Bhutan in August

Bhutan in August

A visit to Bhutan in August is possible and doable for the rain lovers. If you don’t mind the occasional rain, August is a great time to visit Bhutan.

With cheaper rates, fewer crowds in the popular tours and treks, Bhutan in August can be the ideal destination for traveling.

For overall information about your visit to Bhutan in August, keep on reading.

Weather Condition and Temperatures of Bhutan in August

August is the last month of summer (monsoon) season in Bhutan. Hence, the rainfall is less frequent and has begun to weaken in intensity. The monsoon also weakens further as the month progresses.

Bhutan has a wide variation in the altitudes. So, the weather conditions may differ within the same month. In general, the southern and western parts of the kingdom get heavy torrential rains. While the northern areas see much less rainfall.

The average daily temperatures also start to cool down with autumn as the next season. With this, the humidity also drops. Hence, August is more pleasant than the other 2 months of summer.

Like the average rainfall, the daily temperatures also differ from place to place. Some of the average daily temperatures along with the weather conditions of the popular places to visit Bhutan are as follows:

Paro Weather in August

Paro gets average rain of 300mm in August. The average daytime temperatures are around 22 °C . During the nights, it can drop to 14° C. The rains are less heavy and frequent in Paro during this month.

Thimphu Weather in August

Thimphu also sees similar weather conditions like Paro. It has average daytime temperatures of 21 °C while the nighttime temperatures can drop to 13 ° C. It gets an average rainfall of 284mm in this month.

Bumthang Weather in August

Compared to Paro and Thimphu, Bhumthang gets less rainfall at around 232mm in August. The average daytime temperatures are around 17-21 ° C. During the nights, it can drop to 13 ° C. Most of this rainfall occurs in the first half of August.

Punakha Weather in August

Punakha is the hottest and wettest of these places. It has an average daytime temperature of 23-26 ° C. During the nights, it drops to 19 ° C. The average rainfall is quite low from July, yet higher compared to the other places at 534 mm in August.

Phobjikha Valley Weather in August

In this valley, the weather is cold. The daytime temperatures are around 11-14° C. During the nights, the temperatures drop to 3-5° C.

The average rainfall is 9.4cm. For visits to Phobjikha, the summer monsoon season of Bhutan is the 2nd best season.

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Tour Packages for Bhutan in August

For visits to Bhutan, there are several tour packages you can choose from. You can choose the number of days of the tour to places you wish to see within those days.

For people who have a time constraint, you can choose from the short duration tour packages. One of the ideal packages of these is the 6 days Bhutan tour package.

This magical tour allows you to discover some of the centuries-old temples. You will also visit the beautiful villages and towns of Bhutan. You will have a chance to explore Bhutan’s colorful cultures and customs.

This 6-day tour covers Bhutan’s most enchanting must-see places. From a visit to the Tiger’s Nest and the Black Mountain ranges to exploring the Thimphu, Punakha, and Wangdue Phodrang, this tour has it all.

This tour includes visits to dzongs, stupas, and other beautiful places. Hence, you get to witness the unique architecture of Bhutan. For longer visits, you can choose longer duration tours of 8-15 days.

In addition to above 6-day trip, check this 5 days Bhutan Tour as well.

Trekking in Bhutan in August

For most parts of Bhutan, August is not a favorable time for treks. This is especially true for individuals who wish to trek with the sole aim of enjoying mountain views. For those who don’t mind the rain, this can be a cheaper and more adventurous experience.

The unpredictable weather conditions on the trails offer surprises of some clear and dry days. It also offers views of stunning lighting strikes. You can also enjoy the occasional views of rainbows over the hills and mountains.

Some great examples for treks in Bhutan are:

Druk Path Trek

One of the finest treks in Bhutan, it is doable in August with proper planning and supplies.

You pass through high mountain passes and ancient trading route. You can also see the high altitude lakes and pastures of alpine yak. Druk Path Trek can also include visits to spectacular temples, dzongs, and monasteries. Here, you can witness the splendid wall paintings and carvings.

During August, the forests on the trails are all luscious green. You can see blooms of local wildflowers.

You will also pass through fertile rice fields that cover the valley. You can also witness Bhutan’s unique culture. This trek takes you through the isolated villages and towns in and around Thimphu and Paro.

Phobjikha Valley Trek

August is a great month to do Phobjikha Valley trek. Also known as Gangtey trek, you trek through the splendid U- shaped glacial valley of Phobjikha.

On this trek, you pass through remote villages of Gogona, Phobjikha, and Gangtey. You also walk across picturesque meadows, vast fields, and ancient monasteries. On clear days, you can enjoy the splendid sceneries of the surrounding landscapes as well.

Festivals Celebrated in Bhutan in August

Bhutanese people celebrate many religious celebrations and festivals. One of the more unique festivals is the Matsutake Mushroom Festival.

