Bhutan in December

Bhutan in December

Bhutan in December gives you an experience unlike a lot of countries. You will experience the bearable cold temperatures in the peaceful travel destination in Bhutan in December.

One of the best advantages of visiting Bhutan in December is that the rivers and streams are smooth-current and clear colored in winters. This is something very fascinating and you might barely find similar sight elsewhere in the world.

The smooth current of the rivers gives you the opportunity to do white-water rafting. This activity is soothing and calming for the soul.

Weather and Climate in December

Bhutan Weather and Climate in December

If you are planning your trip to Bhutan this December, you can expect to enjoy cool yet sunny days. It is one of the best times to travel to Bhutan if you want clear and cool views. However, you should know that the temperature drops in elevations above 3000 meters.

The early mornings and evenings are quite chilly in December, but the rest of the day is a pleasant treat.

If you are coming from the north, you can find the winter climate in Paro, Thimpu and most other places similar to late autumn or early Spring. Thus, snow is quite rare in Bhutan. However, you can witness some snow in higher passes like Dochu-La or Chele-La.

You can expect an average of 10 – 20 degree Celsius during the day. In the night, the temperature can drop between 0 to -5 degree Celsius.

Weather in Paro

Maximum Temperature: 9 to 13 degree Celsius

Minimum Temperature: -1 degree Celsius

Average Temperature: around 6 degree Celsius

The days are quite sunny and bright, but the nights are chilly. This time is amazing for white-water rafting and bird watching.

Paro sees almost no snow in December, except in the highest mountain areas. There is also almost no rainfall, and the entire region remains dry throughout the month. The lower altitudes remain dry, and the average temperature makes it perfect for short treks.

Weather in Bumthang

Maximum Temperature: 11.5 degree Celsius

Minimum Temperature: -3.5 degree Celsius

Average Temperature: 4 degree Celsius

Bumthang is a colder region in comparison to other top 5 must see places in Bhutan . However, even the cold weather is quite pleasant and enjoyable. The bright sunshine will keep you warm and the crisp chilly air makes you feel fresh. Thus, you will be comfortable to trek in the lower regions of Dzongkhag.

Weather in Punakha

Maximum Temperature: 18 degree Celsius

Minimum Temperature: 6 degree Celsius

Average Temperature: 12 degree Celsius

Punakha is one of the warmer areas in Central Bhutan. Since the lower elevations still have an average of 12 degree Celsius, you can still expect showers in the early half of the month.

Weather in Thimpu

Maximum Temperature: 12 degree Celsius

Minimum Temperature: -1.5 degree Celsius

Average Temperature: 5 degree Celsius

Thimpu and Paro have similar weather conditions. With the arrival of December, the weather gets slightly colder. The average temperature barely goes up to 5 degrees. Since the night temperatures drop to freezing, you might want to pack warm jackets to stroll around in the evenings.

Weather in Jakar

Maximum Temperature: 12.5 degree Celsius

Minimum Temperature: -2.5 degree Celsius

Average Temperature: 5 degree Celsius

Jakar gives a similar temperature to the capital area. The rain is almost non-existent, only around 3mm throughout the month. The showers pour only during the nights.

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Accommodations During Bhutan Tour in December

Accommodations During Bhutan Tour in December

December is a low-season for tourist flow in Bhutan. There is less rush and you can easily find hotels and homestays. Since there are lesser crowds, you might not have trouble finding an appropriate accommodation facility for yourself.

However, it is still wise to book your rooms prior to your visit to the country. This helps you to avoid confusion and any possible uncertainties.

In Bhutan, you will find Hotels, home stays, farm stays, and resorts. The hotels and resorts provide you with luxury services such as hot shower, television, room service, Wi-Fi and spa. If you are looking for a comfortable winter stay, hotels are perfect for you.

However, if you want a glimpse into the traditional and everyday lifestyle of the Bhutanese people, we recommend you to opt for homestay or farm stay. You can observe age-old Bhutanese traditions, and enjoy warm home-cooked meals to savor your taste buds in the cold December.

Bhutan Tour Packages in December

Bhutan Tour Packages in December

The Druk Path Trek

One of the finest short treks in Bhutan is the Druk Path Trek. Here is what you can expect to see in this trek:

  • Finest views of Jimiling Lake
  • Gangkar Puensum
  • Beautiful blue pines
  • Dwarf rhododendron forests

Autumn makes the views even clearer and mesmerizing. One of the perks of this trek is that you can be a novice and still trek easily. You do not need prior trekking experience to enjoy this adventure.

It is a moderate trek and the route goes through famous high altitude lakes heaving with fish, ancient temples and dzongs.

