Reasons why you should never visit Nepal

Reasons why you should never visit Nepal

Nepal is a small third world country. Surely, nothing could be special there, right?

Everyone’s making a fuss why they should visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime, but we have more reasons to show why you should NEVER truly bother to visit Nepal.

15 Reasons to Never Visit Nepal

1. Nepal is a small country.

You think that a small and poor country like Nepal has nothing special about it. The postcard like images you see on the internet may simply just be exaggerations.

The serenity of the mountains, the crystal clear lakes, the beautiful rivers in Nepal is overrated. So, why visit Nepal?

Best time for trekking in nepal

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2. You can’t even take your family to Nepal.

The kids will get bored with the limited number of activities they can do in Nepal. Nepal may be a trekking haven, but what about those who’d rather do something else?

They’ll be bummed with the numerous activities that will consume their time – mountain biking, bungee jumping, sky diving, paragliding and white water rafting in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal with children

3. Nepal’s trekking routes are popular, but not really extraordinary.

The Himalayas are too great and mighty to conquer so a lot of people usually just trek at the foothills, which already vary from easy to extra challenging.

From Langtang Valley Trek to the Annapurna and Everest Base Camp Trek to lake routes, Nepal is certainly the prime destination for trekking enthusiasts.

Namgyal Monastery, Upper Mustang Trek, Nepal

4. So what if Nepal has the highest peaks in the world?

Whether you’re seeing the Himalayas from afar or trekking its hills and slopes for a more personal experience, Nepal is home to seven of the highest peaks of the world, all of which go higher than 20,000 feet.

Being at their commanding presence is simply an experience of the lifetime.

Sunrise on Poon Hill Trek

5. The lakes aren’t as majestic as the peaks.

So, Nepal has numerous lake systems that you can trek and visit. But what will you do there?

Get lost into the blue depths that provide a crystal reflection of the sky or simply witness an outstanding view that’s important for both the Nepalese tourism and spirituality?

Either way, choosing the lake trekking routes like Gokyo Lakes Trek will surely provide a feast for the eyes and soul.

Gokyo Ri view, EBC trekking and Gokyo Cho la

6. The wildlife in Nepal is not really remarkable.

Lots of tourists and their families go to Bardia National Park and Chitwan National Park to see Nepal’s abundant wildlife which includes crocodiles, rhinos, deer, and the popular Royal Bengal Tiger.

If you like a closer and nerve wrecking encounter, ride one of those safaris and be just an inch closer from the animals. Or simply see the diverse bird population.

You will not enjoy this floral and faunal variation, will you?

Royal Bengal tiger in Nepal

7. There’s not much to see in Nepal aside from the Himalayas.

Being in Nepal, seeing the great Himalayas is a given. But what’s there left to do when you get tired of the sight?

See the beautiful lake city in Pokhara? Go sight-seeing in Kathmandu? Perhaps witness the quaint villages of Bandipur?

boudhanath-stupa-cultural heritage-nepal

8. There’s not much to learn about Nepal’s culture and tradition.

Being bordered by other Asian countries, does Nepal even have an interesting culture to call its own? Of course.

Nepal has an interesting and diverse mix of indigenous tribes who live from the city of Kathmandu to the remote areas of the Himalayas.

Interacting with the local Nepalese provides a glimpse of their lifestyle, beliefs, and traditions that will surely enthrall you.

9. Nepal’s heritage is even less interesting.

You can count to be bored by the various traditional buildings and architectures that dot around Nepal.

A lot of temples in Nepal are considered by UNESCO as heritage sites, including Lumbini and the national parks.

Nepal is simply rich in history that even the savviest history buff will have trouble choosing a favorite. You will only find this activity less interesting.

10. Nepal’s artwork is dull and boring.

From paintings, pottery to other artisan products, the craftsmanship of the Nepalese is something that shines through from every corner.

Inspect the delicate details at the temples and you’ll find that each conveys deep passion for artistic work.

However, if such type of artwork is not your cup of tea, you better do a research on other destinations apart from Nepal.

art work of nepal - reason you should never visit Nepal

11. What can you even eat in Nepal? 

Nepalese cuisine has been influenced by its neighbors, India and China, but it also offers a unique gastronomic experience.

Dhal bat, momo and other Nepalese dishes should not be missed while in Nepal. If this is something you are not interested about, you might just want to let go of experiencing Nepal’s cuisine.

Dal Bhat Nepal for kids

12. Warning: the local Nepalese are brimming with warmth and hospitality, the feeling could overwhelm you.

Whether you’re interacting with our porters or bargaining prices with the local vendors, there’s no denying how genuinely friendly our people are.

If you as a tourist of a foreign country don’t like interacting much with the local people of that country, then Nepal trip may not be the best choice for you.

Nepal smile

13. Nepal is utterly affordable, you can start fearing about cheap knock-off products and substandard services – but you shouldn’t.

In fact, going around and trekking at Nepal is considerably cheaper than other trekking sites like Kilimanjaro. Clean and decent 3-4 star hotels in Kathmandu are cheap while tea houses at your trekking routes are just affordable as well.

Add to that the fact that getting a Nepalese visa, food, trekking gear and other logistics are cheap to make Nepal an ideal destination for budget travelers.

nepal money is affordable to visit nepal

14. And what’s the deal about Lord Buddha being born in Lumbini, Nepal?.

Whether you’re a practicing Buddhist or simply have a penchant for Buddhism and its history, knowing that Buddha was born here provides a great sense of tranquility.

The temples and other religious buildings in Nepal also channel serenity and deep faith of the Nepalese. Not your interest?

Then, this country should not be your next destination.

Lumbini- Birthplace of Buddha in Nepal

15. You predictable and conventional trip with skyscrapers or castles in sight?

Then, take Nepal out of your list. All in all, Nepal is packaged for a serene and/or adventurous escape –whichever way you like it.

With so many things, much diversity in the people, culture, nature, and the landscapes you will feel like a ‘sheep in fog’ in Nepal.

So, do not visit Nepal. Who cares if it has the tallest peak in the world, unique cultures of the world, and the enticing natural beauties.


The post provides a satirical take on reasons why one should never visit Nepal.

It lists 15 reasons in a sarcastic tone, highlighting various aspects of Nepal such as its small size, activities for families, ordinary trekking routes, majestic peaks, lakes, wildlife, tourist attractions, culture, heritage, artwork, cuisine, friendly locals, affordability, significance of Lumbini (Buddha’s birthplace) and the unconventional nature of Nepal’s attractions.

Despite its tongue-in-cheek tone, the post subtly emphasizes Nepal’s unique offerings and diverse experiences, suggesting that it is indeed a worthwhile destination to explore despite the sarcastic reasons presented.

So, what are the reasons why you should never visit Nepal?

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