Hire a Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek

Hire a Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp trek is among the best trekking experience Nepal has to offer. The trek along the foothills of Mount Everest is the best way to see the Himalayas. This experience gets better when you hire a guide for Everest Base Camp trek.

The trek to Everest Base camp is a fun yet strenuous task. You need to do long exhausting treks, walking for 4 to 8 hours for 11 days over the hilly terrain of Khumbu region in eastern Nepal. Trek like these are very hectic without a group of people and some experts to help you through those. Moreover, trekking towards remote trails of the Himalayas is safer with people that have experience. You will face many unique and new challenges along the route to Everest Base Camp. To make sure you face those hurdles properly and have someone to support you in difficult times, you definitely need to hire a guide for Everest base camp trek.

People mostly hire a team of experts along with porters during the Everest base camp trek. These guides and porters perform many tasks to make your sure you finish your trek more conveniently. The guides act as educators, translators, and a great helping hand. The porters also help you make your trip easier by carrying your luggage.

Getting guides for your Everest base camp trek is not a mandatory requirement imposed by goverment or any agency. However, it is highly recommended that you trek with someone that knows the trail and about high altitude. Hiring guides might be a tricky job in a foreign country, therefore we are here to help. If you are worried about how you can hire guides or porters for your trek, do not fret. We have you covered. Following post will give you a detailed understanding of how to hire a guide for Everest Base Camp trek.

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Hire a Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek without a guide – Is it possible?

There is no compulsion to get a guide when you embark on the Everest Base Camp trek. You could for sure do the Everest Base Camp trek without a guide. Most professional trekkers and people familiar with the EBC trails can do the trek without guides. Even novices can do it without guides in some cases. Especially during peak trekking seasons, there are swarms of trekkers along the trails. Navigating routes and blending within the crowd to figure things out can be easy.

But unfortunately, just navigating routes or expecting help from strangers might not be enough. Moreover, you could practically be stranded when you trek when the trails are empty. So a lot of trekkers prefer traveling with guides.

Guides will be a handful in various aspects. Not only will they help you navigate your way, but they will also keep up with your logistics. They will be your expert in mediating knowledge about the culture, wildlife, people, geography, etc., of the region.

Guides will give you tips on how to optimize your trekking equipment. You will learn about the best ways to explore the region through your guides. In some cases, your guides will also act as your nurse, giving you medical advice.

Although guides might seem like an unnecessary expense, they will be very helpful during your trek. Hence, you are highly recommended to hire guide for Everest base camp trek.

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Why should I hire Guide for Everest Base Camp trek?

Navigation and guidance

There are certain routes to help you reach the Everest Base Camp. You can remember these routes by heart and yet get stranded within the trails. Being on a remote mountain trail in a foreign country and navigating your route will be very tough. So, you should hire guide for Everest base camp trek to make this task easier.

Professional guides are well-trained in regard to navigating the trails. They will have traveled the trails multiple times, and such experience will be enough to guide you. They will ensure that you follow your itinerary as per plan and sway you away from dangers en route.

The trails have diverse landforms, with uphill roads, slopes, suspension bridges, glaciers, etc. You might not be well-acquainted with traveling through all such landforms. So your professional tour guide will ensure you are approaching such landmarks safely.

Moreover, in case of certain issues like road blockage or weather issues, itinerary and route need to change. Your guides will modify and customize such tools to make your trip easier.

Act as a translator

There are myriad languages spoken in Nepal. As a foreigner, you might not know these languages. In the rugged trails of the Everest region, people mostly speak in their traditional mother tongue or Nepali. You cannot expect people to understand English or your preferred language. So there will be a communication gap when you have to interact with the locals. The professional guides you hire will bridge such a gap between you and the locals.

Most professional guides are fluent in a range of languages, including English, Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, German, etc. You need not worry about learning Nepali or any other ethnic Nepali language just for a short trip. Your suitable chosen guide with the language proficiency with help you.

Handle your logistics

You need to prepare a lot of tools to embark on the Everest Base Camp trek. They include permits, transportation, accommodations, tickets, etc. All of these logistics will be taken care of by your guides.

You can prepare for the logistics of your trek by yourself. But the guides are more acquainted with the services available in the region. Guides spend a lot of time trekking in the region. So they are very familiar with the essentials you need to cover for the EBC trek. They understand what you might need during the time you are trekking.

They understand the best modes of transportation suitable as per timing and your needs. They also have regular tea houses and can help you get special rates and facilities. Guides can easily obtain your permit after you hand them just the document. You need not bear the hassle of keeping up with offices and headquarters to get several permits that you need.

Just trust your guides to cover every essential logistics and relax.

Informational guide

The guides will be a medium for you to get various information about the place you are traveling to. The Everest Base camp trekking trail is a unique natural, historical and cultural site.

The Sagarmatha National park along the trail is a significant site to protect wildlife. Your guides will not be any experts in wildlife and forestry. But they will be quite familiar with the area, its wildlife, and vegetation. So they will be a great source for understanding the region’s geographical features and importance.