Discover Bhutan Tour

The Discover Bhutan Tour gives you the opportunity to embark a 6-day journey into the mystery of magical destinations. You can see the most amazing mountain sceneries in the world, monasteries and ancient temples. Some of the major highlights of this tour are:

  • Be a part of local festivals like Black Necked Crane Festival, Prakhar Duchhoed, and Jambay Lhakhang Drup in November
  • Hike to Taktshang, or ‘Tiger’s Nest’, a monastery built in a series of caves at an elevation of 7000 feet.

The Phobjikha-Gangtey Valley Trek

The Phobjikha – Gangtey Valley Trek is a very popular trek in Bhutan. Government of Bhutan promotes this route as a part of ecotourism.

Some of the major highlights of this trek are:

  • The Black Necked Crane festival in the Phobjikha Valley in November.
  • The moderate temperature in November, with a maximum of 27 degrees and a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius to the most.
  • Explore the isolated valleys of Gogona, Phobjikha and Gangtey Gompa.
  • Witness the most exotic and beautiful bamboo and fir forests, and cultural Dzongs in Paro and Thimpu.

Festivals in December in Bhutan

Trongsa Tshechu festival

Bhutanese celebrate festivals almost throughout the year. December has a fair number of festivals you can witness.

Mongar Tshechu

This is the earliest festival in December, held at Mongar Dzong, in the eastern region of Bhutan. People from across the region, come to the festival where there are performances of the Cham dances.

Druk Wangyel Tshechu

This is a unique festival and there are performances of the Bhutanese army instead of the monks or the locals. It is a tribute to the wise leadership of His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the Fourth King of Bhutan.

It also a celebration for the continuous effort of the Bhutanese Army in protecting the sovereignty of the country.

Trongsa Tshechu

The Trongsa Tshechu is one of the oldest festivals in Bhutan. There is a belief that the other tshechus across Bhutan spread from Trongsa.

On the last day of the festival, they unfurl the Thongdrel (liberation and blessings at the sight) every time. It is the highlight of the Trongsa Tshechu.

Buli Tshechu

In this festival, there are performances of different types of mask dances. There is the unfurling of a huge thongdrol (large tapestry) of Guru Rinpoche on the last day of the event.

Bhutanese food to Taste During Bhutan Tour in December

Bhutanese food to Taste During Bhutan Tour in December

When you are traveling to a different country, tasting the local and traditional food always opens ways into the local culture. If you are up for Bhutan this December, make sure you treat your palate with local cuisines rather than only Hotel foods.

Here’s a list of some of the local foods that you can try, and they can be even more perfect to comfort your belly with warmth this winter:

  • Ema Datshi (Chilli and Cheese)
  • Red rice
  • Jasha Maru (Spicy Chicken)
  • Phaksha Paa (Pork with red chilies)
  • Suja (Bhutanese Butter Tea)
  • Ara (Traditional Alcoholic Beverage)
  • Zow Shungo
  • Jaju Soup
  • Jasha Tshoem
  • Momo (dumplings)
  • Homestay

Packing for December Tour in Bhutan

The key to comfortable traveling is to keep it light and simple. So the first thing you need to keep in your mind is to have comfortable and sufficient clothing. The second thing is that you dress modestly since certain revealing clothes are not very appreciated.

Even though winter is not as harsh in Bhutan as in other places of the world, it is always wise to have warm clothes in December. Of course, the daylight keeps you warm, but the nights can be freezing cold, so make sure you have proper warm clothes.

Here is a list of things you might need in your trip to Bhutan this December:

  • Warm Jackets
  • Wind and Waterproof Jackets
  • Loose and comfortable trousers
  • Proper hiking boots (even if you do not plan to trek)
  • UV protection sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Gloves
  • Thermal Innerwears
  • Hats/Beanie

You can modify the list as per your necessity and requirements.

Reasons to Visit Bhutan in December

Reasons to Visit Bhutan in December

You can visit Bhutan in every season of the year and they all have their own specialties. Here, I have a list of reasons why you should visit Bhutan in December.

  • December is a low-season and there is lesser number of tourists in this month. It means that there are lesser crowds. The facilities for flight tickets and accommodations are easily available, even without booking.
  • It is easy to get flight tickets even in the last minute and you do not really have to struggle for a good seat.
  • December is cheaper! Yes, you only have to pay 200 USD for groups per night for an official tariff. While on high-seasons, you will have to pay 250 USD per night.
  • December is the best month for you to have a clear view of the snow-capped mountains. There is least humidity in the air, less rain, and only clear views.
  • December is not as cold in Bhutan as in other parts of the world.


Bhutan is a land of rich culture, beautiful landscapes, festivals, mouth-watering dishes, and hospitable people. You can visit this kingdom in any season of the year.

If you want to enjoy in peace and not rush with the crowds, Bhutan in December will serve you best. For incredible experience in this kingdom, book our 5 Days Bhutan Tour.

You can rejoice the traditional festivals, enjoy the cool weather in bright sunny days and trek through the trails.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. Our experts are ready to be at your service.

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