Best Time to Trek Manaslu Circuit

best time to trek Manaslu circuit

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is among the best trekking destinations in Nepal and probably one of the best in the world too. It takes you through the unique landscapes of the Tibetan border of Nepal. The place is accessible to trekkers all around the year. However, the place is best visited during the peak trekking seasons. Peak trekking seasons in Nepal are spring and autumn. Spring and autumn can be considered the best time to trek Manaslu circuit.

These seasons bring a very dry and temperate climate conditions. The vistas of your trip become clearer, and the weather becomes stable. All in all, there is high chance that your Manaslu circuit trek will be a hundred percent success in these seasons.

Best Time to Trek Manaslu Circuit

On the other hand, monsoon and winter seasons bring erratic weather patterns. These seasons make up for a little discomfort for the Manaslu circuit trek. Weather factors like rainfall and snowfall bring hassle. You need to face extreme temperatures in monsoon and winter. However, the winter and autumn seasons aren’t necessarily off-limits. You can do the Manaslu circuit trek in these seasons as well.

If you’re in a dilemma about when to plan your Mount Manaslu circuit trek, don’t worry. Today we will take you through the Manaslu circuit through the lens of different seasons. You can decide on your own which would be the best time to trek the Manaslu circuit.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

Manaslu circuit trek during Spring

Spring brings a very dry, temperate, and overall comfortable environment for trekking. Spring in the Nepali trekking scene is famous for rhododendron shrubs. The Manaslu circuit trek will give you the best blooming rhododendron-covered trails. You will also have stable weather and dry, comfortable trekking trails.

The spring season also marks one of the peak trekking seasons in Nepal. Hence you will find ample transportation, accommodation, food, etc., on your trek. Let us minutely dissect what every month of spring brings for the Manaslu circuit trek.

Manaslu circuit trek in March

Temperature: 2 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Low

Chances of Snowfall: Low

Significant traits: Early spring, warmer temperatures

March is one of the best time to trek Manaslu circuit. The month brings in early spring weather with warmer temperatures compared to the dread of winter. You need not worry about extreme weather conditions, as weather patterns are predictable. Bringing large luggage of warm clothes will not be necessary. You need not worry about freezing weather or sweltering heat during your long hours of treks.

The lower likelihood of rainfall and snowfall makes your trip very convenient. The trails are dry; you will likely not find any puddles or slippery tracks. This makes the risks of accidents and injury very less. In case you are a novice trekker, you can use spring treks as practice for uphill climbs. The weather makes it favorable for a successful and safe trek.

The start of spring also means the availability of a clear blue sky. This allows you to get unrestricted vistas of the places you visit. Nature and wildlife also peak during early spring. The pictures you take during this trek in March will look immaculate.

Warmer and more stable weather marked by spring’s beginning also means the trekking season’s start. After businesses are relatively stagnant during winter, March brings an influx of trekkers. The businesses start blooming from here till the end of spring.

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Manaslu circuit trek in April

Temperature: 4 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Low

Chances of Snowfall: None

Significant traits: mid-spring, Nepali new year, stable weather

April is also one of the best time to trek Manalsu circuit, as it brings out the best of spring. April is peak spring, so you will find red rhododendron shrubs blooming throughout the trails during your treks.

April also marks one of the busiest months for the trekking trails in Nepal. The Manaslu circuit trails get highly crowded during April. Lodging and transportations are highly in demand, so you need to be cautious. It would be a great idea to book things early and keep in contact with your trekking agency.

The busiest trekking month does not come with just hassle. April also brings in a mesmerizing environment. You will get the best clear blue skies with beautiful landscapes with the backdrop of mountains. Along with that, the stable and suitable weather pattern continues. Your trek will not be interrupted or bring risks of accidents due to the weather in April.

If you plan to trek the Manaslu circuit in April, you will be in Nepal for the Nepali new year. The mid of April is the start of the Nepali new year’s first month. So, visiting Nepal during April will also bring a little festive fun to your trip.

