Bhutan in June

Bhutan in June

If you like to avoid the higher tariff and the cold of winter, consider visiting Bhutan in June.

It is summer during June which also brings in some rain because it does coincide with the monsoon. But, if sometimes monsoon is late, it is absolutely amazing. You can enjoy warm days. The entire month of June is great for traveling to Bhutan.

Sapphire skies and warm weather welcomes tourists planning for a budget tour to Bhutan. June is a pleasant time to visit places of cultural and historical interest.

Over the last decades, June has become progressively drier. This is due to the effects of the monsoon of the Indian Ocean. Monsoon has shifted to late June- late September.

Moreover, June sees a low inflow of tourists mainly blaming the monsoon. However, this isn’t the situation. Bhutan in June experiences relatively light rain. And when it rains, it is usually in the late afternoon and does not affect tour itineraries.

This makes June that time of the year when you can actually enjoy the beauty of the country without worrying about bumping into a tourist or two. As for the rain, let the rain gear deal with it.

You can not only escape the crowd but capture some great deals. This time of the year, the country is mostly lush green. It is a great time of the year for Botanist too.

Bhutan Weather and Climate in June

June is the first month of the summer season. During this time, you will find beautiful flowers blooming from the spring season. You may also experience pre-monsoon showers.

These occasional rainfall occurs mostly in the afternoon and will be light. However to see Bhutan so green and full of clear streams and waterfalls with clear skies is worth it. However, you may not experience grand Himalayan vistas at this time.

The precipitation during this month creates stunning and dramatic landscapes. During this time you will enjoy warmer weather and also expect to witness a multitude of rainbows.

The average maximum daytime temperature in Bhutan in June is a comfortable 18 degree Celsius. The average nighttime temperature is usually a cool 9 degrees. There are usually 6 hours of bright sunshine each day which represents 43% of the 14 hours of daylight.

Expect 411 mm of rainfall across the whole of June with 17 days with some rain falling. Down below, find the weather forecast for June for most popular cities in Bhutan. These predictions are statistics for June from weather reports for many years.

Name of Cities Average.Temp Max.Temp Min.Temp Rainfall
Thimphu 15°C 18°C 12°C 266 mm
Geylegphug 31°C 34°C 27°C 512 mm
Paro 15°C 18°C 12°C 266 mm
Phuentsholing 30°C 34°C 26°C 469 mm
Punakha 15°C 18°C 12°C 266 mm

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Accommodation in Bhutan in June

Unlike the peak seasons, the hotel and lodges will be available in June. Hence you will have various options to choose from. If you are willing to spend more, you can stay in the 5-star hotels that provide privileges that come with their own price.

While there are also hotels and lodges that are reasonable and provide basic facilities. The normal 3-star hotel will provide you with clean rooms. With proper ventilation, comfortable mattress with clean sheets and blanket.

These rooms will have attached bathroom with 24 hours hot and cold water. Also, they have in-room heating and cooling. In Bhutan, you can also opt for home stays. With homestays, you will get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the lives of the local Bhutanese.

However, not all houses in Bhutan will have hot shower facilities. Yet, they will provide you with warm water upon your request.

Food in Bhutan in June

The most unique feature of Bhutanese cuisine is its sharp taste. Chilies are an important ingredient. The Bhutanese people consider chilies so important that they would not enjoy a meal that is not spicy.

Rice forms the main body of most Bhutanese meals with one or two side dishes consisting of meat or vegetables. Beef, pork, and chicken are the meats that most locals take frequently.

Ema Datshi, which means chili and cheese, is Bhutan’s most famous dish that tourists traveling to Bhutan should try at least once.

Hotels and restaurants do prepare a much milder version of the dish for first-time tryouts. Another common and popular food is Momo (steamed dumplings). The vegetarian version comes with cheese mixed onion and cabbage.

In some eateries, you will get a steaming bowl of bone marrow soup that is on boil throughout the day along with momo. This will be great in June on some rainy day.

Bhutan also has a unique salted butter tea called Suja which some visitor describe as hot soup. And the local alcohol brew Ara that can loosen and fire up the senses at the same time.

Hotels and restaurants also serve a variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. In recent years a number of restaurants have opened up in the capital serving Thai, Korean, Indian and traditional Bhutanese meals.

As landlocked country seafood is generally not common. But tourist hotels and restaurants do keep an imported stock that features on their menu.

Cost of Tour to Bhutan in June

June is a good time to visit Bhutan for those who are willing to pay less. Unlike another peak season, the daily tariff in June is USD 200 per person which is USD 250 otherwise.

This daily tariff includes:

  • A minimum of 3-star accommodation.
  • All meals – Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • A licensed Tour Guide
  • All transportation inside Bhutan, except flights.
  • Camping equipment, horses to carry your gear, a cook, and a lunch boy when hiking.
  • All Entrance fees.

