Mosaic Adventure no longer offers Elephant Riding tours

Mosaic Adventure no longer offers Elephant Riding tours

Why We Discontinued Elephant Riding Tours in Support of the Nepalese Elephant Welfare?
Elephants are important and respected animals in the wildlife of Nepal. But in terms of tourism, Nepal has taken a more considerate and protective stance for the welfare of the animals.

And, in order to ensure the safety and maintain the population of elephants in our country, we at Mosaic Adventure, has removed the elephant riding tour in our Chitwan National Park tour package.

We feel sorry for all the dehumanizing acts that go behind the scene for your pleasurable elephant rides. So, from now on wards we do not promote elephant riding tour in Chitwan.

Why Are We Doing This?
Elephant tourism is a huge industry in Asia. Countries like India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Nepal have made elephants an enticing part of their tour packages, particularly, elephant riding tours.

Indeed, any foreign visitor, young or old, would marvel at the sheer thrill of being able to ride an elephant’s back at least once in his life, but that’s to the expense to the health of the animal.

Mosaic Adventure aims to help you make memorable trips with our packages. A visit to the Chitwan National Park will expose you to the beauty and wonder of Nepalese wildlife, including the first-hand sighting of tigers and one-horned rhinos. For the past several years, travel tours and agencies offer elephant riding as part of the visiting tour to Chitwan National Park.

However, we have joined hands along with other members of the tourism industry and decided to scrape off the elephant riding tour in efforts to protect and preserve the population of elephants in our country.

Crush Training: Breaking the Elephant’s Spirit
Although a ride on the elephant is a one-of-a-kind experience, the animals also go through a tough and terrible time to become able to render such service. Elephants belong to the wild.

However, in efforts to make a business out of these animals, young elephants are separated from their mothers and are then kept in camps where a mahout trains the animal until it is fit to enter provide tourism-related services.

The process of crush literally debases the wild spirit from an elephant until it becomes domesticated, seemingly a slave to the commands of its human master. During this process, an elephant is beaten with a bullhooks or stick. It is also deprived of food and water that some elephants get ill or die.

The mahout teaches the elephant to be submissive. Elephants don’t really know how to play soccer or give massages, but because their wild spirits have been broken, they have learned these tricks and become the spectacle of animal shows.

Riding the Elephant can be Fun for some, But It Hurts Them
Riding on top of an elephant is a picturesque experience. And while it is fun, elephants can suffer from spinal injuries that go unnoticed. The sheer load of at least one adult human on them is enough to cause damage to their bodies and spirits.

Mosaic Adventure recognizes the importance of elephants to the Nepalese culture and tourism industry, but more than anything, we wish for the elephants’ population to thrive in our wildlife.

For the reasons stated above, discontinuing the elephant riding tours in our package gives the elephants a more free rein to roam in the wild where they belong.

We also hope that you’ll meet this decision with agreement and appreciation. Please do not patronize elephant riding tours. That alone is a huge contribution in protecting their safety and welfare.

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