Bhutan in September

Bhutan Weather in September

Bhutan is one of the most sought after travel destinations around the world. It has rich culture and tradition, sublime mountains, harmonious valleys as the major attraction.

Autumn is the best season to visit the land of Thunder Dragon where September is a lovely month with clear and crisp blue skies.

With a grand view of some of the tallest unclimbed mountains in the world, hiking and trekking in Bhutan in September is an ideal time.

Moreover, the climate is warm, dry and sunny with festivities in the air with rare flora and fauna on display.

All these reasons make September a peak season with more tourists compared to other months. If you are planning to visit Bhutan in September, it is wise to make your booking of hotels and flights in advance.

Bhutan Weather in September

Bhutan Weather in September

The month of September is the start of the Autumn season and is one of the best time to travel to Bhutan. Being the peak season, you will witness more crowd during this time.

The days are pleasant and dry which make a great time for being outdoors. The average maximum daytime temperature in Bhutan in September is a comfortable 17 degree Celsius.

The average nighttime temperature is usually a cool 8 degrees. There are usually 5 hours of bright sunshine each day which represents 42 percent of the 12 hours of daylight.

You can expect 247mm of rainfall across the whole of September. Now let us see down below the weather forecast for the most popular cities in Bhutan for the month of September.

Name of Cities Average.Temperature Max.Temperature Min.Temperature Average Rainfall
Thimphu 15°C 18°C 11°C 242mm
Geylegphug 31°C 34°C 29°C 421mm
Paro 15°C 18°C 11°C 242mm
Phuentsholing 31°C 34°C 28°C 353mm
Punakha 15°C 18°C 11°C 242mm

Note: These predictions are probabilities for September from weather reports for over 10 years. The percentage indicates the probability of having the weather indicated.

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Accommodation in Bhutan in September

Accommodation in Bhutan in September

Since tourism in Bhutan is flourishing, one can find various hotel options in a different budget which range from luxurious five-star hotel to decent guest house and lodge.

In fact, the concept of Homestay is also not new anymore in the country. As a lot of people have opened their house for tourists in order to provide an authentic experience to them.

Right from Phuentsholing to capital city Thimphu, everywhere you can find hotels in your budget. However, since September is a peak season there are chances you may not find available rooms if you decide to look for them in the last minute. And service level does suffer due to rush.

In that case, you can consider homestay where you will receive the utmost warmth and comfort. But take note that while some families have modern facilities, not all families have electricity or a hot shower. They will, however, provide hot water by boiling using the firewood.

Overall, if you are planning to visit Bhutan in September and want to get accommodation of your choice, pre-booking is a must.

Food in Bhutan in September

Food in Bhutan in September

Just like Bhutan’s various landscapes, Bhutanese cuisine is just as varied. And every region knows its own specialty. Dairy foods, in particular, butter and cheese from Yaks and Cows are very popular.

There are a lot of meat consumptions such as chicken, pork, beef, goat, mutton and yak as well as fish. They usually eat them in the form of stews with a wide variety of vegetables, accompanied by white rice or pink-red rice.

If there is one thing typical of Bhutanese cuisine, it is that Bhutanese love their food spicy. Chilies are not a seasoning but a true and valuable vegetable. Which is why it comes to no surprise that the national dish of Bhutan is Ema- Datsi consisting of chili and cheese.

However, if you don’t like it so spicy, do not worry. Most of Bhutan’s professional chef take into account the western less spicy taste. You can also choose from Continental to Chinese, and from Bhutanese to Tibetan and Indian cuisine.

Most hotel offer meal on a buffet style, however, there are no fast food restaurants in Bhutan such as KFC, Mcdonald, etc. Not even in the capital city, Thimphu.

Cost of Bhutan Tour in September

The Bhutanese government has set a non-negotiable minimum daily tariff. The daily tariff includes all of your accommodation, food, land transport within Bhutan. Also, it includes services of guides and porters, a supply of pack animals on treks and cultural programs.

It also includes a USD 200 which the government uses to fund infrastructure, education, health, and other programs.

Since September is a peak month, the daily tariff costs USD 450 per day which is USD 400 otherwise in offseason.

