Bhutan in April: Weather, Travel Guide and Tips

weather of bhutan in april

April that falls in Spring season is the ideal time to visit Bhutan-the last Himalayan Kingdom. Just out of winter, the temperature during April are mild and landscapes reveal their most beautiful avatars.

Bhutan is a popular destination due to many reasons. With its culture, religion, cuisine and fascinating terrains, Bhutan is unique on its own. And for those who love being outdoors and hiking, Bhutan in April is the best option.

In April, the temperature is pleasant and the valleys are abundant in nature. You will witness the blooming of the flowers. The dry weather and less humidity in April serve perfect conditions to explore Bhutan.

However, Bhutan’s weather varies dramatically depending on the elevation. Hence in the Himalayas, there is still a chill in the air esp in mornings and at nights. This simply adds to the sense of adventure without being too cold.

Due to all these favorable conditions, April is the peak season in Bhutan with many tourists. For that matter, it is important to book your flight and hotel in advance.

Moreover, it is also the time when the trip will cost you more compared to the off season. Yet, it is worth every money that you spend because of the experience you will gain with various activities and festivals.

Bhutan Weather and Climate in April

Bhutan weather in April is the pleasantest. The skies are clear and the surrounding is at its best before the monsoon arrives. The lush greenery and blooming flowers welcome tourists from all around the world in April. Hence, it is an ideal time to explore the country and for any outdoor activities.

The temperature in Spring varies across regions. But usually remains 3 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius approximately. And there are usually 8 hours of bright sunshine each day which represents 61% of the 13 hours of daylight.

Expect 79 mm of rainfall across the whole of April with 5 days with some rain falling. Now let us look at the weather forecast for the month of April for most popular cities in Bhutan.

These predictions are statistics for April from weather reports for over 10 years.

Name of cities Average.Temp Max.Temp Min.Temp Rainfall
Thimphu 10°C 14°C 6°C 127mm
Geylegphug 31°C 35°C 27°C 267mm
Paro 10°C 14°C 6°C 127mm
Phuentsholing 31°C 36°C 25°C 147mm
Punakha 10°C 14°C 6°C 127mm

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Accommodation in Bhutan in April

A wide variety of accommodation is available in Bhutan. But, in April due to peak season, it is very important to book the hotels in advance so that you get the stay of your desire.

The accommodations range from luxurious 5-star hotels to cozy homestays in traditional Bhutanese homes. These hotels assure warmth and comfort to the visitors. Similarly, the ambiance and hospitality that the hotels offer are incredible.

Generally, most tour operators provide the guests with a minimum of 3 Star accommodation to assure them of their comfort.

For those considering homestay, we would like you to take note that some families have modern facilities. Yet some do not have such as electricity and a hot shower. However, what they lack in facilities, they will make up with their unparalleled hospitality.

So in April when there is a rush in hotels, choosing homestay could be a good option.

Food and Drinks in Bhutan in April

One typical thing for Bhutanese food is that the Bhutanese love it spicy. Chilies are not a seasoning but a truly valuable vegetable in Bhutan.

Therefore traditional Bhutanese food consists of dry, fresh red and green chilies. Hence while in Bhutan in April, you ought to try the national dish of Ema Datshi.

However, if you are someone who can’t take in spicy food, you can always inform the waiter while you place your order.

Red rice, which is extremely nutritious and similar to brown rice forms the main chunk of most meals in Bhutan. This rice comes along with one or two side dishes containing meat or vegetables. Another famous dish is Momo. Momos are dumplings stuffed with pork, beef or cabbages, and cheese.

Taking into account the western taste, most hotels offer meals in buffet style. They have the options of continental Indian, Chinese and traditional Bhutanese cuisines.

As for drinks, what locals mostly indulge in butter tea, also known as Suja or Po Cha. They usually serve this after meals regardless of the weather.

And, Ara is the traditional alcoholic beverage in Bhutan made by fermenting rice, wheat, millet, barley or buckwheat.

