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Nepal: Restricted Area Permits and Fees - Mosaic Adventure
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Nepal: Restricted Area Permits and Fees

March 8, 2014 No Responses Mosaic Adventure
Restricted area in Nepal

Nepal has many adventurous places and exotic locations that add amusement for the travelers, trekkers from around the world. But not everywhere in Nepal you are free to visit without proper paperwork.  Some areas in Nepal are strictly controlled for tourist to protect natural beauty, rich heritage & culture, and environment. To visit such places you need to make special arrangements and obtain a restricted area permit from authorities.

These areas are opened for tourist since October 1991. Trekkers are not allowed to trek alone in this restricted area. You should be at least 2 people in the group.

Anyone willing to enter the restricted area must get a Restricted Area Permit either from the Nepal Tourism Board or through authorized trekking company who obtains it through Immigration Department of Nepal. If you do not want to bother about the permits and arrangements for the trip, allow us to do so. We, here at Mosaic Adventure are willing to hear from you to assist with your adventures in Nepal.

The following restricted areas are open only for group trekkers. Moreover, a trekking permit will not be issued to individual trekkers for such areas. The areas and required fees are as follows:



Restricted Area

Permit Fee

1 Area of Lower Dolpa US$ 10 per person per week. (or equivalent foreign currency)
2 Area of Upper Dolpa District US $500 per person for the first 10 days. Additional Us$50 per day per person from the 11th day.
3 Kanchenjunga Region
(Areas of Olangchunggola, Lelep, Papung and Yamphudin Village Development Committee)
US$ 10 per week per person. (or equivalent convertible foreign currency)
5  Upper Mustang The US $500 for the first 10 days per person and extraUs$50 per person per day from the 11th day.
6  Manaslu Region September -November US$ 70 per week per person and US$ 10 per extra day. and December to August US$ 50 per week per person and US$ 7 per extra day.
7 Dolakha District
(Gauri Shankar& Lambagar )
US$ 10 per week per person.
8 Humla District (Simikot and Yari) Areas of Limi and Muchu village Development Committee, and area way to Tibet via Tangekhola of Darma Village Development committee.  US$ 50 for the first 7 days per person and US$ 7 per extra day per person.
9 Rasuwa District(Thuman and Timure) US$ 10 per person per day.
10 Sankhuwasabha District
(Makalu Region) Areas of Kimathanka, Chepuwa, Hatiya and Pawakhola Village Development Committee.
For the first 4 weeks per week per person US$ 10 and After 4 weeks per week per person US$ 20, Or equivalent convertible foreign currency.
11 Solukhumbu District (Everest Region):-
All north-west area way from Thame
to Nangpala of Namche Village Development Committee
US$ 10per week per person for the first 4 weeks. And US$ 20 per extra week per person.
12 Manang District (Nar Phu Trek, and Northern area of Tilche Village of
Thochhe Village Development Committee)
September – November US$ 90 per week per person.

December- August US$ 75 per week per person.

13 Mugu District:- Areas of Mugu, Dolpu, Pulu, and Bhangri.  US$90 for the first 7 days per person and Us$15 per extra day per person from the 8th day.
14 Bajhang District (Areas of Kanda, Saipal, Dhuli) US $90 for the first 7 days per person.  And Us$15 per extra day per person from the 8th day.
15 Darchula District (Areas of Byas Village
Development Committee)
US$90 for the first 7 days per person and Us$15 per extra day per person from the 8th day.


  • To get a group trekking permit an application form with other relevant documents should be submitted through Mosaic Adventure.
  • Trekking fee can be paid in Nepalese currency: Notwithstanding anything written in above, the Indian citizen can pay in Nepalese currency equivalent to US Dollars.

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