Hence, we highly recommend you trek the Manaslu circuit during April. It is the best time to trek Manaslu circuit.

Manaslu circuit trek in May

Temperature: 4 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Less

Chances of Snowfall: None

Significant traits: End of spring, steady rise in temperature

May will mark the official end of spring. The month brings a significant rise in temperature and extended sunlight hours. You will still get to enjoy the trail’s glory of spring but with a rather toasty environment. The daytime walking might be a bit uncomfortable due to this. Other than that, the whole experience will more or less be similar to March and April.

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, baseball caps, an umbrella, etc., to protect yourself from the sun. Also, wear light cotton clothes during your long walks. Such preps will make you ready for your Manaslu circuit trek in May.

The trekking trails get a little less crowded during May. So overbooking lodging and transportation will likely not be a burden. You can relax and enjoy the comfortable and quaint trails during May. People do not consider May the best trekking time, but it is still a suitable time for the Manaslu circuit trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu circuit trek in Summer

Summer months bring long, lousy days with a lot of rainfall in Nepal. The trekking trails become inhabitable due to mud and puddles. You might slip and fall during uphill ascents and technical routes during your trip.

If you plan to trek the Manaslu circuit during summer, you ought to make many preparations. You need to be ready for sweltering heat, sweaty treks, and heavy rainfall. Although most part of the Manaslu circuit is drenched in rainwater, the shadow part of the Himalayas is safe from it. Places like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, and Annapurna circuit are suitable to trek even during peak monsoon.

The overall scenario of Manaslu trekking trails is still very tricky in monsoon. Let’s see what each monsoon month brings for the Manaslu trekking trails.

Manaslu circuit trek in June

Temperature: 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Very High

Chances of Snowfall: None

Significant traits: start of summer and monsoon, sweltering heat, long days

June marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Nepal. The month brings sweltering heat and a lot of rainfall in the Manaslu circuit trails. You can expect rainfall of 30mm to 460mm to occur during this month.

Since June is the beginning of the monsoon, it will be somewhat tolerable. The businesses along the high-altitude trails will still be running, so you need not worry about that. However, that might change during the middle of the month if rainfall is persistent. Rainfall causes a lot of landslides and road blockages, which makes transportation quite tricky. Hence, making the transfer of resources for businesses more difficult.

You might face the same issues with road blockages in your trek too. So you ought to be extra cautious while traveling. Bring adequate rain gear for your trek, as you might receive rainfall anytime. Bring insect-repellent ointments as insects and pest increase during a humid month like June.

If you plan on trekking the Manaslu region in June, you certainly need a lot of prep. Nevertheless, you can still venture on it and complete it.

Manaslu circuit trek in July

Temperature: 5 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Very High

Chances of Snowfall: None

Significant traits: humid climate, high chances of landslides and road blockages, high rainfall

July is the heart of the monsoon, so it will be quite a wet season. The weather of June and July will be very similar, but July brings monsoon in its full glory. This causes the trails to have very vivid landscapes with lush vegetation. You will also notice bodies of water getting voluminous due to heavy rainfall.

The heavy rainfall will likely bring in a very cloudy sky. So the mountain views will not be great during July. The rainfall this month will likely bring worse cases of landslides and road blockages compared to June. Hence, the lodging and transportation will be a great hassle this time of the year.

The muddy and slippery roads make the trek very risky as well. So be very cautious about your Manaslu trek during July. Carry appropriate rain gear and clothing for the season. July’s humid weather brings many pests to the trekking trails. So, carrying insect repellent is a must during July too.

The trails will be deserted during July, and you’ll have them all to yourselves. The weather difficulties cause people to skip this season for trekking. July is not a great choice to trek the Manaslu circuit logistically. But you could still venture on it successfully if you plan the trip well.

Manaslu circuit trek in August

Temperature: 5 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Very high

Chances of Snowfall: Less

Significant traits: wettest season, landslides, and road blockage

August is just an extension of everything that July has. August will be the wettest month, with heavier rainfall and more technical problems for treks. The likelihood of road blockages is very high, and the trails are very difficult to walk. Most businesses are shut down during August due to these harsh conditions.