Things to Do in Bhutan in April

Explore the Majestic Architecture of Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong is arguably the most beautiful dzong in the country. Esp in Spring, when the lilac-colored Jacaranda trees bring a lush sensuality to the Dzongs towering whitewashed walls.

Punakha Dzong is a famous 17h century fortress that resides beside the Pho and Mo Chhu rivers. This Dzong also serves as the capital and seat of government until the mid-1950s.

Coronation of the king of Bhutan happens here. And the Dzong is still the winter residence of the Dratshang (official monk body).

Hence with its grand splendor and majestic architecture, Punakha Dzong makes for a breathtaking sight in April.

Relax at Wangdue Phodrang

Wangdue Phodrang is one of the largest dzongkhags(district) in Bhutan. As the district covers 4,308 square kilometer and ranges from 800 to 5800 meter in altitude. It has extremely varied climatic conditions ranging from subtropical forests in the south to cool and snowy regions in the north.

The Beautiful and calm town that it is, visiting Wangdue Phodrang is one of the best things to do in Bhutan in April. It is famous for its slate and stone carvings and bamboo products.

Its serene backdrop and mesmerizing views in April with clear blue sky will simply leave you enthralled

Rediscover Yourself, Take the Middle Path

Bhutan is just perfect if you want to get away from the daily drill of everyday life and reconnect with yourself. Buddhism is not a religion in Bhutan. It is a way of life.

You will realize this the minute you step into the country and interact with its people. In fact, if you notice Bhutanese architecture, you will realize that most homes in Bhutan are three-storey. Where the third floor would always have a shrine or prayer room.

If you want to feel the spiritual high as well, you could go for a session of meditation at one of the many monasteries or at your hotel itself. Or you could also soak in a mineral spring bath or Tshachu for its medical properties.

This is one of the most recommended things to do while in Bhutan. Yet, if you don’t feel like indulging in any of this, just walking by the river would prove to be therapeutic.

Get High on Adventure

The geographical location of Bhutan makes it a sweet spot for adventure activities. Such as hiking, biking, trekking, kayaking, and rafting. And what better time to do this than in April.

The rugged mountains, the magnificent lakes, and glaciers make it a very exciting and stunning venue to tap your adventurous side.

There is a number of treks you can plan during your trip to Bhutan depending on the difficulty level that you are looking for.

Trekking in Bhutan in April is not just a trek or trip to cover these trekking trails. But a journey of discovery, a nurturing trip of mind and soul.

Some of the popular treks in Bhutan include Druk Path Trek, the Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek and the Snowman trek. These are the longer treks lasting for days. But if you don’t have time, you can always go for a day hike such as Chele La hike, Zuri Dzong etc.

Attend Festivals

Besides the treks and city tour in Bhutan, you can also attend some special traditional festivals in April such as,

Rhododendron Festival: Bhutan Rhododendron Festival takes place in the middle of April to the end in Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu. The festival celebrates the rhododendron flowers that bloom abundantly in Bhutan.

During the festival, the gorgeous garden walk and elaborately prepared exhibition attract a great number of visitor. With constant words of praise, the festival also provides Bhutan cuisines to taste and traditional games to attend.

Domkhar Tshechu: Domkhar Tshechu is one of the biggest festivals in the Bumthang area. During this festival, the locals put on handmade masks on their faces and dress in colorful traditional gowns. The festival marks the birthday of Guru Rinpoche, the saint who visited Bhutan in the 8th century.

Ura Yakchoe: Ura Yakchoe is a three-day festival commemorating the presence of the future Buddha Maitreya and the unforgettable journey into the center of Bhutan. Ura Yakchoe is actually kind of famous dance in Bhutan.

So during the festival, the locals perform folk dances. And they put sacred relic on display from which people can receive the blessings.

Things to Know About Bhutan in April

The following information serves as a guide and provides some useful information for you as you plan your traveling in April:


The official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha, but most Bhutanese are fluent in English as that is the medium of education. So, communication shouldn’t be a problem.


