Manaslu Circuit Trek Temperature and Weather

Manaslu Circuit Trek Temperature and Weather

Manaslu Circuit Trek Temperature and Weather are never a sure thing and can’t predict it at all. But being a smart traveler you should at least looks at the climate of the area based on the past years.

The most frequently asked questions about Manaslu Circuit Trek is regarding the weather and temperature.

Highest point of the trip, located at an altitude of 5,106 meters, the weather in Manaslu Circuit trail as you can imagine can be quite unpredictable.

Quickly changing weather, clouds interchanges with sunny moments, humidity, rain, and strong winds, it is obvious that Manaslu Circuit trail has several seasons in just a day.

Stunning photos of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit trek temperature and weather varies throughout the year from sunny to cold and dry to wet.

Hence, you must be prepared for anything; for wet, dry, cold, or even warm conditions. It will make your trekking experience more enjoyable if you look out in advance about Manaslu Circuit Trek Temperature and Weather.

The weather conditions you’ll experience depend largely on the time of the year you trek. Normally, the temperature slightly rises during the wet season, as this is actually summer in Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit trek weather is sunny during the day, but cold during the night. The temperature drops below 0°C during the months of December to February.

The trek combines the cultural and natural beauty, you’ll enjoy magnificent landscapes and view of snow-capped mountains.

Manaslu Circuit trek is a fantastic adventure !!!

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Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek Temperature and Weather

  • September, October, November has a nice average temperature
  • November, December, and January has dry periods
  • June, July, and August receive significant rain
  • May, June, and July is the hottest period
  • On average the warmest month is May
  • On average the coldest month is January
  • July is the wettest month
  • December is the driest month

Here I’ve covered information about the Manaslu Circuit trek temperature and weather based on four seasons;

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Weather by Months

The weather conditions in the Manaslu circuit trek vary depending on the time of year. Here is a breakdown of the weather by month:

Spring Season (March to May)

Spring seasons is the pre-monsoon season in Nepal. It is a season of new beginnings. Fresh bud bloom and the earth seems to come to life again. Farmers plant their seed and temperature slowly rise.

The weather is quite stable during this time of the year in the trekking area. The temperature is also fine neither too hot or nor too cold. Visibility is also good you’ll get the best mountain views ever.

During spring, you can expect moderate temperatures and changing weather conditions. The weather is usually comfortable, and the average daytime temperatures are gradually increasing.

During this season, the flowers bloom, bring the land to life, and create vibrant surroundings. The lush greenery adds to the beauty of the trek. It’s important to be prepared for rain and slippery paths while trekking due to melting snow.

Also, you don’t have to go much higher to get the best view of the snow-capped mountain.

manaslu circuit trek vs everest base camp trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

March is the starting month of spring seasons. Actually, it offers bearable climate i.e. neither too hot in the lower altitude nor too cold in the higher altitude. Also, the lodges which are closed are opened from this month.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in April

April is considered as the best month in spring to make your journey to the Manaslu Circuit. The beautiful colorful flowers and greenery on the trails make you feel like being in the land of heaven. Comparatively, the trekking region is not crowded in this month.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in May

May remarks the end of the spring season and temperatures start to increase. The climate is little hot and humid during this month. At the lower altitude, trekkers feel getting sweat in the daytime.

Whereas, the temperature remains mild at the higher altitude.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Temperature and Weather

Monsoon Season/Summer (June to August)

Monsoon season in Nepal runs through from mid of June to August. During this time of the year, the country receives more than 80% rainfall.

The monsoon season brings heavy rainfall, which can make trekking a challenging task. Thus, due to heavy rainfall, Manaslu circuit trek difficulty increases significantly. As the trails become muddy, slippery and the chance of landslides and floods is also high.

Though the cloud and rain make monsoon season unpopular for trekking, these things add a bit of unpredictable adventure to your trek. Trails are always wet and slippery. In fact, weather conditions are always unpredictable during summer.

Due to the continuous rainfall, the temperature decrease significantly but the humidity rise. But the good thing is these months are full free of dust and pollutants in surroundings.

During summer, the region transforms into a lush and green landscape, creating a picturesque experience despite its challenges.

You can see the hide and seek game between the mountains and cloud. Due to the cloud and rain, the mountains are hidden in the clouds and sometimes become crystal clear.

After few days of soaking in rain, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views.

