Best Time to Visit Nepal

best time to trek in nepal

The local climate plays a huge role in determining the best time to visit Nepal. Nepal is a country of diversity.

With four main seasons, Autumn- September, October, November is the best time to visit Nepal. These months are the start of the dry season. If you are considering to book Everest Base Camp Trek in September, remember to include rain gear as this month occasionally brings light rain.

With monsoon coming to an end the countryside turns lush and green in Autumn. During this time, the air is clean and clear visibility. Moreover, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold during this time.

And for obvious reasons, this is the peak tourist season. Two major festivals also fall during this period.

But other seasons have their own perks and unique features. And you can visit Nepal all year round depending on your purpose of visit.

Nepal Climate Guide

Month Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Namche Bazaar
January 17°C,16mm 18°C, 27mm 22°C, 21mm 6°C, 14mm
February 19°C, 20mm 20°C,19mm 24°C, 13mm 6°C, 21mm
March 24°C, 34mm 26°C, 49mm 30°C, 16mm 10°C, 31mm
April 27°C, 56mm 29°C, 96mm 35°C, 30mm 13°C, 37mm
May 28°C, 118mm 29°C, 254mm 35°C, 87mm 15°C, 56mm
June 28°C, 257mm 29°C, 527mm 33°C, 329mm 16°C, 175mm
July 27°C, 390mm 28°C, 738mm 32°C, 467mm 16°C, 295mm
August 27°C, 349mm 28°C, 694mm 32°C, 467mm 16°C, 273mm
September 26°C, 220mm 27°C, 378mm 31°C, 287mm 15°C, 167mm
October 25°C, 68mm 26°C, 120mm 30°C, 85mm 13°C, 63mm
November 22°C, 8mm 22°C, 5mm 27°C, 7mm 9°C, 7mm
December 18°C, 12mm 19°C, 4mm 23°C, 3mm 7°C, 7mm

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Best Time to Visit Nepal

There are four seasons in Nepal Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. And depending on what kind of weather you like, travelers can decide on the best time to visit and best season to trek in Nepal.

Spring ( March, April, May)

March marks the beginning of Spring when the temperature increases and rhododendrons bloom. Days are longer during March and April. This season is perfect for trekking although the temperatures are still cold at morning and night during early Spring or March. Early Spring also sees some rainfall.

The average daytime temperature in Kathmandu and the hilly regions of Nepal are 8 to 29 degree Celsius. The average rainfall in Spring is 10 to 70mm.

May is one of the warmest months of the year. Yet this month brings cloud and showers before the monsoon arrives.

Summer ( June, July, August)

Summer in Nepal coincides with the monsoon and the monsoon season occurs from June to August. It is also the hottest season of Nepal.

Days are warm up to 30-degree Celsius. These months are wet with high humidity. The lower regions of Nepal are even hotter. And in the high altitudes, the temperatures rarely drop below zero.

The average rainfall in Kathmandu in summer is 129 to 239mm for the entire 3 months. Due to Nepal’s topography, rain often occurs at night resulting in beautiful morning scenery.

If you plan to visit Nepal during this time or planning to do monsoon season trek like Everest Base Camp Trek in August, you can enjoy the beautiful nature after the rainfall. These months are also quieter than other peak months and are great for those who prefer less crowd.

Autumn (September, October, November)

As the monsoon disappears in September, Nepal welcomes beautiful clear skies, fresh air, and incredible views. October and November are the two best months to visit as they have dry days.

The verdant landscapes following the rains are ideal for photographers. The weather condition in high altitudes is more stable. And in Kathmandu, you can enjoy moderate daily temperatures from 7 to 19-degree Celsius.

The days are warm and long. Due to all these reasons, Autumn is the peak season and Nepal experiences a maximum number of tourists during these months.

Winter ( December, January, February)

From late December to February, Nepal’s weather is pleasant during the day. But you can feel the significant drop in temperature in the morning and at night.

January marks the coldest month. The daily temperature in Kathmandu ranges from a cool 2 to 11 degree Celsius. And in the higher altitudes, it is rare to see a temperature above 0 degrees.

These months sees very little to no rainfall with an average rainfall of only 0 to 8mm. However, the higher altitudes see heavy snowfall. In fact, in January 2019, the surrounding area of Kathmandu also saw light snowfall.

The weather during this season is quite unpredictable. Yet the lowlands of Nepal experiences moderate temperature in winter. Also during these months, there are fewer visitors resulting in quieter sightseeing opportunities.

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Nepal is one of the popular holiday destinations in Asia. Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose the best time to visit Nepal.

Best Time for Trekking in Nepal

Spring trekking season: While Autumn is Nepal’s high season, Spring is, by all means, a great trekking season as well. Compared to fall, the spring trekking weather will be warmer and more comfortable at higher altitudes.

Also, some treks from April to May offer you with lots of beautiful rhododendron forests in full blossom. Due to favorable weather, Spring is also high season for climbers attempting one or more of Nepal’s eight-thousanders. The popular treks you can take are Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, etc.

Summer trekking season: This is a challenging season due to the monsoon. Monsoon in Nepal lasts for about two months. While trekking is still possible, it is quite hot and wet.

You can also choose to go for Everest Base Camp trek in July. However, during monsoon season the Upper Mustang trek and the Manaslu trek are good options compared to other treks in Nepal. As they lie in the Trans Himalayan zone which receives less rain and are also known as rain-shadow area.

