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The Best Time to come and Visit Nepal: Information on Nepal weather, Climate, Seasons, Temperature and When to Go!

Nepal is a land of diverse topography. And, with the change in the topography, the weather condition also changes. The seasonal variations and the weather conditions can determine your experiences while visiting Nepal. Generally Autumn and Spring season marks the best season to trek in Nepal.

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However, you can choose to go to Nepal at any time of the year. With the difference in weather conditions, you get to collect varied experiences as per the weather conditions.

To fully experience the beauty of Nepal, it is fundamental to take into consideration general conditions of Nepal weather – the season, climate, and temperature during your visit. This will help you prepare and fully enjoy the type of adventure you wish to experience in Nepal.

Autumn – Best Time to Go to Nepal

Nepal weather - when to go Nepal

Autumn is the best time for trekking in Nepal as the weather and the climatic condition is appropriate during this time of the year. Visitors, who come to marvel at the beauty of the countryside and the mountains, visit during autumn from late September to late November. This time of the year is perfect as the weather is neither too hot in the lower areas nor too cold in the high countryside.

At the same time, it is during autumn when dust and pollution are washed away by the monsoon rains. For those who wish to go trekking and wondering when to go to Nepal, late September to late November is the perfect time of the year as the mountains are in its most visible. However, if you are booking Everest Base Camp Trek in September, we recommend you to add rain gear as this month can sometimes bring light rain.

When it comes to cultural events, there are two major festivals that fall during this period – Tihar and Dashain festivals. If you are planning a trip, autumn is indeed the time of the year to come and experience Nepal.

On the flip side, this time of the year is considered the peak season. This means the trekking trails, as well as the tourist quarters, are full during these times. Since it is the best time of the year and people are flocking to visit, you can expect the prices to be slightly expensive as well. Expect full accommodations, which make it challenging to find a decent hotel room.

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Winter – Not so Good for Trekking, but Perfect for Exploring the Lowlands

winter in nepal- weather - when to go
If you wish to avoid the peak season, you can come and visit some other time of the year. Winter in Nepal happens during December to February.

Generally, winter seasons are stable and clear. Although you cannot find snow in Kathmandu, expect the mornings to be chilly and dank.

In some occasions, the chill forces lodge-owners to close their shops. While this may not be the perfect time to go trekking, the winter season is a great time to explore lowlands of Nepal.

If you wish to explore the trekking trails in complete solitude, then this is the best time for you. You do not have to compete with the fellow trekkers for the accommodation, food, and the trails itself. However, if you are afraid to go on high altitudes due to cold, you can choose to explore the low altitude regions around Kathmandu valley or Pokhara valley.

Or, you can go to the Terai region to escape cold. And, enjoy Jungle Safari there.

Spring – Second Best Season in Nepal

when to go nepal - march - aprill - may

During March to May, Nepal has longer and warmer days. This is known as the second best tourist season next to autumn.

The moderate climate, stable weather, and the crisp surrounding make this time the best time for exploring Nepal.

At this time of the year, Rhododendrons are in full bloom and the long grasses in Terai have been cut. Despite the heat during this season, it is the best time to see  fascinating wildlife of Nepal.

The not-so-good side of it is that the haze can obscure the Mountain View although trekking is still possible. Another disadvantage is that stomach bugs are more common during this time of the year.

Summer – Pre-Monsoon and Monsoon Seasons

Nepal weather - monsoon season - when to go
June brings more heat, showers, and clouds. By mid-June, Nepal welcomes its monsoon season. This time is a fascinating time as it is during these days when the water rushes to the rivers and the greens are in bloom. This is when Nepal looks at its best with cleaner air, blooming flowers, and abundant fruits and vegetables.

The downsides, however, are the mountain views are not highly visible, leeches are more common especially in the mid-elevation routes and paths. Some days, roads may be blocked due to landslides and internal flights are usually canceled during this time of the year.

Namche Bazar seen along the trek to Everest Base Camp in September

Rainfall and Temperature
When it comes to temperature and rainfall, Nepal is known for being in the extremes. The lowland plains may have tropical temperatures while the Himalayas can go below sub-zero temperatures.

However, the heat of the sun brings warmth during the daytime to both the plains and the mountains.

Tips for Traveling to Nepal

  • Hire licensed or local guides and porters.
  • Stay hydrated, wherever you go.
  • Plan contingency days for trekking in Nepal.
  • Be physically and emotionally prepared for flight cancellations and delays.

Traveling in Nepal is quite fun as you get to enjoy numerous things in the place. From high altitude trekking to a lower level short hikes. Or, you can go for adventurous activities or relax on the lakeside in Pokhara. There are varied things you can partake in while traveling in Nepal.

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