Hence if you are on a tight budget, traveling in September may not be the best decision. Moreover, travelers intending to go alone or as a pair should take note of the daily surcharge as follows,

  • Single traveler- USD 40 per night
  • Group of 2 travelers- USD 30 per person/per night
  • Group of 3 travelers or more- No surcharge

Highlights of Exploring Bhutan in September

Highlights of Exploring Bhutan in September

Clean Air and Blue Skies

The Bhutan weather in September is simply perfect and we cannot stress enough about the fact that it is one of the best time to visit Bhutan.

The skies are clear and there are no seasonal rainfalls with just the right amount of nip in the air. During the day it is warm and so you can be comfortable with just a pair of pant or shorts and a T-shirt.

However, regardless of the season, it is important to carry a jacket or a woolen clothing for the cold when the temperature drops at night.

Festival and Celebration

In September you can witness the very famous festival i.e The Thimphu Tsechu. It is one of the biggest festivals in Bhutan as thousands of people flock to the capital in their finest garments.

It is a three-day festival that takes places at Thimphu Tashichho Dzong. The Bhutanese people celebrate it to cleanse themselves of all the bad karma. During this festival, you can watch the monks putting up great performances in colorful, traditional attires and masks.

Hence while visiting Bhutan in September, make sure you do not miss out on seeing this spectacle.

Return of Black-necked Cranes in Phobjikha Valley

September in Bhutan means the return of the Black-necked cranes to the Phobjikha valley in central Bhutan.

During this month you will get to witness the spectacular assembly of the migratory birds. This makes September just the right time to visit Bhutan.

Hence spend time in the valley with the local villages to make the best of this one of a kind experience.

Hiking and Trekking

Hiking and Trekking

September is the best month to visit Bhutan if you are an avid hiker or trekker. The weather in Bhutan and its surroundings serve a great time for the trekkers.

Zuri Dzong trek in Paro valley is a spot of tranquility, serenity and outstanding backdrops. There is a belief that Lord Buddha meditated for years in the cave of Dzong.

Trashiyangtse is another trek which offers captivating views of Bhutan’s countryside. Several other treks that you can take are the Jhomolhari Trek, Druk Path trek and Snowman Trek, Phobjikha Trek, etc.

Overall, Bhutan Trekking is like no other trekking as the culture, tradition and the natural state remains untouched.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

When in Bhutan, one can definitely not miss the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery for its majestic views and heavenly experience.

And what better time than in September to visit this amazing monastery perched on the top of a hill. This place has great traditional values and it is one of the best things to do in Bhutan.

Located at a side of a steep hill cliff wall, about 900 m above Paro valley, this monastery is extremely beautiful.

The sight of white building amidst blue sky and thriving green mountains in September is simply beyond comparison.

Hence, before the temperature gets harsh with rain making it difficult, September is a perfect time in terms of weather.

Visit the Punakha Dzong

Blessed with many Dzongs, the Punakha Dzong is a must see in Bhutan. It is the most beautiful dzong in the country. The monument offers an eye-catching sight of the dazzling aura of the white walls on a clear sunny day in September.

Ornate wood carvings and intricate paintings add to the charm of this remarkable architecture.

Apart from the structural beauty, it also holds great historical and traditional importance.

A Thrill of Driving to the Highest Pass in Bhutan

Bhutan is the land of mountain passes. Hence, you can drive to the highest mountain pass Chele La in September when the view cannot be more High Definition.

During this time you can drive through the dense spruce and larch forests to a vantage point. From there you can see the majestic Jhumohari, the most sacred peak of Bhutan.

Additional Information for Bhutan Tour in September

Additional Information for Bhutan Tour in September

Traveling within Bhutan

Bhutan does not have a railway network, so the only way to explore the country is by road or air.

By Bus: There are public buses available in Bhutan. But they can be uncomfortable with the crowd. Moreover, the winding roads of Bhutan make them even more painful.

By Taxi: You will find taxis in Phuentsholing, Paro, Thimphu, and Jakar. Almost all taxis have the meter but most drivers hardly use them. So we recommend you negotiate the rate before you set off to avoid a hassle.

