Manaslu Trek in May

Manaslu Trek, or Manaslu Circuit Trek, is one of the best walks in Nepal’s Himalayas. Perched in front of the world’s eighth tallest mountain, Magical natural beauty and vibrant cultural geography endow the Manaslu Region. The region fascinates many off-the-beaten lovers nowadays, just like it did to you.

When should you plan it? Is May good for Manaslu Trek? This blog will answer all of that.

Manaslu Trek in May is worth more than the remnants. As one of the Spring months, May has so much to offer. The weather pattern during the month wins over everything. Sunny days, clear weather, dry trail, exposed mountains, vibrant vegetation, warm climate, and blue sky are the offerings of Spring. Conditions like these prevail only in a few months. May is one such month. If you do Manaslu Trek in May, you can walk under these beautiful conditions.

manaslu trek in may

Moreover, May is the suitable month to scale Larkya La Pass(5,106m), Nepal’s most dramatic mountain pass. The climate conspires only comfortable conditions and lets you reach the top easily. If you have been aspiring to climb Larkya La Pass, May is an excellent month to do so.

However, the walk of Manaslu Trek, which goes to Larkya La Pass, is moderate-rated. You have to face adversities like chilly weather, high-altitude walking, rugged trails, steep hiking, and more. You will reach the summit of Larkya La Pass, the ultimate point of the trek, only by overpowering these challenges.

The month of May will allow everything to make the trek successful. You have to be in shape to walk that road, which is untraveled and rough. Stay calm about weather conditions, as May does not disappoint travelers. You just worry about how you can prepare your body, mind, and backpack for the trek. Everything else will be fine.

In a nutshell, Manaslu Trek in May is entirely doable and worthwhile. You can find out all whys by reading the entire blog.

Major Highlights of Manaslu Trek in May

  • Enjoy the best weather colors of Spring in Manaslu in May.
  • Ramble on the peaceful trails of Manaslu that take you to the mountains.
  • Explore one of the best-hidden treks in the Himalayas.
  • Trek along the routes adjoined by dense woods, resonating rivers, freshwater waterfalls, cultural villages, and more.
  • Spot breathtaking mountains like Manaslu, Himalchuli, Ngadi Chuli, Ganesh Himal, and others.
  • Trek under the sunny and blue skies every next day.
  • Learn about the place’s local and unique culture, history, and art.
  • Heal your lungs by walking in the fresh vicinity of the Manaslu Region.
  • Walk on the trails that are dotted with colorful Rhododendrons.

Weather and Conditions of Manaslu Trek in May

manaslu tsum valley trek

May is the final month of Spring before the Monsoon takes over. It is more than ideal for Manaslu Trek for its excellent weather conditions. Indeed, this is a perfect chance to be on the trails of Nepal. Once May is over, Monsoon takes over and showers rain, trails get slippery, and more. Simply telling, May for Manaslu Trek is an okay deal.

The days are sunny as in the prior months of Spring, April & March. Under the bright sun, you will have a good walk in Manaslu. Also, you can take in beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, lush vegetation, breathtaking landscape, and more. As it is a month of Spring, you can expect vigilant colorful woods. The picturesque trail of Manaslu becomes even more scenic due to that.

Talking about temperature, the region’s temperature ranges from 4 to 18 degrees in the month. The higher areas like Larkya La Pass, however, are always chilly. Even the night and dark hours can be the same. Other than that, May has what you need in temperature. Selecting the month for Manaslu, there is no chance you will regret it once.

Everything in Spring is at its best this month, particularly during the first two weeks. The month is also quieter than the other months of Spring. More peaceful means you can have a “you or we time.” For all these conditions, May gets a green signal from our side.

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High sides of Manaslu Trek in May

Here are some excellent reasons why we are encouraging Manaslu Trek in May.

Walking in light clothes

Manaslu is warm in May, so you do not have to wear heavy down and layered clothes. You can just walk and walk in your light garments. The light shirts and trekking pants make the trek relatively easy and relaxing. Instead of sweating in bulky and thick downs, you will wander light and free in Manaslu in May.

Vibrant Landscapes and mountains

Manaslu Region is abundant in natural diversity. Mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, woods, valleys, and terrains are worth experiencing. For the best exploration, May is one of the ideal months. The breathtaking landscapes and towering peaks look so rich and bright. Mt Manaslu, the eighth tallest mountain in the world, remains in the heavy foundation of snow. You will just treasure the view.

Pleasant weather conditions

Bright sunny daylight, dry weather, undisturbed mountain view, and cozy temperature are rewards of Spring and May. If you choose May for Manaslu Trek, you will get a chance to enjoy these good conditions. The conditions are just fabulous for any trek. Every trekker would love to walk under these weather patterns. Hence, May is the right time for you if you are also looking for such.

Colorful timbers all around.

March through May are the timing for the blossoming Rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal. There is a wide variety of flowers across Nepal. In that case, Manaslu Region’s vegetation is also lucky enough to have enough collection of them. The flowers are scattered all over the terrains in Manaslu Region. Traveling to the region in the month will give you a worthy view of them every time.

Best time for Larkya La Pass

Larkya La Pass(5,106m) is one of Nepal’s most famous mountain passes. The same pass also is the highest point of the trek. Some also deem Larkya La Pass as the dramatic pass. It is the ultimate point of the walk, which takes so much energy. You obviously would want to experience Larkya La Pass when the weather is excellent. If so, May is a fabulous time for that thing. The comfortable conditions of May will lead you to Larkya La Pass pleasingly.

