Trekking in Nepal in May

trekking in nepal in may

Trekking in Nepal in May offers you the chance to enjoy the traces of spring and monsoon at the same time.

The month of May is a transition month from spring to summer season. With the pre-monsoon rain in late May, you can expect to see greenery everywhere.

So, if you are someone who enjoys the rain and don’t mind variable weather, May is the right time. During this time, you will get clear mornings and cloudy afternoons. Besides, you will also feel the humidity during this month.

However, to plan trekking in Nepal in May you will need to pack rain gear and prepare yourselves for pre-monsoon weather.

For the most part in around 2500 m, the daytime temperature is around 25 degree Celsius and the night time temperature is around 8 degrees.

Overall, with right gear and clothing, trekking in Nepal in May is an amazing experience.

Weather Condition in May

Due to Nepal’s diverse topography, the climate varies from place to place. The month of may will experience warm weather slowly building up. However, it is not the hottest month so you can enjoy trekking during this time.

The average temperature at hilly region during the daytime is around 30 degree Celsius and around the night time is 20 degrees.

Since monsoon is just around the corner you can expect rainfall and thunderstorm. As the rainfall gradually increases the climate becomes hot and humid.

However, the weather temperatures and conditions fluctuate as you go higher. Always expect passes and base camps to have colder climatic conditions.

Also due to the rainfall, the trekking trails will get muddy and the clouds will cover the mountains after the rainfall.

But don’t worry, the rainfall usually occurs during the evening and night which will leave you with the beautiful and clear morning. This will allow you to have mesmerizing views of the mountains.

Below is a table that demonstrates the average temperature from 1500m to 5000m above the sea level. However, this is only a rough indication of weather for trekking in Nepal during May.

Altitude Min Temp Max Temp
1500m 11°C 33°C
2000m 9°C 28°C
2500m 6°C 25°C
3000m 1°C 20°C
3500m 0°C 18°C
4000m 1°C 17°C
4500m -2°C 16°C
5000m -4°C 14°C

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Treks to Consider During May in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to Everest Base Camp during the month of May is a perfect time. Due to the warmer temperature, there is not much snow at the base camp and the trekking trail. This makes trekking much easier.

In this trek, you can experience scenic Himalayan mountains and also get a closer look into the life of the world famous Sherpa climbers. Plus, the scenic views of the rhododendron blossoms is really enchanting.

Another highlight of this trip is the Sagarmatha National Park which is a world heritage site. You will also get to visit high altitude Buddhist monasteries.

March to May is also the festive month for mountaineers. Several Everest expeditions will assemble around the base camp. So you will get the chance to come across world famous climbers.

The Everest Base Camp during this time turns into a lively field with colorful tent camps and trekkers in their gears. Hence Everest Base Camp is an ideal trekking destination during May.

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit trek is another good option for trekking in the month of May.

It is one of the most diverse and nice teahouse treks in the Himalaya. Here you get to witness the ethnic groups like Gurung, Magar with their own diverse language and tradition.

Also during the month of May, you get amazing views. Some of the most stunning 8000-meter mountains like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri are spectacular.

This trek is also known as the ‘Annapurna Round Trek’. The trek starts at 700m above the sea level and takes you all the way to Thorong La pass at 5416m which remain open during May. During this time there is less snow which makes it easier to reach the pass.

Moreover, despite the high altitude, trekking during May will not get too cold. In fact, during the daytime, you can trek with just a medium fleece.

Also, the upper section of the Annapurna Circuit trek lies in the rain shadow area. This means that the circuit is suitable for trekking even in the monsoon season.

The cozy tea house accommodation and local fresh meals are available along the trail in May. The delicious apple pies are the best you will ever have during this trek.

Upper Mustang Trek

Another favorable trek to take during the month of may is the Upper Mustang trek. This land untouched by modern realms makes the experience special for the trekkers.

The barren treeless semi-arid terrain receives very less rainfall. So it is the high desert-like rain shadow of the Himalayas. Low precipitation makes this region dry and parched, like the bordering Tibetan Plateau.

The locals of this area are Loba people. The language, tradition, customs, and heritage is very much similar to the neighboring land of Tibet.

Upper Mustang is still a restricted area and opened for trekking only fifteen years ago. Hence to enter Upper Mustang, you will need a special trekking permit.

The trek offers some breathtaking views while you walk along the routes. Also, you will witness the pattern of the history passing from generation to generation.

You can take a short stroll to a small monastery and a century old cave dwelling situated high in the rocks.

Overall, being in the rain shadows of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, Upper Mustang is a favorable trek to take during May.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

manaslu circuit trek

The Manaslu Circuit trek is a restricted area in Nepal, however, it is open for trekking during May. Trekking in Nepal in May can be quite busy at EBC and ABC, but at Manaslu, the treks are almost vacant.

Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world. The double peak mountain is becoming one of the most popular trekking destinations of Nepal

This trek is a challenging trek that takes around 19 days to complete. In May, due to less snow on the trail, the Larke La Pass is easier to reach and one can thoroughly enjoy the great views of the Twin peak mountain.

The temperature is mild at about 20 degrees during the day and the views of the Himalayan range are crystal clear during this time.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Trek 7 Days

Langtang valley lies north of Kathmandu valley. This region has recently become a very popular trekking region.

During the month of May, the temperature is warmer which means there is less snow in the trekking trails. This makes the trekking much easier.

Tibetans are the locals in this area. So if you want to experience the Tibetan culture and lifestyle, Langtang can be a perfect place to trek.

Langtang National Park is another big asset of this route. It will give you a chance to see wildlife such as Gray langur, monkeys, deer, and the “Red Pandas” if you are lucky.

During this trek, you can hike up to Kyanjin Ri. The clear weather in May will enable you to enjoy the spectacular views of Langtang and other Himalayan ranges.

Moreover, anyone can do this trek because of its easy accessibility. Hence Langtang Valley trek is a good option during the month of May.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Poon Hill trek is a doable trek all year round and May is no exception. Anyone with average physical fitness can take this short and easy trek.

The trek starts from Pokhara and is great for those who want to discover some of Nepal’s highest peak up close.

The trail makes a steady climb between the Magar villages up to Ghorepani. You will hike to Poon Hill at 3210m to catch the spectacular sunrise. From here you will also get striking views of Mt.Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Macchapucchre, and Hiunchuli etc.

This trek is great for those who are short on time and also there is no risk of altitude sickness during this trek.

Hence, with proper rain gear, Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is a great option to trek during May in Nepal.

Advantages of Trekking in May

  • Opportunity to get spectacular and clear mountain views.
  • Warmer climate
  • Less snow on the trekking trails
  • Witness blossoming flowers and lush greenery

Disadvantages of Trekking in May

  • Irregular weather
  • Muddy trails due to the onset of monsoon season
  • Change in temperature due to sudden rain
  • Mosquito and other insects problem
  • Risk of landslides due to rain

Tips to Consider While Trekking in Nepal in May

  • Prepare proper rain gears to tackle the rainy days
  • Take a good pair of trekking boot with firm grip because the trails can be slippery and muddy due to rain
  • Carry waterproof bags to keep your equipment dry and clean.
  • Start your treks early as it usually rains in the night time.
  • Carry insect repellents and ointments. It protects you from different kinds of insects like mosquitoes, leeches etc.
  • Hire a certified and experienced trekking guide to avoid any type of risk due to change in weather like landslides etc.
  • Keep a few extra days for trekking in case of flight delays or any unplanned situation.


QNo. 1 What Trekking Clothing to Take During the Trek?

While trekking in May, breathable rain gear is essential. A good pair of a comfortable hiking boot with firm grip is advisable for muddy and slippery trails due to rain.

You should pack trekking pants, shorts, and shirts for lower region. And warm fleece for evenings and mornings at the higher elevation.

Remember that humidity can build up in May with sunny, hot and wet days. Hence dressing in a layer is the way to go so that you can remove or add clothes according to your needs.

A light sleeping bag can come in handy while sleeping in the tea houses in the higher altitudes.

QNo. 2 Are Accommodation and Restaurants Open During May?

All accommodation along the trekking routes will be open during May. Moreover, accommodations get less busy in the popular trails in May.

As for the meals, you will eat in the tea houses that you stay. Dal Bhat is the staple dish that you will get in all the tea houses. You can also get continental food like pizza, noodles, sandwich etc.

For rainy days you can try the local hot soup noodle that will keep you warm and cozy,

QNo. 3 Are Trekking Permits Available in May?

Yes, trekking permits are available throughout the year including May. You can get the trekking permits both in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

QNo. 4 Do I Need Travel Insurance for Trekking in May?

Yes, travel insurance is a must while trekking in the mountains. It is always wise to stay on a safer side and prepare for any situation.

Hence make sure you have a travel insurance that covers up to the altitude of 6000 m. Also, choose one that covers for any medical emergencies, helicopter evacuation, and baggage loss etc.


With the right gear and clothing, there are several treks that you can take during May.

Like any season trekking in May has its own advantages like the trails are easier to access with less snow due to a warmer climate.

You can enjoy the greenery and the fresh air when the dust settles in after the rain.

During this time all the tea houses are open and you can easily find accommodation. Hence, you can definitely consider trekking during the month of May in Nepal.

For further question and queries, please feel free to contact us. We are here to guide and assist you in any way possible.

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