Choosing Adventure Trek Grade for Your Trip in Nepal

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Everyone has a different level of stamina, endurance, and ability. Based on this, the adventure trek grade can vary from person to person.

Therefore, the adventurous trek they should choose also varies depending on personal ability and preference.

So, first know about yourself and then choose the best trek grade that suits both your physical and mental health.

everest base camp trek

Of all the outdoor adventures, trekking is one of the most physically demanding. It is both delightful and challenging all at the same time.

However, this sport also requires an environment that provides both beauty and the right amount of danger.

The scenery has to literally and figuratively take your breath away for it to be satisfying. For most trekkers, succeeding a challenging trail is what makes this activity worth the preparation and effort.

Granted that different people have different experiences and endurance levels, determining your right trek grade is important to ensure your safety and the quality of your trip.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Trek Grade

A successful and fun trek experience is like finding a date. For it to be enjoyable, you have to fit in and be on the same page as your date.

In other words, certain things have to be taken into account for you to enjoy your trek.

Among these things include the nature of the terrain as well as the degree of mental and physical challenge needed to complete the trek. You also have to consider the possible highest altitude that you can reach.


For experienced trekkers, these things do not matter as much although it would absolutely help to know your trek grade regardless of your experience.

The fact that different terrains and trails offer different challenges is enough for you to determine what to expect from a particular trip.

After all, if you are in for the experience, a new climb may present new challenges that you have not tried before. You may have to face a slightly higher degree of difficulty, which requires more skills and better fitness.

Most importantly, anyone who does not match or fit in with the challenge will not be recommended to push through with the trip.

Another good thing about knowing your adventure trek grade is that while it only serves as a general indication of the difficulty of the terrain, it serves as an assessment to the level of difficulty to which you can enjoy the trip best.

Since factors such as the length of the journey, weather conditions, and altitude are generally unpredictable, knowing your trek grade ensures that despite these factors, you will be able to endure the journey and make the most out of it.

Below are six categories of adventure trek grade that we have compiled:

1.) Leisurely

As the name suggests, this grade is the least demanding of all. Anyone can enjoy this trip regardless of your fitness or experience level. One perfect tour for this grade is the Kathmandu Pokhara tour.

This trip is a combination of the architectural and cultural beauty of the area as well as the magical view of the Himalayas.

2.) Easy

This tour is slightly more challenging than being leisurely. Still, you do not need to be in a certain physical shape to go. Perfect place for this is the Poon Hill Trek, which is a short trip in Nepal that offers the amazing views in a short span of time.

Climbing the Poon Hill during sunrise and watching the beautiful mountains in the early light of day is simply magical.

3.) Moderate

On this level, expect a little more challenge as you will be required to do more physical activities for four to five hours a day.

The view, however, makes up for all your hard work. You will venture into a beautifully remote valley with beautiful mountain and great views. Langtang Valley Trek is classified under this grade.

4.) Difficult

The Everest Base Camp trek is one trip classified under this grade. This trek is certainly a challenge with 12 days of walking on high altitudes, rocky tracks, and some pretty steep inclines.

In fact, the Everest Base Camp is higher than a lot of peaks in the world.


5.) Strenuous

This is a full camping trip like the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek. You will be exploring remote mountain areas and leaving the main tourist trails behind.

While there is a support team that assists guests, you will definitely need enough physical and mental strength to endure this trial.

6.) Alpine

The most challenging among the rest, the alpine requires previous trekking experience and the capacity to endure long days into remote and wilderness.

The elevation is above 18,000 feet, which makes this extremely demanding. Participants are even required to have at least basic knowledge on how to use crampons and ice axes.

The Island Peak Climbing is one trip classified under this grade.

Almost to the top of Island Peak

A lot of people start with the easier trail and level up on their next visit. There are also skill training workshops and courses that are being offered if you want to take trekking seriously as a hobby.

If you want to know more about our adventure trek grade as well as the tours we offer for these trekking grades, contact us.

If you are not sure of the ideal trekking grade for you, talk to us and we can suggest a trekking based on your skills and experience.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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