Fall trekking season: This is the best trekking season in Nepal. The weather is clear with monsoon coming to an end. During this time the daytime hours are long which makes trekking more pleasant.

The weather during this time is warm and normally snow free below 4000m.

Winter trekking season: The weather is likely to provide clear blue sky and sun. But it is rather cold in winter, especially in higher altitudes. Also, the snow can block the passes in higher altitudes.

Trekking in low altitude is, however, possible such as Poon Hill trek.

Best Time for Jungle Wildlife Tours in Nepal

If you are looking to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna in Nepal, there are various wildlife tours and jungle safari that you can take in Nepal. They are

These usually take you to the lowlands- Terai area of Nepal. And for this, October to May is the best time when the average temperature is around 25 degree Celsius.

This time allows you to spot some of the rarely seen Indian rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, mugger crocodile, Indian rock python, etc.

Moreover, it is also a good time for bird watching and sightseeing. You can enjoy the lush forest, lakes, and wetlands.

Best Time for Adventure Activities in Nepal

There are numerous adventure activities that you can take part in Nepal. And these activities are gaining popularity with each passing year. Here are some of the popular adventure activities with the best time to do them.


A paragliding experience is something an adventure lover would not like to miss out on while visiting Nepal. Pokhara and Bandipur in Nepal are two best places to get the adrenaline pumping in your body with the best paragliding experience ever. The best time to spend a full day in Pokhara for impeccable views is from September to February.

River rafting and Bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi river

Bhote Koshi river is a fierce and gorgeous river in Nepal. It is a great place to take up two adventure activities, namely river rafting, and bungee jumping.

The experience of river rafting in Bhote Koshi is undoubtedly exciting. The river has challenging rapids with big bounces making rafting in Nepal an adventurous experience. And when it comes to Bungee Jumping in Nepal, nothing can beat this place.

The suspension bridge from which the bungee jumping activity takes place is at a dizzying height of 160m. And one can very well imagine the thrill of a great fall.

September to May are the ideal months to indulge in these activities. However, for beginners, November to December are the ideal options when the water levels are lower.

Kayaking in Seti River

With an hour and a half adrenaline rushing adventure, kayaking in Nepal is a great activity to take while in Nepal. And the best time to take this is from Mid- September to December. There are two sides to Seti river i.e Upper and Lower.

You are up for spectacular mountain views, crystal clear water, and a beautiful gorge. With picturesque views of the suspension bridge and prayer flags, Upper Seti River is unmissable for Kayaking in Nepal.

The adventure lovers here have the opportunity to face the Grade III and IV along with relishing the exotic views.


There are innumerable trails in Nepal. And biking expeditions on these trails can offer an exhilarating experience and you will certainly end up at some exotic place.

A lot of biking trip in the region of Godavari, Bungamati, Chapagaun and Shivapuri is possible.

So to enjoy these bike rides, the best time is Spring, Autumn, and Winter.

Best Time to Witness Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is a country with diverse culture. There are people of different ethnic background, culture, and traditions. Hence, the people living here celebrate a wide variety of festivals.

By taking part in these festivals, one gets the chance to know the rituals and lifestyle of the people living in Nepal. So the popular festivals celebrated in various seasons are as follows,

Festival in Spring

  • Holi is a colorful festival that people in Nepal celebrate throughout the country. People play with colors and water balloons. This festival also welcomes spring.
  • Rato Machhendranath Jatra takes place in Patan where you will see a huge chariot with the idols of gods. This festival invites rain and as a ritual, people pull the chariot around the city of Patan.
  • Losar marks the Tibetan New year. However different ethnicities of Nepal celebrate it on different dates. This celebration lasts anywhere between 3 to 15 days.
  • Bisket Jatra celebrates the Nepali New year. It is a national holiday.
  • Buddha Jayanti is an important Buddhist festival that celebrates the birth of Buddha. People during this day burn oil lamps and visit temples and stupa.

Festivals in Autumn

  • Dashain and Tihar are two important Hindu festivals in Nepal. People from both private and public services have holidays during this festival.
  • Celebrated by the Nepali Hindu women, Teej is a female-centric festival. During this festival, they sing, dance and fast for a happy marriage and husbands’ long life.
  • Gai Jatra is a unique festival of the Newar and Tharu communities of Kathmandu. The locals on this day commemorate the deaths of people during the year.

Festivals in Summer

  • Marked by the planting of rice, Paddy cultivation day is a much-awaited festival by people involved in agriculture. During this festival, you will witness the local farmers singing, playing and working together as they plant paddy seeds.
  • Another festival during summer is the Naag Panchami.

Festivals in Winter

  • Saraswati Puja celebrates the birthday of Goddess Saraswati who is the Hindu goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • Maghe Sankranti is the start of the holy month. This festival marks the end of the winter season. And it hopes for warmer weather and better health and fortune.


The best time to visit Nepal depends on various factors such as climate, purpose, and budget, etc. If you are visiting Nepal for non-trekking activities then this country is suitable to visit throughout the year.

With the information above and one’s motive of the visit, you can decide on the best time. And for those with Budget concern, consider summer and winter months. It is the off-season and you will get the various discount offer.

Nepal has something to offer for every season and traveler. Hence you can plan to visit Nepal at any time of the year.

For further question or queries, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to guide and assist you with the best of our knowledge.

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