Celebrated twice in August in Bhutan, it aims to create awareness on the sustainable harvesting of the local mushroom.

This festival takes place in Genekha, a secluded village in Thimphu. This is an annual two-day mushroom festival at the beginning of August.

The special mushroom popular in this festival grows only in Bhutan and in plenty in Ura valley. The mushroom is well-known for its aromatic and succulent flavor. Delicious in taste, the mushroom also has several nutritional values and aphrodisiac properties.

This festival also takes place in the picturesque forests of the Ura valley in Bhutan. Here, the annual celebration takes place for 3 days during the annual harvest of the mushroom. This occurs during the last week of August.

Tourists from all over the world visit Bhutan to take part in the festival. Some of the things to do during this festival are:

Things to do at the Festival

Mushroom Hunting

Visitors can learn to identify the matsutake mushroom along with other edible mushrooms. After this, they learn how to harvest them. Then, they can join mushroom hunting excursions. During these, tourists can enjoy and explore the pristine woods and the beautiful valley of Ura.

Mushroom Tasting

You can taste and may enjoy the organic natural flavors of the Matsutake Mushroom. You can also sample a variety of delicious dishes that have the mushroom as its main ingredient.

Sing and Dance

Watch the cultural programs showcased by the local schools and community. The visitors can also join in the group songs and dances performed by the locals.


The tourists can choose to rejuvenate and relax after the festival. They can do this by taking an open-air mineral bath.

Accommodation During Bhutan Tour in August

In August, you will have a wide range of options for accommodation. For a more luxurious stay, you can opt for deluxe hotels and resorts. For the rest, there are great hotels and lodges which provide basic facilities.

There are no air conditioners in these Bhutanese hotels. There will be electrical fans which are a must in the hot days of August. Most rooms are clean with proper ventilation, comfortable mattress, clean sheets, and blanket. Most rooms have attached bathroom with 24 hours hot and cold water.

You can also opt for homestays in Bhutan. These give you an intimate look into the culture and lifestyle of the local Bhutanese.

Most Bhutanese hotels do not provide disposable toiletries or slippers. Hence, you need to pack

some by yourself.

Meals and Drinks During Bhutan Tour in August

Bhutanese cuisine has a sharp taste. This is due to the Chilies which are an important ingredient.

Rice is a staple in most Bhutanese meals with one or two side dishes. These can contain meat or vegetables. The popular meat items are beef, pork, and chicken. The vegetables are seasonal, locally grown and organic.

Do try local dishes like Ema Datshi, Momo, salted butter tea among others.

You will also find that most hotels and restaurants serve a variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes. Other serves Thai, Korean, Indian and traditional Bhutanese meals.

If you favor a drink or two, you can also try the local alcohol, ara. If you don’t like spicy food, then let your tour operator or guide know in advance, they will inform the hotels about this.

Bhutan Tour Cost during August

The Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDP) is lower in August than some other months of the year. It is US$ 200 per day.

This local tariff includes almost everything you need to spend money on during your stay. It includes:

  • 3-star accommodation on a twin-sharing basis. (For a more luxurious stay, you can upgrade your tour package for added cost)
  • All meals – Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • A licensed Tour Guide
  • All transportation inside Bhutan, except flights
  • Camping equipment, horses to carry your gear, a cook, and a lunch boy when hiking
  • All Entrance fees

For those traveling solo or in groups of less than 2, you will have to bear extra surcharge.

  • Single traveler – US$40 per night
  • Group of 2 travelers – US$30 per person/per night.

Note: There are also discounts available for larger groups and longer stays. There are also discounts on kids below 12 years. Students also get a discount if they have a proper student ID.

Packing Essentials to Explore Bhutan in August

Bhutan in August is still a summer (monsoon) month. Hence, packing light, breathable, rain gear is a must. You can also carry umbrellas as rainjackets can be too warm during the days.

A pair of durable, waterproof boots are a must for those wishing to go on treks or long day hikes.

If traveling to areas like Phobjikha, you must also carry a layer of warm, winter clothes. Some other things you can pack are:

  • Backpack with rain cover
  • Full-length trousers and shorts
  • T-shirts or long sleeved shirts (not sleeveless)
  • Sandals or flip flops (to rest your feet in during the evening and for use in the hotel)
  • Sun hat
  • Comfortable shoes (sneakers)
  • Socks (Light, easy to dry)
  • Torch (flashlight)
  • UV Protection Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Insect repellent cream (August is summer with chances of infestation of mosquitoes, flies)
  • First aid kit (Include water purification tabs and motion sickness medication to this)

Final Say,

August is a month of retreating rainfall and coming of cooler weather. The surprising weather adds a unique thrill and flavor to your visits to Bhutan in August.

You can get surprises of good and clear days along with days with good views of mountains, rainbow, and thunder.

If you have of your tours or treks to Bhutan, feel free to contact us. You can also contact us for any customized itinerary for Bhutan packages in August or any other month of the year.

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