By Car: Hiring a car is the best and most comfortable way to explore Bhutan. The local drivers know the road well and you do not have to take the trouble of driving.

By Air: Bhutan has air services only to Paro, Bumthang, and Gelephu. The Royal Bhutan helicopter service operates charter flights and sightseeing from its base at Paro.

Communication and Connectivity in Bhutan

Bhutan’s telecommunication system is well organized. If you want to carry your own mobile phone, you will need to check with your home service provider. And verify the charges of incoming and outgoing calls.

Alternatively, you can also buy a local sim card (B-Mobile/ Tashi Cell) and use it. For this, you will need an unlocked GSM phone.

Tourists can only buy SIM cards from authorized dealers after filling out a lot of paperwork. And supplying a passport sized photograph. Once they check your passport and approve your paperwork, you can purchase a SIM card in-store.

Money in Bhutan

The official currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum ( NU), which is equivalent to the Indian currency i.e INR 1 = Nu1.

Bhutan widely accepts the notes 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 of Indian denominations. However, notes of 500 and 1000 are not valid in the country.

ATMs are available only in the major towns and travelers can withdraw the local currency only in small amount.

However, you can easily withdraw Travelers Cheque and exchange in Bhutanese currency. As for Credit Cards, only big hotels and restaurant in larger towns accept it.

Visa formalities

Other than Indian, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals, all visitors to Bhutan require a visa. Thimphu issues all the visas and only to tourists who book with a local licensed tour operator directly or through a foreign travel agent.

The travel agent will submit your tourist visa applications upon booking. Then they will send your visa through an email 10 days prior to your arrival to Bhutan.

The cost of Visa is USD 40 per person. And at your point of entry, you will receive a stamp in your passport.

Travel Advise for Bhutan in September

Travel Advise for Bhutan in September


The line voltage is 220 volt. And the power cuts are rare.


Bhutan is a great place to take amazing photographs. All credits to the spectacular landscape, unique architecture of the dzongs, and monasteries.

However, inside the temples and monasteries, it is not permitted to take photographs. Hence, kindly respect that and follow the advice of your guide.

Clothing for visits to Dzong and Monasteries

It is very important to dress oneself modestly for a visit to a religious place. Avoid wearing short pant and tank tops. You can wear long trousers or long skirts and a jumper with sleeves instead.

And in case you enter a temple, please remove your shoes.

Ban on smoking

Bhutan is the first country in the world to put a ban on tobacco. It is not possible to purchase cigarettes, so you have to bring your own from your home country. That too, in small quantity.

Do not forget to check the current regulation of the customs duty. Smoking is not permitted in public places esp near religious places.

Hence ask your guide where you can light up when you want to smoke.


You should seek medical advice from your local health practitioner before traveling to Bhutan. And ensure that you receive all of the appropriate vaccinations. As a guide Diphtheria, Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and Polio are strongly recommended.

Safe drinking water

As tap water is not safe to drink in Bhutan, only drink bottled mineral water which is readily available in hotels, shops, and restaurants. You can also carry water purifying tablets.

Safe eating

The biggest problem most travelers have with Bhutanese food is the liberal use of chili in almost every single dish. For those with a sensitive palate, try and ask for food without chili and if you have no luck there, stick to rice and momos.

Also, it is good practice not to eat salad during your trip as it may have come into contact with unclean water.

Tipping in Bhutan

Tipping is not compulsory in Bhutan. However, the majority of workers, especially those in the tourism industry such as guides, only have work for around half or quarter of the year. And therefore tips are incredibly valuable for making up their income.

USD$15 per day for tour guides and USD$10 per day for the driver can be a suitable amount to leave as a tip from a group of two. As of taxi fare, you can round up the fare and for hotel porter, you can tip USD 1 per bag.


September in Bhutan is a peak month mainly because of the splendid weather and interesting activities that you can take.

Hence we recommend that you plan your Bhutan tour in advance if you are planning to visit in September. And make sure of all the arrangements beforehand since the flights and hotels in Bhutan sell fast in this month.

For further question or queries, please feel free to contact us. It is our pleasure to guide and assist you with the best of our knowledge.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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