Likewise, the perks of trekking during this time is there will be the absence of a heavy crowd. The trails are generally isolated throughout these months.

Trekkers are advised to take precautions such as waterproof gear and appropriate footwear. So, you must understand that monsoon season demands a careful review of trail safety.


Manaslu Circuit Trek in June

June is the official start of monsoon in Nepal. Despite monsoon, it is one of the best times to appreciate the natural beauty of Manaslu Circuit trail. The lower valley turns a lush green and there is a high chance of glancing impressive rainbows.

The temperatures tend to slightly decrease due to continuous rainfall but the humidity increase. However, during the early days, you’ll find few trekkers on the trail.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in July

July is also the month of the monsoon where there is a high chance of rainfall. It will rain daily but not all the time when the sun comes, it will soon get hot.

Despite the monsoon, the freshness in the air and blooming flowers make worth visiting this heavenly land in July.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in August

Yet another rainy month and not the best time to hike Manaslu Circuit trail. But it is not a bad month to visit Manaslu region. You’ll encounter a few numbers of trekkers in this month.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in March

Autumn Season (September to November)

Autumn season is the peak trekking season in Nepal. Once again, this post-monsoon season brings back stable weather conditions. The skies are clear, the temperature is stable, warm days and cool nights.

The Nepal big Dashain and Tihar festival are another major attraction of this season.

The climate during this time is dry most of the time, especially in the months of October and November.

The days are warm and the nights are cooler during this season. It is common for the temperatures to drop below freezing in the months of October and November.

Many consider this the best time trek Manaslu Circuit trail. However, it is also the time when Manaslu Circuit trail receives its greatest number of visitors.

If you prioritize trekking in stable weather conditions with clear skies during autumn. During this season, the temperatures are moderate, which creates a comfortable trekking experience.

Crisp mountain views are a highlight during this season, providing hikers with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. Cultural experiences are enhanced during this period.

Autumn is a popular trekking period, attracting a higher number of trekkers. While the trails may be busy, that is the benefit of favorable weather. All these contribute to a more enjoyable trekking experience.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in September

September is the starting month of the autumn season. Generally, the monsoon season at the middle of September. This month comes with the stable and wonderful weather conditions. The trekking season is in full swing. Manaslu Circuit trails are busy.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

October is the best month to go for trekking in Manaslu Circuit trail. The weather is perfectly comfortable and the mountain views are awesome !!!

You’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain. During this time of the year, there are many trekkers in the trails so it’s a good idea to pre-book for the accommodation and transportation.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in November

November marks the end of the autumn season. The temperature starts to decrease significantly. At the high altitude in the morning and night, the temperatures drop down below freezing point.

But the views are still same you’ll be surrounded by the breathtaking views of mountain and glaciers.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Different Seasons

Winter Season (December to February)

The winter brings clear skies and dry weather in Manaslu Circuit trail. The temperatures are warm during the daytime but significantly decrease as the sun sets. Winter also brings a peaceful wonderland with snow-covered trails and captivating terrains.

Thus, the temperature easily down to -20 degrees Celsius during the nighttime and early morning.

Once again, the number of trekkers in Manaslu Circuit trail decrease. Special concerns for winter trekkers include carrying additional cold-weather gear and being mindful of potential trail closures or changes due to snow conditions.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in December 

Usually, around mid-December the locals of Samdo village move downwards to Pokhara to escape the cold. Thus, the most of the teahouses are closed only a few people remain behind to look after the village.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in January

The temperature at the beginning of the month is very cold but the skies are mostly clear. You’ll see the trails are covered with the snow so to cross the pass you might need crampons.

Since January is the coldest month of the year, you have to do enough struggle to pass the extremely cold night. Thus, only a few people can make their way to Manaslu Circuit during this month.

Many of the teahouses are closed so it is mandatory to bring tent and sleeping bags.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in February

There is no any vast difference between the temperature in February and January. However, at the end of the month, the few lodges are open.

Note: Nevertheless the above is an indication only. You may encounter other weather patterns than the season you may be traveling in. Being subject to so many influences, it will never be extremely hot but rain, snow, and wind can never be discarded completely.

Manaslu Circuit Temperatures Guidelines

Daytime Temperatures

Daytime temperatures vary, and it usually depends on the season. Spring and autumn offer moderate temperatures, while summer may be warmer.

