Hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Traveling solo to a new place may seem a great adventure, but it might not be as overwhelming and fulfilling as we might think. Even if you’re staying there just another day, it’s still challenging to be wholesome. Adapting to new surroundings with new people every day is nerve-wracking unless you have someone to guide you.

This will take the pressure off your shoulder and help you relax while continuing on the journey. Having a trekking guide will augment your experience and make the travel safer and quicker. They can save you a lot of time and money by helping you get large discounts on accommodation and food.

The self-guided Manaslu Circuit Trek is generally more challenging and stressful. You have to arrange everything by yourself while keeping track of the time. Getting everything done on time is inconceivable from booking accommodation to taking permits.

Hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

They have been in the field for several years and know every part of the region. They can easily help you discover many hidden places and less familiar parts of Manaslu. A trekking guide makes it so much easier to travel places as you needn’t fear getting lost.

Having a guide by your side will enhance your travel experience and make it enjoyable. In a company of a guide, you’ll find the trek a cakewalk. You’ll be under no immense pressure or hassle to finish the trek.

By hiring a guide, you can get easy access to many incredible places. A good trekking guide will also make you feel safe and secure. They’ll offer you a sense of familiarity, making it feel like home.

Reasons to hire a Guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Discover Unique Places

Trekkers in Manaslu often have limited time on the trail. They have a short planned itinerary, forbidding them to explore only a few selected places and popular sites. Since the timing is rigid, they can’t explore the region however they want to. But, with a trekking guide, you can make the most of your trip and visit places many hikers don’t know about.

You can also travel across all the tourist attractions that your guide is acquainted with. As the trekking guide has a thorough knowledge of the region, they can help you find out wonderful places. They can also take you to many places you’ve never heard of.

The guide who has been in the field for several years can help you uncover places like Larkya La Pass, Birendra Tal, Ngadi Chuli, and Manaslu Conservation Area. They will take you to both places of interest and the lesser-known ones.

Saving Time

Time is of the essence when trekking Manaslu. The trekkers can afford to waste no time as they have to make it quick on the trail. But, having known little or nothing about the region, it’s quite challenging for them to find out the way.

It all comes down to minute details, which will cost you so much time and forbid you from exploring so many exciting places. This explains why a trekking guide is a must when trekking Manaslu.

By hiring a guide, you can get access to so many places quickly and efficiently. They can figure out things faster than anyone, saving you much of time. There’s no risk of getting lost when trekking with a guide. They know the region too well to customize the trek and optimize the use of time.


Not that it’s unsafe to trek Manaslu, but it’s definitely risky as you’ve to step out of your comfort zone and rise to the challenge. You have to trek at a higher altitude, which poses risks. Therefore, you have to be more cautious and wary when walking on these trails. Trekkers can suffer accidents and injuries while climbing steep slopes, so they have to take preventive measures.

However, mishaps are still bound to happen despite prevention. Trekking solo in such a case can be damaging, especially when you can’t find help or be rescued immediately. But, if you have a guide, they’ll look after you and even call for medical help in case of emergency.

If your condition is serious, they can call emergency medical evacuation for you. Since the trekking guides are experienced and know what to do in such a situation, they can get you medical help. They get along with you to provide a sense of security. Guides are aware of the locales in Manaslu so they‘ll never take you to unsafe and sketchy places.

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Trekking Routes

manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu has a lot of deceitful trekking routes as it passes through dense forests, steep slopes, narrow lanes, and remote villages. They are jagged and bouncy with twists and turns, tricking anyone navigating it. Even the professional hiker can get baffled by the routes as it’s many switchbacks and turnings.

Some of its routes weave through remote areas without human inhabitants. Finding help in such places is little to none. Therefore, if you’re going solo, you better hire a local trekking guide who can lead you to the viewpoint without any obstruction.

An experienced trekking guide is well-informed about the routes. They are highly unlikely to lose their way and get you in trouble. Instead, the trekking guide can help you maximize your time and energy by personalizing the travel plan.


When you’re trekking solo or in a group, you don’t have many choices but go with the plan. You can’t afford to take a risk to go anywhere you want, as this might get you into deep water. However, with a trekking guide, you can explore many exciting places and walk lesser-known roads without reluctance. You’re exempt from customizing your trip according to your own choices and needs. They provide you with more flexible options and time to stop and admire the beauty of nature along the way.

