Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

Manaslu Trek in April

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is arguably one of the best hikes in northern Nepal. It is a classic trek covering a walking distance of about 108 miles (that is about 175 kilometers) that unfolds breathtaking landscapes. Manaslu has a string of trails that starts from Soti Khola and lead all the way to the base of Manaslu at 5,106 meters.

The trek weaves through valleys, towns, and forests and ends at its destination. Trekking Manaslu is not easy, specially if you choose the wrong time to do it. That is why most trekkers prefer to do the Manaslu trek in April.

April is quite a good time trek Manaslu as the weather is warmer and crispier. It is usually hot during the day and chilly in the afternoon as the temperature slowly falls. Similar to March, unlike June/July, there is no rain in April, making the weather more predictable.

Spring is in full swing during April. It brings longer daylight hours and an opportunity to join locals in various seasonal events, festivals, and parties. The weather is pleasant with mostly sunny days and rising temperature.

manaslu circuit trek difficulty

However, you can observe dramatic changes in temperature, especially between night and day, as well as due to the increasing altitude during the trek. As you ascend, the temperature and humidity decrease, making it slightly challenging for hikers.

The higher regions are cold due to high winds and low oxygen. So, it is wise to bring a warm jacket or sweater, even though the weather is mostly warm in April. Additionally, You will need to prepare yourself for a long and difficult climb.

This preparation includes physical training and mental readiness for the hike. If necessary, you should go to the gym or go for a hike to get accustomed to the amount of walking on the trail. As Manaslu opens up in April, trekkers hurry down the trail to make it to the vantage.

April is the peak travel month, and as a result, the trails are often busy. Trekkers from all over the world are pushing themselves to reach the highest point. Therefore, you will need to enhance your stamina to keep up with your team’s pace, or they may leave you behind. Do not forget to book your accommodation in advance as the hotels tent to be full in April.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

  • The Manaslu Trek in April boasts stunning landscapes adorned with symbolic spring blossoms.
  • Trekkers can enjoy the beautiful golden hour sunset over the horizon, along with warm weather, a crystal clear sky, and glorious sunlight.
  • The trek offers picturesque countryside views featuring gorgeous towns and villages, as well as spectacular vistas of surrounding mountains and rugged cliffs.

Weather and Temperature of Manaslu in April

Manaslu welcomes spring in early March, but April is the peak season for enjoying the season to the fullest. The hot and humid climate is perfect for hiking, while the surrounding atmosphere keeps things light and easy.

April temperatures in Manaslu are not as cold as in March, but they are not summery either. The average temperature ranges from 6 to 12 degrees Celsius, with lower regions usually hot and dry, averaging over 10 degrees Celsius daily. However, at higher altitudes, temperatures drop dramatically, and hikers will need warm clothing.

April in Manaslu typically features sunny days, with clear blue skies replacing once-dark clouds, providing trekkers with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and rolling hills.

The late sunset in April gives trekkers extended daylight hours to explore places of interest and enjoy the walk before the day ends.

The crystal clear sky in April offers a spectacular view of lofty hills and towering mountains. The trail is filled with the sweet smell of spring blooms, creating an excellent atmosphere for hikers.

Manaslu Circuit in April

Why Trek the Manaslu Circuit in April?

It’s little wonder why Manaslu is on the bucket list of many avid trekkers. The hike is one-of-a-kind, with spectacular landscapes, rugged cliffs, towering mountains, and beautiful towns. On the trek, you can see picturesque villages, lush green farms, and stunning waterfalls. Trekking Manaslu in April will also provide you with a cultural exposure that you won’t get anywhere else. This can help you socialize with the locals and gain insight into the customs and traditions of people with different religions.

1. Spring blossoms

The Manaslu circuit trek in April is too real to be dreamlike. It’s as astonishing as it can get, with gorgeous landscapes, lush green hills, and vibrant wildflowers. You can see the symbolic rhododendron flowers and many other spring blooms during the trek in April. The trek also offers an impressive view of grassy meadows and tropical forests, that makes making the walk both relaxing and adventurous.

2. Amazing Cultural Experience

In Manaslu, April is a time of celebrations and events. It’s when the locals are completely immersed in a festive mood, and everything around is thrilling. The atmosphere is jubilant as everyone is busy celebrating festivals such as Ram Navami and Buddha Purnima. You can experience true Nepalese traditions and customs during the trek in April. Visitors are often allowed to join the celebrations and get a small taste of the culture.

3. Beautiful Weather and Temperature

April is when things actually start to get better. The winter is long gone by the month, and the temperature is rising. It’s almost summer-like, except the weather isn’t too hot and you’re still not dripping with sweat. There’s more sun and the skies are clear, providing you with a mesmerizing view of shimmering mountains.

The trails are dry in April, with hardly any rainfall, making trekking in this month ideal for frolicking in the forest and watching varied wildlife. Trekking in this month will provide you with a chance to see a lot of migrant birds, whose continuous chirping fills the air.