Along with that, guides will also help you understand the region’s culture. There are various Buddhist settlements along with monasteries in several hamlets en route. Your guides will be familiar with the locals and their way of life. They can offer you insight into their lifestyle and tradition and even help you indulge with them. They will help you bridge the language and cultural barrier. This will allow you to fraternize with locals in a respectful way.

Medical assistance

Guides are familiar with injuries and health issues that might occur during your trek. They will act as a firsthand medical assistant in case of injury or sickness.

Walking towards remote high-altitude trails of Everest’s foothills brings a lot of health hazards. Long treks might cause falls and accidents leading to injuries, including open wounds, broken bones, muscle sprains, or strains. Travelling high-altitude places also bring in risks of altitude sicknesses. Along with that, there also are risks of a freezing climate that could trigger health issues.

The Everest base camp’s remote trails might not have readily available health facilities. So your guides will be the first people who will assist you in case of medical needs. They are familiar with common medical needs trekkers have during this trek. So they are well equipped and skilled to help you.

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Everest Base Camp Trek

Types of Guides you can hire for Everest base camp trek and their cost

There are several types of guides you might find to assist you during your EBC trek. When you hire guide for Everest base camp trek, make sure you have sorted out your priorities. Based on what you need, the price for your guide will vary.

You don’t need to cover the food and accommodation of the guides at their price, but you need to cover their Flight cost of Kathmandu-Lukla and Lukla-Kathmandu.  They also expect you to tip them, which is very generous and highly recommended.

Except for the basic amenities, the price range for your guides also depends on their skills and activities. Let us see the types of guides available to hire for your EBC trek.

Licensed Guides

Licensed guides are the ones that are well-trained and are certified by the government of Nepal. They are usually fluent in a range of languages, including English, Mandarin, German, French, etc.

The licensed guides can be hired independently or through trekking agencies as well. Hiring licensed guides will keep you on the safer side. They require full insurance for hiring, making their and your trip safer. They are also very skilled in the region’s culture, geography, history, and weather.

They will cost you around USD 35 per day.

Guide cum porters

These types of guides fundamentally work as guides but also assist you with minimal luggage. They will carry a few pieces of luggage and equipment for you. But it will not be a luxury as hiring an independent porter. They will communicate with a basic level of English and give you insight into various things about your trip. These types of guides will cost you slightly less than professional licensed guides.

Guide cum porters will be convenient if you wish to have some help with luggage but do not have a huge load. You will get both guides and a helping hand to carry your luggage.

These guides will cost you around USD 25 to USD 30 per day.

Porter cum Guides

Porter cum guides are the guides who carry your luggage as well as act as guides. Most of these types of guides are trained for license and are highly trained. They have great communication skills and information about your destination. They also cost you less than professional guides

These types of porters are a good choice if you have a small group with you. They will be able to help you with both luggage and act as your guide. A larger group might require more porters, so be cautious of that as well. Book the types of guides as per your need.

These guides will cost you around USD 20 to USD 25 daily.

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Suggestions for hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp trek

  • Hire guides that can communicate in the language you understand well. Your trek might be disastrous if your helping hand cannot communicate well with you.
  • Try hiring professional guides, as they ensure the best safety for your trek.
  • Do not accept children or minors as guides for your trek, as it would classify as child labor. It would be morally wrong and illegal to hire minors as guides.
  • Make sure you book guides and porters via trekking agencies. Trekking agencies have a diverse range of guides they can fix you up with per your need.
  • Ensure you and your guides are in harmony with the trekking schedule and other logistics. You cannot have a safe and enjoyable trip if you are in conflict with your guides.
  • You ought to have insurance coverage for your trek.
  • Separate some money for tipping your guides as it is expected. You can pay 20 to 30 percent tips for your guides, and paying in cash would be a good idea.

How to hire a guide for Everest Base Camp trek?

Hiring guides to trek in a foreign country is a very difficult task. A lot of trekkers usually do not know much about Nepali guides or have people working in the trekking business. So to book a guide, you should try hooking up with a trekking agency. Although it is not a compulsion to book guides via trekking agencies, it makes the task easier.

Any trekking agency’s fundamental job is to make sure people have good resources for a safe trek. So they will have various tools from travel equipment to itineraries and guides covered for you.

You can try finding guides on your own, but it will be a hassle. Booking a travel package will be the most convenient way to hire guide for Everest base camp trek.

Final Say

Trekking towards the remote trails of the Everest region is a great way to explore the Himalayas. The task of trekking such a rugged region will be quite rewarding yet challenging. Hiring guides for your Everest Base Camp trek will mitigate these challenges in many ways.

With a guide, you will have a safety net and can venture on the trek without much worry. The guide costs for the treks are also very reasonable. We at mosaic adventure provide the services of guides and many other trekking tools for you. If you are looking to trek the Everest Base Camp trails, do not forget us.

We will construct your itinerary, manage transportation and hook you up with guides and porters as per your need. Contact Mosaic Adventure for more information or to book your trek to Everest Base Camp with us.

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