The temperature range impacts the trekking speed and comfort. 

To ensure maximum comfort, hikers should adjust their clothing layers according to the weather conditions of the day.

Dressing involves wearing breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics during warmer days, ensuring comfort during the trek.

Nighttime Temperatures

Nighttime temperatures drop, especially at higher elevations. Trekkers should be prepared for cooler conditions during the night.

So, keeping yourself safe and choosing the right sleeping gear, including a warm sleeping bag, is crucial to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. 

When preparing for cold weather, it’s important to bring extra layers for warmth and choose housing on the trek that considers the temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manaslu Circuit Trek

What are the best months for Manaslu Circuit trek?

Temperature always keeps changing so you need to be updated with Manaslu Circuit weather forecast. The best months for Manaslu Circuit trek is March to May and September to November.

October is the best month for Manaslu as the weather is stable and favorable. The weather condition is neither too much hot in the afternoon or too cold in the night. If you would like to avoid crowd, then Aprils would be the great options. The weather and the visibility are also good.

You’ll be welcomed with the blooming colorful rhododendrons flowers especially on the lower hills of the trail.

What can you wear during the day while trekking in spring or autumn?

For spring or autumn trekking, it’s advisable to wear breathable layers, including a moisture-wicking base layer, an insulating layer, and a waterproof jacket. Adjust your clothing based on the temperature fluctuations during the day.

Are there any specific precautions for trekking during the monsoon season?

Yes, trekking during the monsoon season requires the following additional precautions:

  • Waterproof gear, including a rain jacket and pants. Sturdy waterproof boots
  • Be careful on wet and slippery trails

What makes winter trekking different, and how should you prepare for it?

Winter trekking involves colder temperatures and potential snowfall. Prepare by bringing warm layers, insulated clothing, and a high-quality sleeping bag suitable for low temperatures. Be aware of potential trail closures or changes due to snow conditions.

Can you trek in summer despite the challenges of the monsoon season?

Well, trekking during the monsoon season presents challenges, but it is possible with the right preparations. Ensure you have waterproof gear, trekking poles for stability, and a positive mindset to embrace the lush greenery despite the wet conditions.

How crowded are the trails during the popular autumn trekking season?

Autumn is a popular trekking period, and the trails can be busier compared to other seasons. Consider booking accommodations in advance, be prepared for some crowding at popular viewpoints, and embrace the lively atmosphere along the trek.

How should you prepare for the weather on the Manaslu Circuit trek?

Layers are the key while dressing for the Manaslu Circuit trail. Probably you’ll begin your day with a light t-shirt. Around the late morning, it’ll be sunny. At this point, you can change into short sleeves or shorts.

Again the temperatures start to get down in the later afternoon and reach the low after sundown.

During the autumn season, while trekking below 3,500 meter at daytime you’ll be comfortable in a t-shirt and light sweater. Above 4,000 m you might require fleece jacket.

During the winter season, nighttime temperatures decrease significantly, the down jacket and sleeping bag are essential to keep you warm.

If you’re planning to come during monsoon season, know that the season requires insect repellent, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Besides, you must bring waterproof clothing as rainfall can fall at any time of the year.

For the rainy season, you can use a rain jacket or rain poncho as an outer shell.

Key Takeaways

It is important to have a good understanding of the weather and temperature changes on the Manaslu Circuit Trek to have a successful trekking experience.

Every season brings its unique charm, offering hikers a variety of terrains and obstacles to overcome. Trekkers can optimize their Manaslu Circuit journey by preparing for weather conditions and embracing each season’s beauty.

So be ready for an unforgettable trekking adventure surrounded by the wonders of nature while keeping an eye on the weather.

All in all, the weather and temperature during autumn and spring season is best for doing this trek.

Winter brings good opportunity for the photography with the best view of the mountain and landscapes. However, due to heavy snowfall, the high pass might be closed during this season.

Also, you might get an encounter with the winter storm during January.

In early spring, the temperature is still cold and by the end of the season, the temperature slowly starts to get warm. The monsoon starts from the mid-June and temperature starts to cool down.

The forest trail becomes lush green and you’ll have the ample of opportunity to see beautiful landscapes with a variety of endemic flora and fauna.

No matter the Manaslu Circuit trek temperature and weather you may have, it will always contribute to the magic and beauty of this amazing trekking region.

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