Trekking in Nepal in October

Trekking in Nepal in October

Trekking in Nepal in October is every trekker’s dream. Nepal is one of the best places for trekking in the world.

The country has great natural beauty and serves as a perfect place for trekking with its wide range of mountains, slopes, and hills. Added, trekking and traveling in Nepal is budget-friendly compared to other countries.

everest base camp trek

Due to favorable weather condition and spectacular views in October, high number of trekkers hit the trekking trial. Thus, October is the busiest and the peak season for trekking.

October is also the month of the biggest festival and celebration in Nepal. So, you have the perfect opportunity to witness the culture and local festivities to the fullest if you plan on doing trekking in Nepal in October.

Nepal Weather in October

If you are planning for any sort of trekking whether long or short, then October might be the best season. Starting from the shortest trek of Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek to month-long other trekking such as Everest Base Camp trek, October is the best time.

Here are some average temperature related data for October in Nepal.

Average Temperature 20 Degree Celsius
Maximum Temperature 25 Degree Celsius
Minimum Temperature 14 Degree Celsius
Sunshine Hours 10 Hr
Rainfall 67 mm
Sea Temperature Zero Degree Celsius

The temperature discussed above is a normal temperature in the general forecast with a help of statics. It can change with an effect of global warming and other factors.

Since, Nepal has lots of adventures to offer, here is a list of top five trekking trials to take in October.

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Top five trekking trials in October

Being the best season to do trekking in Nepal, all the trekking trails are available and open during October. So, you can choose from a range of easy to difficult, short to long trails.

The top five recommended trekking trials in Nepal in October are

Solo or Group treks in October?

You can go either on solo trek or with groups in October. Because October is the best season to trek in Nepal. Most of the trekking trails gets packed with trekkers and explorers from all over the world.

Thus, you will always have someone to talk to in the hotels, tea houses, and the trails.

You also have all the different trails at your service. While trekking, it is always recommended to travel with at least a porter or a guide.

Solo treks in many of the trekking trails in Nepal is possible. But, be sure to inquire, because there are still a lot of trekking trails that do not allow solo trekkers.

It is important that you let someone you trust know about your daily whereabouts. Group treks in October or any other season is possible, cheaper and safer.

Short/ Long Duration Treks

In October in Nepal, all the trekking trails present in the country are open. So, this gives you the opportunity to choose any trails according to your convenience.

The short treks lasts from 3 to 10 days while the long ones cover anywhere from 10 days to a month of trekking.

Some possible short treks in October are

7 days Langtang Valley Trek

5 days Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

10 days Everest Panorama

9 days Helambu trek

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek and many more.

Some longer treks that you can take are

16 days Everest Base Camp trek

Upper Mustang Trek

Nar Phu Valley Trekking etc.

These short and long duration trek are suitable for all levels of trekkers from a beginner to an experienced trekker. All you need is a curious mind and energetic body to walk on the rugged terrains.

Yet, there are some more suitable and recommended ones for experienced trekkers alone.


Accommodation along the trekking routes will be open in October. We recommend you to pre-book the preferred rooms because this period is the busiest.

A good guide will usually call ahead earlier in the day so that you can stay around the famous trekking trail. Otherwise, you’ll either need to downgrade your accommodation standards or move on to the next village, a little further up the trail.

Like accommodation, all restaurants will be open in October with full menus available.

Trekking Permits

Trekkers from all over the world need to get certain permits to trek in Nepal. The first one is the TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System). You will need this for almost all treks.

The other one belong to the conservation area or national park that you may cross while trekking.

You can obtain these permits either from Kathmandu or Pokhara. You also can get them at the beginning of the trails. But, they will be more expensive.

Some trekking trails need special permits or restricted area permits. Especially if you do the trek on a restricted area.

There are many checkpoints on the trekking trails where you will need to disclose these permits. You may have to pay fines if found without the right permits.

Trekking Clothing

The weather is warm and sunny during the day so you can bring trekking shorts, T-Shirts or trekking shirts.

If you’re trekking at altitude then you’ll want a warm fleece in the evenings and long trousers.

Bringing a light sleeping bag is a good idea in case the tea house runs out of blankets. It’s rare on the popular treks but in less popular treks this can happen.

A sleeping bag liner is always a good idea.

Supplies and Equipment

Trekking equipment necessary for trekking in Nepal is available at affordable prices in Kathmandu and Pokhara. You can get these supplies and equipment for both in rent and purchase.

Some of the more popular trekking trails have shops that sell the basic supplies along the trails as well.

However, these basic supplies can be more expensive due to difficulty in transportation while carrying to those regions.


Trekking in Nepal during October means you’ll need travel insurance. The weather in October is good and is the peak season for trekking. This is when trekkers often enjoy going a bit further.

While trekking you are prone to unfortunate misfortunes even in the safest trials. As such, it becomes very important to get an insurance. You should get an insurance from your home country.

Also, some trekking companies do not accept you if you don’t have the right insurance required for the trek.

If you already have insurance, make sure it covers all trekking activities and conditions that you plan to undertake.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is always a threat while trekking. It is important to be familiar with the symptoms. If you notice any of the symptoms, stop everything you are doing and rest. If the symptoms get worse, it is best advised to descend.

Consulting your physician before embarking on a high altitude trek and taking the necessary medicines as precautions is a must.

Some trekking agencies have doctors who go along the treks with you. If so, consult with them immediately if any symptoms occur.

Do not ever ignore any of the symptoms of High altitude sickness during the trek.


Trekking itineraries for any trials are available in websites. These itineraries give you day to day details starting from the day of arrival till the day of departure.

Last Say

October is the best month for trekking in Nepal. The calm and pleasant weather serves you the best time for the trek with a clear view of mountains, lakes, rivers.

All trekking trail will be open during this time allowing you the perfect opportunity to choose everything that Nepal has to offer.

Because of the peak season, you will meet many fellow trekkers along the way who enjoy and share similar interests.

Peak season means many travelers, hence, pre-booking for anything be it flight or hotel is necessary.

Let us guide and help you with that, contact us.

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