7 Amazing Things To Do In Nepal

7 amazing things to do in nepal

Nepal is among the most alluring countries in the world. The country offers some of the most exciting and the unique tours in the world, which is sure to leave you astounded. Whether you are looking for a deep spiritual escape, cultural exploration, nature’s heaven or an adventure, Nepal is the answer to all your calls.

Nepalese are among the most hospitable people in the world. They are always very happy to welcome you to their beautiful country.

Here is some diverse list of things you can do while you are in Nepal to collect some pleasant memories in this wonderful country.

Everest Base camp in June

1. Cultural exploration

Nepal has its own rich culture, art, and architecture. The cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan flaunt special Newari art and designs. The cities carry a rich history and the glorious past of the country. The cities’ rich culture, artistic temples and palaces, and intricately carved wooden windows and doors are just a few reasons why you too should be caught by its majestic lure.

Nepal is a home for the multicultural, multi ethnic, and multilingual people from different origins. So, while you are visiting various places in Nepal you can peek into the life of these diverse people and get to know about their unique features and specialties.

Also, with the change in altitude and the geography, you will witness the variation in the culture and everyday activities of the locals.


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2. Jungle Safari

Jungle safari in Nepal is one of a kind, whether you choose to ride on a humongous elephant or take your safari jeep along with you. Jungle of Nepal is a home to some of the rarest wildlife in the world.

The Chitwan National Park and the Bardia National Parks are two famous national parks to enjoy a wonderful jungle safari in Nepal.

Book one of these two tour below and don’t miss your opportunity to encounter a one-horned Rhino, a royal Bengal Tiger, Leopards and other exotic animals while you are in Nepal.

Enjoy a pleasant encounter with rare reptiles, birds, and mammals in their natural habitat, the majestic marshlands of Nepal.

Chitwan jungle safari tour
Chitwan jungle safari tour

3. Trekking 

Nepal is arguably the world’s best trekking destination in the world. It offers a variety of trekking experiences for all types of trekkers.

Trekking in Nepal is truly a divine experience with the most astounding mountain views, stunning landscape, rich flora and fauna, and exposure to the harmoniously existing diverse culture.

The terraced farmlands, the luscious forest with exotic wildlife, beautiful ice-falls, and waterfalls make this country a heaven on the earth. Whether you are thinking of exploring the famous trail to Everest Base Camp or an easy trek to Poon hill or go for Everest Panorama Trek, trekking in Nepal is surely a divine experience.

Plus, the trekking in Nepal is not confined to high altitudes only. You can also opt for the short and easy treks depending on your time, interest, and physical fitness.

Hire Guide and Porter For Annapurna Base Camp Trek

4. Adventure Retreat

Apart from being a famous trekking destination, Nepal is also gaining popularity with other adventure sports. Nepal offers some of the most thrilling, electrifying and mind-blowing adventurous activities that are sure to satisfy your adrenaline crave.

The country fame as one of the best destinations for whitewater rafting. It offers thrilling adventures like Bungee jumping, Paragliding, zip flyer, skydiving, rock-wall climbing, and many other fun experiences.

The adventure in Nepal will stimulate your mind, body, and soul, giving you a fulfilled sense of accomplishment and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. Volunteering

In the journey to understand oneself some of us like to involve in services to help other souls. Nepal offers a wonderful place for volunteering.

You can enjoy the peace of mind and soul while you help the people of the country by involving yourself with a reliable organization determined to serve the society and its people. It is said that you get the most happiness by serving the ones in need.

6. Spiritual Journey

The noise of this materialistic world can sometimes be very exhausting to our mind and soul. A meditation to relax our mind may be a good idea to restore peace to one’s mind.

Nepal homes several monasteries and temples where you can practice meditation and yoga for peace of mind and soul. You can visit several meditation centers and relaxation centers for the spiritual cleansing.

Let’s walk in the path walked by many of the great saints for the ultimate peace and satisfaction. Let’s embark on our spiritual journey by meditating in the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. Never miss these when you are in Nepal.

7. Relax on the Lakeside

If you wish to relax while reading your favorite book besides a serene lake under the shadow of majestic mountains, Pokhara may be an ideal destination.

Pokhara is a beautiful city which offers a nice spot to laze in the sun and observe the romantic scenery on offer. The city is less noisy than the capital city and offers a beautiful environment to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

You can enjoy your evenings, nights, and mornings strolling around the lakeside in the aromatic surrounding. This is the most pleasurable moment you will experience while strolling side by side with the soft breezes.

Boating on Fewa (Phewa) lake at Pokhara


Once in Nepal, the country will keep you engaged by offering unlimited activities and wonders. You do not have to bother about feeling bored during your stay here in Nepal. You get several things to involve into,  from adventurous activities like bungee jumping, trekking etc. to relaxing at lakeside. Enjoy them!

What do you think about our list of things to do in Nepal? Let us know by commenting below.

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