Training for Trekking in Nepal

Training for Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is one of the most adventurous things that you can plan to do in Nepal. But, it is not as easy as you may think.  You must go through some general physical training for trekking in Nepal to boost your stamina and bodily strength.

Nepal does welcome you with the beauty of lush greenery and trails that attract any trekker. Trekking and the beauty of it are only understood by a trekker.

The true essence, beauty and thrill while trekking is inexpressible in words. It is amazing.

Nepal today is a lot open to tourists, local and international. People here have learned the concept of global citizens and feel that everything they are proud to have, it is indeed everyone’s.

This concept has made the locals a lot more welcoming. You will feel the warmth of their hospitality.

After all a journey is made a lot more fulfilling by the company you are in.

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Training for Trekking in Nepal

Yes, Nepal is a trekking heaven for trekkers all over the world. But trekking is definitely not something only a professional trekker can enjoy.

Trekking is definitely not like running. You do not have to go through certain physical training or any kind of particular body training. It is only about walking.

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Walking on varying terrains and altitude carrying a backpack is basically what trekking is all about. As a plus point, trekkers are amongst the most fortunate people to enjoy nature in its best form.

However, you will need to be prepared for trekking.

Why? Trekking is definitely not anything close to walking in the park or your morning walks. It takes a bit more of the physical strength than that.

Well, your backpack for starters, it is a huge amount of weight to carry upon while you challenge the altitude, weather, duration of your walk, and the terrain. Training makes your journey a lot more safe and enjoyable.

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Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise is a moderate intensity physical exercise that is targeted at improving the cardiorespiratory fitness of your body.

If you plan to trek or get involved in any kind of outdoor physical activity, becoming physically prepared for it is necessary.

However, trekking is not any kind of competition and you definitely do not have to be a sportsperson for it.

If you are physically fit you will have a lot of time to indulge in other recreational activities. When you are physically fit, your body will be able to metabolize better and will save further potential effects of Altitude Mountain Sickness.

Aerobic Exercises refers to those kinds of activities like jogging, running, biking, dancing, and swimming that will get you pumped up.

And when you are doing these kinds of exercises, you tend to breathe faster than normal and this is how you gradually work on your stamina.

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Because you will be walking in an environment where the air is a lot thinner, you will need to be in good aerobic conditioning where you will be able to metabolize the available oxygen.

It is advised to plan at least one hour of aerobics 3-4 times per week for a month before you get on with your journey. Again, it is not a race or a competition so speed is the least concern of your activities, in fact, you should work on your stamina and continuity.

Aerobic exercises reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke too. It strengthens your heart and also makes your lungs stronger.

In addition, it also improves your breathing, tones muscles, strengthens your bones and improves the endocrine functions.

Strength and Conditioning

Well, ascending is not the first thing that you should be bothered about when trekking. Your muscles tend to get weaker and shaky when descending.

So, you will need to work on strengthening your muscles. Strengthening the quadriceps, back, shoulder, and abdominal muscles are essential.

It will keep your body stable and eases descends making it faster as well.

Because you will need to be flexible in addition to having strong muscles. You can opt for hiking and get used to higher altitudes. This way you can prepare your body accordingly.

Your body will be conditioned to the environment and altitude as well as the hike.

All the effort you make pre-hand will not only add up to your final trek.

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Trek Specific Training

Yes, conditioning your body to such altitude is a must and you do need to work on the strengthening of the body. In addition, you can also add in trek specific training too.

While trekking, you will be carrying your backpack, your boots, the specific clothing that you will wear and deal with the ascend.

This is a lot different than just jogging or running.

So, trying to ascend carrying a certain load will also prepare you for the later journey.

This will allow you to adapt to the environment and will prepare your body accordingly. Don’t forget. Breathing normally is a must, be careful about your breathing and prepare yourself for a slow and steady hike.

Altitude Training

It is easy for most people to safely ascend up to 2800m but as you ascend, you may experience Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS). It causes dizziness, headaches, and shortness of breath.

But, this is completely normal and the cases that cause it to be severe is quite uncommon and rare.

So, you need to be in a good health condition.

Trekking routes in Nepal are of course above 2400m above sea level so you will need some altitude training. Conditioning your body towards higher altitude is a must.

You can also use some of these techniques in your training programs:

  • Staying hydrated is the key to a better workout, whether it be hiking or simply doing your cardio. It will allow better blood flow and also allows you to perspire better.
  • Slow and steady trek is basic. Like mentioned, it is not a competition and you do not need to rush. So, as you pace your trek according to your bodily stamina, you are less likely to experience any kind of problem.
  • Getting plenty of rest is another factor that will help you rejuvenate all the energy that you might have lost in your previous day. Proper rest also freshen ups your body and prepares you for the next day.  So, when at actual trek you might face cold weather and varying altitude. This may hamper your trek, so you will need to prepare your body for it.

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Reasons for Training for Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is quite challenging and you will need to be physically and mentally fit. First, because you are looking forward to being in a new country and new terrain. Preparation is a must.

Trekking anywhere in the world will require certain training and preparedness. It is done to keep your body in proper condition.

When you prepare your body and condition it as per the environment and the altitude, there might not be any problem when you actually commence the journey.

The mountains have a different environment than the usual, the air is a lot thinner and the amount of oxygen decrease as you ascend. This is a case your body might not be used to, so you will definitely need to prepare your body for it.

Endurance training, as well as strength related exercises, are a must to keep your body in better shape and condition. This sort of training will help you during the treks and make your journey a pleasant one.

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Are you looking forward to trekking in Nepal because you are quite aware of the thrill and adventure that it offers? Trekking in the Himalayas is a matter of great pride, importance and responsibility.

When experienced well, it is a way to create great memories and gather experience.

A good mental and physical condition is a must before you take on the challenge.

You will need to train your body to adapt to higher altitudes. This applies even if you are physically fit or walk regularly.

You do not need advanced trainings but you must prepare yourself for the altitude changes, geographical variations by doing basic physical trainings.

In the end, a positive mindset and good physical condition is a must to enjoy the thrilling experience in the mountains.

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