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Low sides of Manaslu Trek in May

manaslu tsum valley trek

May also have some challenges that you have to face. What are they? Read below.

Cold nights and morning hours

Manaslu Region in May can be freezing during night and morning hours. The higher places also see negative temperatures. If you are not used to cold temperatures, you might fidget quite a lot on the walk. Or you will need more warm and thick clothes for such hours. So the cold hours can give you a good trail.

Slight chance of hazy clouds

May is the latter month of Spring. While Monsoon is at the door, the month’s weeks might turn cloudy. Principally the last few weeks of the month can have more chances. Those clouds may come and block the mountain views at times. If those clouds come, you might miss one of the best parts of Manaslu Trek. Hence, the slightest odds are there.

Not getting the accommodation of your choice

Manaslu Trek is among the remote treks in Nepal. There are few excellent tea houses along the trail, unlike in Everest Region and Annapurna Region. Those good ones can get easily packed as May is a peak time for trekking in Nepal. And you may have to end up in an uncomfortable teahouse or place.

Chances of getting off the right track

Manaslu Trek is one remote trek in Nepal. The region is not traceable as the Annapurna or Everest area. So if you do the trek solo, you may go off the trail. You will trek and not reach the destination when you lose the courses. Things can get worse, also. Hence, it is one of the adversities you might face. Nevertheless, the chances of misleading are not only in May but all the time.

Mountain sickness

Altitude or mountain sickness is one of the common challenges that can happen in the Himalayas. When your body doesnot acclimatize to altitudes, you might get the illness. Manaslu Trek reaches up to 5,153m at Larkya La Pass. The trek will go above 5000m by beginning from 700m. In this whole escalating walk, you can get the sickness. As you know, sickness problems are prone in a walk above 3500m altitude. Hence, the chances are there.

Tips for Manaslu Trek in May

You can overtake challenges if you know how to handle or minimize them. Here are some tips for Manaslu Trek in May that you can use.

Pack your best warm clothes

There will be shivering night and morning hours on the trek. You will get cold quickly if your body is well covered with thick clothes. Or you will shiver hardly. To escape these situations, pack excellent and warm clothes in your backpack.

Wearing thick but light clothes, layers, gloves, down jackets, and thermal socks will do the work.

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Do it with a trusted trekking company

A trusted agency in Nepal is licensed and does the best work. It makes your entire journey a trouble-free one. If you do Manaslu Trek with one of such, you will have no hard time in Manaslu. They will book and arrange everything for you throughout the journey. The only job you have to do is to walk and enjoy the serenity. That being so, we could be your trusted trekking agency. Our service is always of high quality.

Hire an expert local guide

A local guide is familiar with the trail’s twists and turns. The person can help you communicate with the locals, explain about places and things. As a result, having a local guide makes your journey so much easier. You need accommodation, the guide will arrange it on time. If you need food, the person will bring you the best food on your table. Plus, FYI, you cannot trek solo in the Manaslu Region. A guide is not an option but a compulsion in Manaslu Region as it is remote. Therefore, find a local guide from our agency. Our tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced.

Take precautionary measures for altitude sickness

Trek slowly on the trek. Rushing or not taking time is one of the causes of the sickness. The gradually you walk, the more acclimatized you will be. Likewise, only climb up to 500m a day if your body needs more time to accustom to the place. Rather, have one or two acclimatization days on the journey.

Also, make sure to drink enough water. A hydrated body stands strong against illness. At the same time, smoking and alcohol can engender sickness. Make sure you eat and drink well. Follow your guide’s instructions because a licensed guide knows the place nicely. You can also take medicine on the trek, like acetazolamide, paracetamol, etc. If you are with us, our guide always carries the necessary medication. In a nutshell, just do everything to avoid it.

FAQs of Manaslu Region

manaslu tsum valley trek

Where is Manaslu Located?

Mt Manaslu(8,163m), the eighth tallest peak in the world, is in the Mansari Himal, a part of the Nepalese Himalayas. It is located in the west-central part of Nepal’s Gorkha District, about 64 km east of Mt Annapurna.

How long does the Manaslu Circuit Trek take?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is 12 days long journey beginning and ending in Kathmandu. The trek starts from Sothi Khola, reaches Larkya La Pass, and goes back to Kathmandu.

When should I trek Manaslu?

Autumn and Spring are two good windows for Manaslu Trek. The best-sellers are Manaslu Trek in May, March, April, September, October, and November. In these months, the conditions allow better trekking opportunities.

Why Manaslu is called Killer mountain?

Sadly, more than 60 climbers died during the climb of Mt Manaslu. Hence, Manaslu is called Killer mountain. Otherwise, Mt Manaslu is one of the most scenic peaks in the world.

How Hard is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a moderate trek that involves high-altitude trekking. It goes up to 5,105m(Larkya La Pass). Some trek challenges include uphills, steep trails, cold weather, and rough routes.

How much does the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost?

It can cost around $970 to $1145. The 12 days trek will require permits, accommodation, food, water, logistics, guide’s fees, porter’s fees, transportation, and other expenses.


Manaslu Trek in May is a good steal. You will get to encounter the sea of natural beauty at its best. The rich cultural landscape of the region is also quite an experience. In Manaslu Trek during May, you will find serenity, magic, heaven, diverseness, and nature all in one place.

And we could be the right companion for the journey. Our hand-knitted Manaslu Circuit Trek will take you around the region in some style. Our guiding team will show the corners of the Manaslu Region that very few get to witness. Give us a call or mail to let us know you are in for it!

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