4. Longer Days

The days in April are clearly longer than in March, with long sunny days and pleasantly warm weather that makes the hike more intriguing. In April, the sun is out until late in the afternoon, providing you with plenty of time to enjoy the trek and still not get late. It gives you more time to explore and enjoy outdoor adventures without having to worry about time.

5. Great Views

Trekking Manaslu is always fun, but doing it in April is a whole new experience. Its beautiful scenery, complemented by a great atmosphere, makes the hike so much better. You can walk its trail for hours and still not get tired because of the landscapes along the trail.

To make things better, you get to spend time in nature, which puts on an amazing show for hikers. It provides you with a crystal-clear view of the surrounding mountains, which can be seen from a distance. The trek will also delight you with a magnificent view of cascading waterfalls and sweeping hills.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Different Seasons

Difficulties You might face during Manaslu Trek in April

1. Crowded Trail

April is a great time to trek Manaslu because it’s when the weather is warm and most pleasant. People in the region are in a festive spirit during the month, so everything is nice and charming. However, April is also one of the busiest months as people from all around the world flock to the region.

Anyone trekking the region can expect to see a massive crowd on the trail. This can be frustrating for reserved trekkers who don’t enjoy the company of others, as it can be hard for them to move and navigate the trail without bumping into hikers. A crowded trail can make the trip a nightmare for trekkers, with chaos both on the trail and in hotels, where one often has to share rooms due to a lack of space. This can be inconvenient for trekkers who prefer their own space.

2. Accommodation

Trekking Manaslu in April means more people are traveling, which can make the excursion trickier and more challenging. As soon as the trail becomes overrun with trekkers, things can get messier. Everything you’ll be doing, from walking the trails to eating, will be in a crowded place. The trails and lodges/guesthouses are typically packed in April, making it hard to get a room during peak hours. Trekkers planning to do the Manaslu trek in the last hours of the day are often likely to run out of accommodation. Even if they manage to find a place to stay, it will often cost more than on an average day.

3. Long and Rugged Trails

Looking at Manaslu, no one would say the trek is easy, and it’s true for a large part of it. The trek is definitely not a walk in the park, and trekkers can have a hard time finishing it. It takes a lot of time and effort to get around the trail, with several hours spent walking rugged paths that weave through peaks and troughs. The trail to Manaslu is bumpy and takes a long time to complete, taking you through valleys and forests before arriving at the stand point, which can be quite tiring.

4. Expensive Deals

Trekking Manaslu Circuit in April is generally more expensive than any other month. Everything is more expensive, whether it’s accommodation or food. Prices are typically high in the month, and it’s hard to find good deals. Trekkers will have to pay more for food and lodging, and they often have low bargaining power during the trek in April due to the high number of visitors. Trekkers should plan to spend around US$30 to US$35 per day along the trek to Manaslu.

5. Heavy Backpacks

The hike to Manaslu is never easy with a heavy backpack. Walking its rugged trail with a heavy backpack can not only tire you out but also slow your pace. It can be hard to keep up with the stamina and speed of your fellow trekkers on the journey. Trekking on the rugged terrains of Manaslu with a heavy backpack can even injure you and make you abandon the trail. To avoid such things, many trekkers hire a porter to help them with their backpacks, making it easier to walk the trail. They can also learn the skill of traveling with a backpack.

6. Distance

The hike to Manaslu is 66.1 km and covers steep terrain for the most part. The journey is long and arduous, with a continuous incline. The trail has many ups and downs, which are quite strenuous and challenging. It takes you through forests and down hills, along riverbanks, before arriving at the summit.

Manaslu circuit trek 12 days

Tips for Manaslu Trek in April

Plan the itinerary

You’ll be in trouble if you trek Manaslu without planning and preparation. The trek is pretty challenging and can surprise you in so many ways. Therefore, planning your itinerary will be a crucial factor in determining whether or not your trip goes well. Start by estimating the number of days you’ll be on the trail. You must also assess the difficulty level of the trek and plan accordingly.

Hire a guide

Trekkers hiking Manaslu for the first time should never go solo, or at least that’s what is recommended. The trails to Manaslu go through a restricted area, so you’ll have to obtain a permit before hiking. You’ll also need to know the route, as there are several trails in Manaslu. Therefore, hiking with a guide is an excellent idea if you want to minimize travel time. They’ll guide you along the way and help you get to know the region and its people closely.

Pack Smart

Packing for a long-distance trek like Manaslu is tricky. It’s unlike going on a weekend hike and must be done thoughtfully. You only need to pack the necessary items to keep your backpack as light as possible.

Get in a shape

Even though Manaslu is not a technical climb, it still requires you to be fit and healthy. You must be in great shape to combat the never-ending trails of Manalsu. So, go out and train yourself to improve your fitness. Do a workout to build your physical strength and maintain stability.

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