last till the trek ends.

The budget might range anywhere between USD 1500 USD 2000. This could be considerably less depending on how much gear you already own.

If you want to spend less money then you can also hire trekking gears and down jacket in quite reasonable price at Kathmandu.

Money Saving Tips for Manaslu Circuit trek

Here are some tips that will help to save lots of money during Manaslu Circuit trek.

  • The full bucket shower costs around USD 2 – USD 5 and may not always get hot shower. So, undressing to rinse off in cold water is a bad idea especially when the temperature is below freezing level. Instead of that, you can use wet wipes daily after a hike and feel clean and fresh.
  • On the trail, some tea houses charge few dollars from USD 3- USD 5 for the WiFi services. But if you want to stay connected while on the trail, you can purchase a Ncell SIM card which offers 2GB data for one month.
  • On the trail, purchasing snacks, toiletries and medication can be pretty expensive. So, if you want to save few dollars, you can buy in Kathmandu before your trek. Also, the trail lies in the remote region, you do not get variety of items the prices are also quite high.
  • On the Manaslu Circuit trail, the cost of one liter water can cost anywhere from USD 3- USD 5. To avoid altitude sickness, you need to drink plenty of water. If you drink daily 4 liters plus water, then that’s a lot of money. So, to save money you can use water purification tablets. On the way, you’ll get tap water free of cost.
  • Most electricity along the trek comes from the solar power. So, most of the teahouse charge anywhere between USD 2- USD 3 per hour to recharge your electronic devices. It’s better if you bring power bank with yourself.

Final Say

Trekking to Manaslu region is every adventurer’s dream. And of course, it is not a cheap dream to have. However, your dream can’t be tagged with the price.

You want the best experience, many memorable moments !

It’s obvious that everyone’s spending habits are different. So, it depends a lot on the things that you decide to pay for!

We, Mosaic Adventure being a lead tour operator in a country will look after you and yours needs as well. If you like to know more about us and our trekking packages, feel free to contact us. We’re available 24 hours at your services.

I hope this article Manaslu Circuit trek cost will definitely help you plan your budget for the trek.

Happy Trekking !

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