Trekking in Nepal in November

Trekking in Nepal in November

November is one of the best months to visit Nepal. And, for trekking November is just the ideal time. November falls in autumn and is a popular season for trekking in Nepal and other outdoor activities.

This month offers a lot more than off-season trekking. The mountain views are at their best with great clarity. Moreover, the temperature is moderate. During the day it is sunny and at night the temperature drops slightly.

All in all, you will get to experience perfect weather which is neither too hot nor too cold.

During autumn, because the monsoon has just come to an end, the dust and the pollution are less. Hence this prepares for a cleaner atmosphere.

Also, November is the peak season for trekking and you will see a lot of tourists during this time.

Many trekkers and adventures make their way to the Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang region as it has some of the most popular trekking trails.

The trails during this time are full of life with the crowd and the valleys are in bloom.

Trekking in Nepal in November is apparently an excellent time and will give you an outstanding experience.

Weather in November in Nepal

November maintains great weather. The temperature changes as you ascend to higher altitude or descend to lower altitude.

The best thing about this time is you don’t have to face the summer monsoon and also the cold harsh winter.

The weather is favorable with the daytime temperature around 15 degrees Celsius in the capital. This serves you an excellent time to be outdoors.

At the elevation between 1000m and 3500m, the temperature ranges from 1 to 27 degree Celsius. And further, at higher altitudes, the temperature is around 14 degree Celsius at daytime and fall to -3 degree at night.

Hence, this shows that the nights are chilly in the mountain region but it is warm and pleasant during the daytime.

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Treks to consider during November in Nepal

Due to a favorable climatic condition in November, you can take treks to both high altitude and low altitude.

Trekking in Nepal in November will not fail to amaze you with a beautiful experience both weather and culture wise.

Hence some of the popular treks you can consider during November are Everest Base Camp trek, Annapurna Circuit trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Langtang Valley trek, and Upper Mustang trek etc.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Everest, the glory of the world makes Everest Base Camp trek one of the most popular treks in Nepal.

The Everest Base Camp trial lies between the ranges of Mt.Everest which offers you spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains.

The mountain view consists of Mt.Everest, Mt.Amadablam, Mt.Lhotse.Mt.Nuptse and many more. And a better time to get the crystal clear views of these majestic mountains.

The trek will take you through the stunning natural beauty of the Khumbu Valley. You will also get to witness the amazing culture of Sherpa people and their tradition. The sherpas are very welcoming, friendly, and helpful people.

Also, the flora and fauna of this region are very rich. Hence you will get a chance to observe varieties of wildlife species and walk through deep pine and rhododendron forests.

Overall the Everest Base Camp trek is a challenging and adventurous trek. You need to get involved in some cardio exercise likes jogging, walking, and running before the trek.

On the trail, you will find numerous tea houses that offer good food and comfortable accommodation.

Annapurna Circuit trek

Annapurna Circuit trek is also a famous trekking trail in Nepal and is in high demand during November. Along the trek, you will get striking views of some of the highest peaks such as Mt.Annapurna, Mt.Dhaulagiri, Mt.Machhapuchhre, and Mt.Manaslu.

Among the famous attractions in the Annapurna region are the world’s deepest Gorge (Kali Gandaki Gorge), worlds highest altitude lake (Tilicho Lake) and Rupse waterfall.

The biodiversity of the Annapurna region is very rich. The trekking routes move along paddy fields, subtropical forests, waterfalls, huge red cliffs, and numerous villages.

The trek also lets you connect with different communities like Gurung, Magar, Brahmin, and Chhetris etc.

Annapurna Circuit trek is an adventurous trek. It is a journey which leads you towards pure nature where you also get to enjoy the culture of mixed locals.

November is a peak season so the trails of the Annapurna region are full of trekkers. The accommodation here is cozy and the tea houses provide good hygienic meals during the trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit trek is again among the challenging and popular treks in Nepal. It is a relatively new trekking circuit and it opened in 1992. Before that, it was a restricted zone.

This region draws many visitors because of its distinct features. The Manaslu region offers breathtaking mountain views. Also, it is rich in cultural heritage and biodiversity.

In this trek, you will get to witness the untouched region of Nepal along with Nepal and China border.

The trek begins from Arughat Bazar which lies in Dhading District. However, you can also take the Besisahar route or the Thorong La Pass trail. Here you will cross the Larkya La Pass which is at 5100m which is a bit challenging.

On the trail, you will also get to experience the socio-cultural life of the local. You will pass through interesting Buddhist villages like Samdo, Samagaon, and Sirdibas. The Tibetans are the locals here.

The Manaslu Circuit trek is a wonderful trek that rewards you with a mesmerizing scenery of Manaslu Himal. You can do this trek either as tea house trekking or camping trekking.