It is not advisable to trek the Manaslu circuit during August. But if you do, make sure you make very good planning. There are a lot of threats in long-duration treks during bad weather periods. So, you must be very careful in deciding if you want to trek in August. Weigh out your pros and cons well before doing it.

manaslu trek best time

Manaslu circuit trek in Autumn

Autumn is another best time to trek Manaslu circuit. Like spring, autumn brings in very favorable weather conditions. The trekking trails are again habitable, and the businesses for lodging and transportation and fully running. The vistas of the trek will be immaculate, and the risks of accidents will lessen.

Autumn also brings in Nepali festival months. So it will be a great time to enjoy a trip to Nepal as the environment will be very merry.

Manaslu circuit trek in September

Temperature: 7 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: high in the first half, low in the second half

Chances Snowfall: low

Significant traits: Withdrawl of monsoon, drier trails, beginning of autumn

September will mark the official end of the monsoon and the start of autumn. Although monsoon is supposed to withdraw by August, in recent years, it lasts till September. So, rainfall during September in Nepal these days is not rare.

The earlier days of September might have weather patterns similar to the ones of August’s end. But this gets better once the month goes on. The rainfall stops, and it starts getting a little chilly. You will find convenient, dry trekking trails with fewer risks of accidents and injuries.

The vistas of the nearby landscapes become better as the skies turn clear, bright blue. The trees will not be entirely brown, but the post-monsoon spark will remain within the trails.

The businesses along the trails start resuming after the monsoon officially withdraws. The problems of road blockages and landslides will start subsiding. So, the likelihood of technical issues is very less during September. The trails will receive a little higher number of people compared to August. However, it will not be fully crowded like peak trekking season.

September would be the best time to trek Manaslu circuit. But you need to make proper plans. Choosing to trek Manaslu after monsoon withdrawal ends and trekking season just starts would be the best time. You will have quaint empty trails with very few logistical issues.

Manaslu circuit trek in October

Temperature: 12 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Low

Chances of Snowfall: Low

Significant traits: the heart of autumn, festival months in Nepal

October brings the most hectic time for the trekking trails in Nepal. It makes up for a perfect environment for trekking the Himalayan trails of Nepal. The Manaslu circuit trek during October becomes very beautiful. You will notice vegetation turning a shade of brown and leaves drying up. The air gets a hint of chill, yet you will not be freezing. This makes up for a perfect time to trek.

The weather becomes dry with moderate temperatures. This brings in a significant increase in trekkers during your Manaslu trek in October. This might cause difficulties in your transportation and accommodation, just like during peak trekking time in spring. Make earlier reservations for your trek in October; it will be worth it. Despite all the crowd, the trek will still be very enjoyable. The landscapes will be immaculate with clear blue skies and unrestricted vistas. Logistically too, October makes up for the best time to trek Manaslu circuit.

Moreover, October also brings the popular festivals of Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath in Nepal. The festive season helps you familiarize yourself with the Nepali culture and experience Nepali traditions. You might also get a chance to indulge in festival games and local delicacies.

Hence, we highly recommend an October trek to the Manaslu circuit.

Manaslu circuit trek in November

Temperature: -6 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Low

Chances of Snowfall: Low

Significant traits: autumn’s end, Nepali festivities, shorter days, chilly weather, and the annual Manaslu trail race

November brings more or less the same things October has to offer. The trails are very crowded during November. The accommodation will be pretty hectic, and getting transportation will be quite a hassle. Pre-planning for your November trip will be a very wise idea.

November is quite similar to October in most aspects, including the continuation of festivities. Nepal’s festival season lasts for over a month. So if you visit Nepal in November, the festivities of October might still be happening, depending on the Nepali calendar.