Cultural Experience

Going to a different place and interacting with the people and their culture is never easy. The locals might be reluctant to strangers and hard to get along with. Due to the language barrier, they might not get too close to you or have an open conversation.

However, if you’re traveling with a trekking guide, there’ll be no such challenges. As a bona fide go-between, they can help you interact with the locals and make you feel at home. The guide can give you basic instructions and information about etiquette in remote regions.

The locals might find it rude if you disobey their rules and get too candid. So, trekking with a guide will protect you from embarrassment and mishaps. They’ll help you know more about the locals and get an insight look into their culture and values.

After every village you pass, you’ll learn about different cultures and traditions. You can meet people with different ethnicities and backgrounds, which is lovely. Locals in Manaslu display humility and decorum. They are always respectful and welcoming, making visitors feel part of the community.


Manaslu is a rugged mountain trek in the west-central part of Nepal. It’s a multi-day hike with almost two weeks of itinerary or more. Trekkers on the expedition will thus have to make preparations beforehand. They’ll have to make several arrangements, including accommodation, food, permits, and transportation, which is too much work for a solo trekker.

Those who’re trekking with a guide can sit back and relax until the day of the excursion. The guide will take care of all your needs as they are quite familiar with the circumstances. . Having accompanied a lot of trekkers before, the guides know what your requirements are while trekking in Nepal.

They’ll book hotels and receive permits on your behalf. But remember to send your necessary documents and papers required in the office. You’ll have an easy time with nothing to worry about and everything managed.

Weather Adjustments

One of the significant challenges of trekking Manaslu is its unpredictable weather, which often makes hikers worried and concerned. The higher altitude and atmospheric conditions make it extremely difficult for hikers to predict the weather in advance.

This often creates trouble for hikers and causes disruption on the trek. However, this is not the case with the trekking guides, as they are more informed about the weather condition. They handle the situation way better than any novice hiker.

The trekking guides are more prepared and know how to deal with such a situation better. They can provide you required tools and equipment to batter the unstable weather.

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Where to hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu is a popular trek, so finding information about it isn’t a huge deal. You can easily learn about it from web pages and handbooks, but this can’t provide you with the same experience as visiting it in person.

It’s nowhere close to trekking Manaslu and exploring it yourself. As a result, many trekkers opt to hike the trail rather than go the easy way. They often contact a trekking agency that helps them find a private guide and provides expert guidance.

Trekking agencies are known for their professional support, so they can definitely find you a qualified trekking guide. But it’s not your only option, as you can also find a local trekking guide in Manaslu.

Small groups of guides can be found on the trails of Manaslu. So, if you’re good with the language, you can directly hire them on the trail. But it’s quite inconvenient for trekkers who know little about Nepali guides.

Therefore, it’s better to count on the agencies, which can personalize the trip with the help of a guide. This will save you a lot of time and make travel easy. You can rely entirely on them to accompany you along the way and provide you with the required information.

How much does it cost to hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit?

manaslu circuit trekking seasons

The cost of hiring a trekking guide for Manaslu often depends on the trek itinerary. The longer the hike, the higher the amount. This is the same for the difficulty level, which affects the cost of a guide advertently.

A licensed trekking guide in Manaslu can charge you up to US$30 for navigating the way. This is an average price, but some trekking guides can cost you more or less depending on whether they are experienced or not.

The price covers pretty much everything from their accommodation to food and travel insurance. This is the same for licensed trekking guides as well, but they are a little costlier than the regular ones.

Hiring a local personal guide is typically more expensive than doing it in a group. Traveling in a group is cheap and more fun. The cost is split among the members, so you’ll never feel the burden of it.

If you’ve difficulty finding a guide at a reasonable price, consult a trekking agency. They can provide you with the needed help and also get you some good deals.

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Types of guide you can hire for Manaslu Circuit Trek:

1. Licensed Guide

Licensed Guides are professionals certified by Nepal Government to lead hikers on the trek. They are responsible for looking after trekkers and guiding them on the trail. They’re well-trained and skilled with multiple language proficiency.

The licensed guides can be hired independently or with the help of a trekking agency. They are pretty reliable and safer. These guides are more intellectual and experienced than any local guides.