The currency of Bhutan is the Ngultrum (Nu.) It is at par with the Indian rupee which is widely accepted in the country.


There are ATM’s in Bhutan, but only in the main towns. A word of caution, the ATM’s do not always work and if they do, one is usually only able to withdraw small amounts.

Travel/ Medical Insurance

The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan initiates travel and medical plan solely for the visitors. You can get the travel insurance from the Bhutanese tour operator or international partner.


All major towns connect with electricity that runs on 220/240 volts with round hole two-pin and three-pin power outlets.

Taking a flat to round pin converters for your electronics can come in handy. However, most hotels offer multi-plug sockets.


Bhutan offers plenty of opportunities for photography esp during outdoor sightseeing trips.

Yet, it is best to check with your guide before taking pictures at temples, monasteries and religious institutions. As in some area photograph/filming is not permitted.

However, you are free to click pictures of the landscape, rural life, flora and fauna, distinctive Bhutanese architecture, the exterior of Dzongs and Chortens.


Tipping is a completely personal choice. It is up to you as to whether you want to tip your guides or drivers. However, if doing so, we recommend that you place the gratuity in an envelope.


Bhutan has a good network of telecommunication facilities. Most hotels and cafes offer Wi-Fi and internet access. But if you need more connectivity you can get a local SIM card from Tashi Cell or B-Mobile and top up with prepaid cards.

Clothes & Other Paraphernalia

While in Bhutan, the country expects visitors to dress modestly and respectfully. Esp if you plan to visit the monasteries, Dzongs and other religious institutions.

We recommend you wear long pants and long-sleeved tops while visiting such places. Also as a sign of respect, be kind enough to remove your hats, caps etc as you enter religious premises.

Health inoculations

Before planning on a trip to Bhutan, it is important that you seek advice from a doctor. With regard to vaccinations and appropriate medication, you should have prior to your travels.


Bhutan is one of the safest countries in the world. However, you should still ensure that you secure your belongings, esp your passports, cameras, wallets.

Avoid drinking water from the tap as they are not filtered. You can easily afford treated and bottled water.

Also, Bhutan has a duty to protect its citizens from drugs and tobacco products. Hence please do not carry tobacco good in excess of the set limit. Moreover, Bhutan is the only country in the world that has banned the consumption and sale of tobacco. Hence they do not allow smoking in public.

However, if you want to smoke, bring your own cigarettes that is just enough for you for the trip and ask the guide where you can light up.

Public Holidays

Bhutan has many Public holidays. However, each Dzong has its own list of regional holidays that they observe esp during the annual Tsechus( Religious festivals). For such list please contact your service provider or travel agent.

Packing for April

Depending on where you are heading, you will need to pack both cool and warm clothes. As the south of the country rarely gets cold at all. However, in the north you will need warmer clothing to beat the colder weather at night, esp in some high altitude places.

If you are trekking, then you should include trekking boots and plenty of layers to keep you warm or cool as you trek. For those not trekking, a decent pair of shoes is essential, as the roads in Bhutan are not all paved, and ground can be rough in some places.

In April, during the sunny day, you will need sunglasses and hat since the sun can get a little stronger than you might expect. Also, it is important to carry sunscreen. And since the northwest is quite windy too, so moisturizer and lip balm for the chaffing winds is a good idea.

Besides, you can carry normal clothes that you would wear anywhere else, such as t-shirts, pants etc.


Bhutan in April is a great time to plan a trip. With pleasant weather, the sky remains crystal clear with excellent visibility. Early buds growing out of trees and blossom of the rhododendron revives every corner of the country.

Moreover, with only a few days short time rainfalls, April is one of the best months for outdoor activities esp trekking.

Hence, do not hesitate to embark on this jaw-dropping Bhutan tour in April. Despite the rise of Minimum Daily Fund, the scenery in Bhutan in April is definitely worth the money you spend.

For further question or queries, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to guide and assist you.

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