Besides that, November experiences a little chilly environment compared to October. The days become significantly shorter, so you get fewer daylight hours. The trekking hours need to be planned accordingly. Moreover, you also need to prep for a pair of warm outerwear for the chilly weather. The trails get colder during the nights, but still, the temperature is favorable for treks. You will not be freezing.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Different Seasons

Manaslu circuit trek in Winter

Winter is a gruesome month for the Himalayan trekking trails. With heavy snowfall and a freezing climate, trekking Manaslu during winter is very difficult. A lot of businesses shut down during winter but too harsh, erratic weather patterns.

Manaslu circuit trek in December

Temperature: -8 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Low

Chances of Snowfall: High

Significant traits: snowfall, the beginning of winter, freezing weather

December is the official start of winter in the northern hemisphere. In the Himalayan trekking trails of Nepal, winter brings a majestic view. The mountains and trekking trails look mesmerizing as the snow devours them. December brings high snowfall chances and enchanting views of the Himalayan foothills.

Although trekking Himalayan trails during winter sounds enchanting, it is very difficult. Logistically, traveling high-altitude trails is very difficult with snowfall. The trails become slippery and icy, making it a risk hub for accidents. The freezing weather also brings in a myriad of dangers related to health.

The businesses of the mountain trails cannot survive in such harsh weather. So, finding lodging and transportation is very difficult during winter. Snowfall could also cause avalanches and road blockages, making it dangerous and difficult to navigate your trip.

The majestic environment of winter makes the Manaslu circuit trip during December very tempting. But you need to make a very thorough and strict preparation for it.

Manaslu circuit trek in January

Temperature: -16 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Low

Chances of Snowfall: High

Significant traits: freezing weather, snowstorms, empty trails

January experiences the coldest weather in Nepal. The trails of the Manaslu region are freezing this time of the year. The high snowfall, along with occasional storms, brings up a lot of dangers for treks. The high-altitude regions, especially above 3000 meters, are prone to heavy snowfall. If you are to cross the Larkey La Pass this time of the year, it would be very difficult. The camps along the pass also close, so you have to make the journey quick to find lodging.

January is more or less similar to December. The trails will look majestic yet logistically very difficult to venture. The businesses are still shut, and access to good lodging and transportation can be difficult. The trekking trails will be almost empty as people choose not to trek in such harsh weather.

We only suggest you trek the Manaslu circuit in such a climate if you are a pro. If you have enough experience in remote high-altitude trekking, you might succeed. But we do not recommend a novice to trek the Manaslu circuit during January.

Manaslu circuit trek in February

Temperature: 6 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius

Chances of Rainfall: Low

Chances of Snowfall: High

Significant traits: dual climate, end of winter

February will mark the end of winter in Nepal. The earlier months of February will experience similar weather patterns to January. However, by the month’s end, the weather of February resembles that of early spring. People call this feature of February a “dual climate.”

The earlier days of the month might receive plenty of snowfall. But by the end of the month, the snowfall subsides. The snow and ice along the trails start to melt. However, the mountain ranges will still have snow cover. The lodging and transportation facilities will still not be on par with the peak trekking season. In early February, they might be completely closed. But as time brings in traits of spring, the businesses start running.

The trails will still be empty as February isn’t a favorite trekking season. But it still has impressive features. Later in the month, you might find a beautiful clear blue sky and bright rhododendron shrubs. You might enjoy trekking the empty trails of post-winter trails during February.

It is not familiar to trek the Manaslu circuit trek during February. But you can still do it if you properly plan it.

Final Say

Manaslu circuit trek is done all year round. However, you need to keep the logistics, personal preference, and experience into account. We suggest spring or autumn if you are a novice looking for a successful Manaslu trek. However, proper planning and guidance can help you succeed on your treks, even during monsoons and winter.

We at Mosaic Adventure dedicate ourselves to successful trekking trips in Nepal. If you wish to do the Manaslu circuit trek and are worried about timing, don’t worry. We have you covered. We will give you guidance, tips, and tricks to make a successful trek any time of the year. Your logistics, like permits, accommodation, transportation, and food, are also managed by us.

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