They have deep knowledge of rural Nepal’s culture, language, history, geography, and customs. They can help you interact with the locals without any reluctance. These guides will carry out several activities like organizing excursions, transmitting information, and giving sightseeing advice.

2. Guide cum Porter

They are the guides who essentially don’t hold a license for trekking, but they can still provide you with the service. They primarily work as a porter and, in addition, guide you on the trail. They’ll help you with some of your luggage and backpack, but hiring an independent porter won’t be as convenient.

Many of these guides have basic English knowledge, so conversing with them will be a breeze. Guide cum porters are an excellent option for trekking guides if you’re traveling on a budget. They are generally less expensive as compared to licensed guides.

Guide cum porters are suitable for those who’re trekking solo. You can count on them to land, show you around the region and take you safely to the destination.

3 Porter cum Guide

These guides act as trekking guides, but they work more as a porter. They help trekkers with their luggage while leading them along the trail. Porters, they don’t carry all the weight, so you’ll have to keep your backpack as light as possible.

These guides are trained and have licenses to work as trekking guides. They are not very fluent in other languages but can converse with trekkers. They can use their basic communication skills and knowledge to provide you with essential information about popular sites. They are also relatively less expensive than professional guides.

It costs just about US$20 per day to hire these guides. Porter cum guides are the ideal choice for trekkers if they’re trekking solo or in a small group. They’ll carry your luggage on the trail while working as your guides.

Things to consider while Hiring a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Different Seasons

  • Your guide is the envoy for you and the locals, so they must have good communication skills. They should be able to interact clearly and easily with both sides.
  • Hire a professional guide, as they guarantee your safety while minimizing risk
  • Ensure that your guide is responsive and true to its commitments. He should accord with the trek itinerary and
  • Buy travel insurance that provides great coverage and excellent protection
  • Don’t hire minors and children for the trek, as it’s considered child labor. It’s morally unjust and illegal to hire a minor as a guide.
  • Consult a trekking agency to hire a guide. They can give you professional advice and other information required to hire a guide. You have multiple options to choose a guide whenever and wherever you want
  • Carry some extra money on the trek. You can use it to buy snacks and tip your guide
  • If you’re trekking in a group, let your trekking agency know about it. They can provide you with better options for a guide.


manaslu circuit trek distance

Where can we find a guide in Manaslu?

You can find the local guide on the trail of Manaslu. But, to hire a professional guide, you can contact our trekking agency. After you’ve confirmed your trip, we’ll give you complete information about the guide who’ll accompany you.

How does the guide act in an emergency?

The guide are fully aware of the unfortunate incidents and mishaps that can happen during Manaslu Trek. So they’ll react swiftly in case of an emergency. Whether it’s altitude sickness or injuries, they’ll try to get you medical help as quickly as possible.

Is it expensive to trek with a guide?

It’s not too expensive to trek with a guide on Manaslu Circuit. But, it doesn’t come cheap as you have to pay for their accommodation, food, and other services. The tips are excluded from the package, so if you want to appreciate their work, bring some extra money.

How much does a porter cum guide carry?

The porter carries a weight of up to 15kg on Manaslu Circuit Trek while a porter cum guide can bring luggage of only 10kg.

How much do you pay for a guide?

A licensed professional trekking guide can cost you about US$25 per day. Hiring a guide cum porter is relatively cheaper, costing a mere US$22 per day. The porter in Manaslu makes even less around US$20 per day. This includes their cost of accommodation, three-time meals, equipment, insurance, and salary.

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Final Say

Manaslu Circuit Trek is arguably one of the best remote hikes in Nepal. It’s known for its stunning views, beautiful landscapes, and scenic walks. Trekking the trails of Manaslu is a great way to explore the region and discover its idyllic places.

Walking its trail is quite rewarding but also challenging. Weaving through forests and valleys, the trail puzzles hiker and misguides them. Hiring a guide will minimize these risks in every possible way.

They’ll provide you a great service and take you to places that you could not have seen otherwise. The guides will help you explore unexplored places while still saving you a lot of time. They’ll use their extensive knowledge to provide you with much-needed information about the locals, their culture, and history.

So, if you’re looking to trek Manaslu with a guide, do remember us. We at mosaic adventure will help you find the best guide and equipment required for trekking. We can also help you find a porter to make trekking easier and more comfortable.

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