Yet, if you want to explore the local lifestyle and culture, tea house trekking is the best way.

Langtang Valley trek

Langtang Valley trek is closest trekking region from Kathmandu valley. This region is becoming very popular.

You can easily take this trek during November with less climatic obstacles.

Langtang region offers beautiful landscape with a moderate climate. You will get breathtaking views of the Langtang range and the Ganesh Himal.

With this trek, you get to explore the Langtang Valley popularly known as The Valley of Glacier. You can also visit Kyanjin Gompa which is the oldest Buddhist monastery in this region.

The Langtang region displays rich biodiversity with a variety of rhododendron and dense bamboo forests. Added, you can also see rare birds and animals such as Himalayan black bear, Langur monkeys, red pandas etc.

This trek is possible throughout the year but can be a bit slippery during monsoon.

The Langtang Valley trek is a moderate trek. You don’t need prior trekking experience to do this trek.

Upper Mustang Trek

The next trek to consider during November is the Upper Mustang trek. Upper Mustang is a restricted region and only a limited number of trekkers make here every year.

It is a politically sensitive area and it officially opened for trekking only in 1992.

The region consists of various mountains tribes like Thakali, Tibetan and Gurungs. Here you will get to see the majestic views of Mt.Nilgiri, Mt.Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri etc.

Also, some ancient monasteries, Buddhist shrines including the capital of Mustang Lo-Manthang are the major attraction of this trek.

Upper Mustang trek is a jewel of Nepal that is yet to explore. Every aspect of this trek is unique on its own and will be a once in a lifetime experience.

This region lies in rain shadow area of the Annapurna range which makes trekking possible even during monsoon.

And since this region is a restricted area, you will need a special permit to trek in this region.

Tips for trekking in Nepal in November

As mentioned earlier, November is an ideal time to take treks in Nepal. Yet some tips can always be useful,

  • Always put on comfortable clothing and a good pair of hiking boots.
  • In November it starts to get dark around 5 to 6 pm. Start your trek early so that you can complete before it gets dark.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • During this month, the morning and night are cold and the days are warm. So, dress in layers. That way you can put on or take off your clothes according to the weather.
  • As you trek you will go above 2500m. At higher altitude, there is always a risk of Altitude sickness. So, learn about its symptoms and preventive measures.
  • A little bit of preparation and training before trek is always helpful.
  • Do not rush and walk slow. Take your own pace.
  • For safety reasons, hiring a guide can be useful.

Accommodation and Food

In November the accommodation along the trekking trials will be open. Since it is a peak season, the trials will have many trekkers. As such early booking of flights and hotels is necessary.

Just like the accommodation, the restaurants will also be open.

Trekking Permits

You need trekking permits to trek in Nepal. Trekking permits are available all year round in Nepal including November.

The Conservation Area Permit, Trekker Information Management System(TIMS) are the trekking permits you need. Also, you need a Restricted Area Entry Permit in case you choose to trek to a restricted area.

Equipment List for Trekking in Nepal in November

While trekking, it is important that you carry the necessary trekking essentials. This will play a huge role in making your trekking experience smooth and enjoyable.

Here are some things you should consider carrying for your November trek,


  • Sun hat
  • Warm fleece hat (to cover ears)
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Scarf to cover face (dust/wind)

Upper Body

  • T-shirts
  • Light and expedition weight thermals tops
  • Fleece long sleeve tops
  • Down feather jacket
  • Hands
  • Lightweight fleece gloves
  • Heavyweight gloves or mittens
  • Waterproof/wind fleece gloves

Lower body

  • Undergarments
  • Hiking shorts
  • Lightweight hiking pants
  • Fleece or wool pants or tracksuit pants
  • Footwear
  • Thin, lightweight inner sock liners
  • Thick, warm wool hiking socks
  • Hiking boots
  • Walking sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Gaiters


  • Headlamp
  • Duffel bag
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Large Plastic Bags- to keep items dry
  • Water bottles
  • Watch with light and alarm
  • Money belt
  • Trekking Poles

Toiletries and Personal Hygiene

  • Quick-dry towel
  • Shampoo
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Multipurpose wipes (face and body)
  • Face and Body Moisturizer
  • Nail clippers
  • Comb/brush
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sunscreen with high UV protection
  • Lip block with UV protection


  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • Binoculars


Trekking in Nepal in November is ideal. The weather during this time is bearable with clear skies and HD quality views of the mountains.

Due to favorable climatic conditions, the temperature is just perfect for any outdoor activities. This makes November the peak season.

If you are planning your trek in this month, then pre-booking your trip is an absolute must. It might be difficult to get proper accommodation if you don’t make a prior booking. Let us take care of that for you.

For further question and queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve and guide you with the best of our ability.

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