Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost

annapurna base camp trek cost

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a divine walk through the diverse landscape, spectacular mountains, and rural lifestyle. And, you definitely have to bear a certain cost for this Annapurna Base Camp trek.

The region is full of rich culture and tradition, and a wide variety of flora and fauna. This trek is full of excitement, hardship, new experiences and great hospitality.

Every year there is a heavy inflow of tourists, both local and international for Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

October is the finest time of the year for this trek and very safe too. Everything is well-managed and there is not a thing that you need to worry about.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek cost is affordable and reasonable as we provide you with service and facility worth the price. And of course. the memories you gather will be priceless.

The total cost of the whole package is just USD 1040. The thrill of walking down the Annapurna trails, witnessing the diverse ecosystem, learning new culture and lifestyle, is what matters and counts.

Once we are packed with limited members, we will be setting a fixed date.

As per your visa schedule, you are free to choose any date that you find suitable. And if required, we can organize the private treks as well.

When organizing a private trek,  we require a desired number of members. And if you want to be part of the trek, do let us know. We will be more than happy to help.

Cost Includes in Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

● Arrival and departure transfer

After you land at the airport, we will pick you up. You need not pay personally.  It is all-inclusive in your trek cost.

Similarly, after the end of the trek, while departing, our team will drop you at the airport.

● Facility of accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara

You are our client and it is our duty to provide you with satisfying accommodation while you are in Kathmandu and Pokhara. All the expenses include lodging and meals there. Lay back and enjoy the culture.

● Provision of guided sightseeing in Kathmandu with an entrance fee

After you land here at Tribhuvan International Airport, we plan on getting you around the capital. There is a lot that the capital will offer. An experienced guide will come along for the sightseeing tour to show you around and share information.

We will manage the entrance fees and transportation.

You can explore the alleys and streets of inner Kathmandu as well as the concrete Kathmandu. Every face you see will definitely smile back at you.

● Healthy and proper standard meals

We provide you with health-conscious and standard meal throughout your trek. Meals include your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything else will be on your personal expenses.

● Teahouse accommodation during the trek

During the trek, many of you might get exhausted and hungry. That’s when this tea house comes into play. They provide you a place to rest and good home-cooked meals which will help you recharge.

Teahouse spares you from carrying your own personal tents and items.

● Guide and porter

It is not possible to google every tiny information and details. A well-experienced guide with fluent English will accompany you. Be sure that the trekking guides are licensed and experienced.

Similarly to carry luggage, bags, food, and equipment, the company provides the required number of porters.  You can enjoy your trek freely.

● Trekking area permit for some place

During the trek, certain places may require a permit. The company takes care of it.

● Taxes and revenues

We all are well aware of the government imposed tax and revenues. No extra money is required to spend personally for this. This is all included in the cost.

We go through all the legal processes and hope to make the best out of your trek.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

Cost Excludes in Annapurna Base Camp Trek

● Personal expenses

Personal expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, sweets, snacks etc demand your personal payment. So, you will need to bring extra cash for that.

● All kind of beverages

Beverages include tea/coffee, coke, etc. The company will not be providing it from the trek cost. As the rate of intake of such beverage is not the same with every individual, it is not possible to estimate the quantity.

This is for personal satisfaction and meeting own demands. That is why the bill is on you.

●  Personal trekking equipment except stated above

Aside from the generally required equipment, you can carry extra equipment such as gimbal, cameras, and other as per your need. Everything is on you.

● Tipping

For the incredible company and information, some of you might feel impressed by the guide and may want to tip him. That is solely from your pocket.

Same with the hard work of the porter. You can show your generosity. But the money you tip is fully from yourself.

● Any loss

Many of your personal stuff, if lost during the trek will not be compensated by the company. That is why you need to take care of your own stuff. Mosaic Adventure will not be responsible for that.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Highlights

You will be witnessing many amazing things and people along the way. Some of the important highlights of the trek are listed below:

Beautiful view of the sunrise from Poon Hill

The ABC route directs you to Poon Hill, a ridge located in the north of the Pokhara. To all the sunrise lovers, you are in for a treat. This place is insanely famous for beautiful sunrise with a magical view.

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The pleasant sunrise at Poonhill passes through culturally rich villages. They are set along the majestic mountains with panoramic views including Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains.

And the trek to ABC continues.

High mountains

Along the way, you will come across many high mountains including Dhaulagiri, Himchuli, Machhapuchhre and Annapurna mountain, all looking down at you.

All the mighty mountains are filled with icy snow. The area is all covered with white and thick snow. The view is breathtaking.

And if luck is on your side, you might see some rare high altitude animals wandering around. The high mountains with its rich lifestyle, cultural diversity, cold freezing weather, and vegetation will not fail to amaze you.

Gurung Villages

When you reach here, you will be more than happy to receive such a warm hospitality and hearty welcome in the village. As the majority of the population here are Gurung, it is called a Gurung village. You will have the opportunity to live their way of life.

The people here are true and good by heart. Their unique lifestyle, culture, tradition, rituals will attract your attention.

The village itself is rich in natural vegetation. There are many beautiful natural places you can visit around the village.

Everyone here is kind and caring. The place is untouched by the modern ways or pollution. Everything is pure and fresh.

A Gurung village, also known as Landruk provides a spot for relaxation from the long, tiring trek. It will help trekkers regain their energy for the further trek.

Natural hot spring at Jhinu

Another important highlight of the Annapurna Base Camp trek is the natural hot spring at joint. It is located at an altitude of 1750m.

On the way, you will come across high waterfalls, numerous streams, and terraces. You will go past rhododendron and bamboo forests to Jhinu Danda. This is the place where there is a natural hot spring.

You can enjoy that warm bath at this hot spring. The place is very famous due to the hot spring. Every year many domestic and international tourists pay a visit to this place. Moreover, the natural warm water bath is a relief after hours of a walk down the difficult trails.


Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a magical trek that you will want to be a part of. The spectacular snow peaks, hilly gorges, rich culture, and the diverse flora and fauna will leave you breathless.

It is best to book in advance before departure. So that we can prepare a proper itinerary in time which will be highly effective.

The ticket to this beautiful and truly magical journey will make this trek worth remembering for a lifetime.

Read our travel guide for Annapurna Base Camp Trek here.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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