If you are traveling solo or in groups of less than 2 then you will have to bear extra surcharge.

  • Single traveler – US$40 per night
  • Group of 2 travelers – US$30 per person/per night.

Note: $65 of the daily tariff serves as a government tax. This goes to public services like education and healthcare.

Bhutan Tour Package in June

There are several packages to choose from while planning to visit Bhutan. From Bhutan holiday package to Bhutan honeymoon package, you can choose any Bhutan tour package according to your preference. Moreover, you can even choose the number of days.

If you are short on time yet want to discover Bhutan, there are 6 days Bhutan tour package. There you will have the opportunity to discover the unique charm of Bhutan. You can visit the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery and explore the capital city of Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdue Phodrang etc.

You will also get to witness the unique architecture and enjoy the full blooms of the wildflowers of the country in June.

And if you have enough time you can choose the longer tour packages that can last up till 8 to 10 days. Here you can explore Thimphu, Paro, Punakha which are the popular cities of Bhutan.

Moreover, Bhutan has several ancient monasteries, Dzongs, and Chortens of great religious importance. Hence with more time in your hand, you can visit these which will definitely be a worthy experience.

Trekking in Bhutan in June

Trekking in Bhutan in June is not the ideal time because June falls in summer which coincides with the monsoon season.

In June, you will not get the views of Himalayan snow-capped mountains because of rain, and clouds. However, over the years, the weather has changed so much and it is quite unpredictable.

A year back Bhutan witnessed rainfall in spring which is dry months. Whereas June was warm and sunny with less rainfall. Hence the weather is not certain. So going by the weather pattern, June could be a good time for trekking.

So if you are someone who can manage time only during June, you can enjoy short trekking packages designed for 4-5 days.

The trek you can consider is Dagala Thousand lakes trek. This sort of botanical trek in June allows you to see many beautiful flowers in bloom. You will also see many glacial lakes en-route too. Also, you can take the Druk Path trek.

Make sure you carry your raincoat and wear a hiking boot with good grip since the trail can be muddy and slippery.

Festivals to Enjoy during June

Traveling to Bhutan in June you will get to experience the two different festivals of Nimalung Tshechu and Kurjey Tshechu. This takes place in Bumthang district in central Bhutan. It gives you a real appreciation of the Buddhist faith.

Nimalung Tshechu: This is a three-day festival. During this time, the viewers dress in their finest traditional clothes and jewelry. People from all over the villages come to witness the Tsechu.

Here you will witness the historical folk dances in colorful costumes. They celebrate this festival to bring happiness, expect better harvest, and prosperity of the village and country as a whole.

Kurjey Tshechu: This is a one-day festival held in front of Kurjey Temple. Similarly, the Tsechu viewers dress in their finest clothes flock to the temple. This date marks the birthday of Guru Rinpoche whereby they hold prayer ceremonies across Bhutan. Monks from Trongsa Monastery also perform religious dances.

Packing for Bhutan in June

In June, the weather will be warm. Hence, pack light. However, heavy cotton and lightweight wool are acceptable.

Altitudinal differences account for a wide range of temperatures from day to night the year round. It is, therefore, suggested that you layer your clothes so that you can adapt to the changing conditions.

Good sunglasses and a sunhat are a must and take plenty of sunscreen. Since June falls in the monsoon season, do not forget to pack a lightweight raincoat and a small travel umbrella. Also, wear a sturdy boot because some places can be muddy and slippery due to the rain.

Other things you may need are toiletries, anti-bacterial handwash, a small medical kit, insect repellant etc.

Things to Know About Bhutan Tour

  • The official Bhutanese language is Dzongkha. But most Bhutanese are quite fluent in English.
  • Bhutan bans the sale and consumption of Tobacco. Hence smoking in Public is strictly prohibited. However, consumption is not completely forbidden. You can ask your guide where you can light up.
  • Tuesday is the national dry day. So, Bhutan forbids the sale of alcohol during this day.
  • Do not drink water directly from the tap. Instead, make use of bottled water.
  • Voltage in the country is 220/240 volts AC, 50 HZ
  • The country has winding roads. Be sure to carry motion sickness medicines.
  • Monsoon rain can cause a landslide that can cut off some roads for days. Check access routes before setting off.
  • Be sure to dress modestly while visiting temples and other places of worship
  • ATMs are not widely used in Bhutan. You cannot completely rely on them. Hence carry enough cash to last you for the trip.


While traveling to Bhutan in June, one must expect lush greenery. The precipitation during this month creates some of the most stunning and dramatic landscapes with low cloud cover and narrow valleys.

Tourists visiting Bhutan in June can enjoy the lower tariff and lesser crowds. Hence if you are someone who doesn’t mind little rain, June is a good time with warm weather. But, don’t forget to snug in your rain gear.

For further question or queries, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to guide and assist you with the best of our knowledge.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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