The Ultimate guide to trekking in Nepal for Female Travelers

The Ultimate guide to trekking in Nepal for Female Travelers

Are you a female traveler willing to trek in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal as a female traveler can be daunting at the beginning as you may not be sure where to start from or how to keep the journey smooth and comfortable. So, you need to get proper travel guides and connect with a reliable travel agency before you decide to choose to trek in Nepal.

Well, Nepal counts on the ideal travel destination for female travelers, either you desire for solo travel or trekking with your friends.

One of our client when she first planned to travel Nepal alone, she was bit nervous, scared, and uncertain if she was going to make it out or not. But after exploring different parts of Nepal with Mosaic Adventure team, she was very happy with the trip. She admired the lifestyle and hospitality of the residing people.

The Ultimate guide to trekking in Nepal for Female Travelers

Indeed, Nepal is a beautiful country, rich in natural and cultural diversity. I personally find many female travelers exploring different places relaxed and feeling the same all the times. I hope the same goes for you as well. You will find the people humble, polite, and welcoming, who make you feel comfortable throughout the journey.

In Nepal, female travels are respected whether you are trekking alone or in groups. Nepalese people and other travel guides give proper care to female tourists. And, trust me! There is no negativity associated with trekking in Nepal as a female traveler.

The Ultimate Guide To Trekking In Nepal For Female Travelers

There are many female travelers, exploring different places of Nepal yearly. However, it is better to know about the journey and make a proper travel plan.

If you are looking for a proper guide to trek in Nepal as female travelers, you are in the right place. Here, in the article, I will provide you with everything you need to know as a female traveler.

I will also provide tips about trekking in different parts of Nepal, the locals and things to carry and wear while trekking in Nepal. Either trekking to Everest Base Camp or any other places, this guide will surely be helpful along your journey.

Carry tissues and feminine hygiene products along with you

In some places, you may find washrooms with toilet paper. But in some places, throughout the trekking, things may not be available. You may not find any public toilets with paper. So, it is better to carry some pocket tissues and other hygiene products along with you. This makes your journey trouble-free.

Be confident

You may be thinking there are significant troubles coming along the way during the trek in Nepal as a female traveler but it is important to be confident. In the end, you are spending much time trekking from one place to another.

I suggest you to feel confident and accomplish your dream journey. After you follow the necessary steps while on the trek, things should favor you. Just get ready to cope up with what comes along your way.

Get copies of ID

As a traveler, you need to be careful about everything. Make sure you carry copies of your ID cards, passport, and even bank cards. I would suggest doing this for your safety, in case something drastic happens. Another perfect idea is uploading those copies in your email account for safety.

Book in advance

Make habit of booking the flights and hotels in advance. In this way, you do not have to rush in the last hour. Sometimes it may be convenient to book in advance, particularly if you require allowance for trekking. Your booking research will make this part of your travel much comfortable.

Do proper research

Regardless of where you plan the trek in Nepal, research is very important. Research also helps you to find out/what-to-wear-trekking-in-nepal/what to wear during the trek. Also, familiarizing yourself with your trip before heading on the actual trip helps a lot for your success. This helps you to prepare an outline of your trip and prepare accordingly.

Also, check out for hotels, places, paths, and lodges in your research. Try to get familiar with your destination as much as you can.

Go for smart packing

We always get excited about the packing before setting off for the trip. And, worry if we have carried the right things along with us.

While packing makes sure you carry your passport, money, a notebook, and pen in your handbag. Together with this, putting a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush is ideal for long-haul flights. With these, you can freshen up anytime in the longer flights.

Also, include the copies of your ID, appropriate clothes, heavy shoes for the trekking and other essential items in your main luggage bag.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

Trekking in Nepal for Female

Every year Nepal attracts a large number of female trekkers. That also means yearly they select the appropriate trekking destination among many others in Nepal.

Let’s face it! Deciding the trekking destination is very troubling as you need to plan everything before going for a trek. As a female traveler, you need to be aware of the trekking destination, along with the routes that make your journey comfortable.

So, for your ease, here’s a list of some of the top trekking destinations of Nepal. Take a look at those destinations. I hope these destinations will help you further with choosing your preferred trekking destination.

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek in March

Max elevation: 5,600 m, Kala Patthar

Duration: 12 to 13 days

Best Season: March to May and October to November

Accommodation type: Guesthouses and Lodges

Restricted Permits: No

Trekking Difficulty:  Moderate

Truly, Everest Base Camp trekking comes up with a great trekking experience.

You will stand face to face with the world’s highest peak Mountain Everest (8,850 m), and view many other magnificent mountains. You are also likely to meet the Sherpa people who are famous for their climbing skills.


·         Stand next to Mt. Everest and get closer to Everest Base Camp itself

·         Kala Patthar at 5,600m, a vantage point offering incredible views of imposing peaks like Nuptse, Lhotse, and Mt Everest

·         Awesome trekking path and outstanding mountain landscapes

Annapurna Circuit Trekking

Annapurna Circuit Trek in April

Max elevation: 5,416 m, Thorong La Pass

Duration: 13 to 14 days

Best Season: March to May and October to November

Accommodation type: Guesthouses and Lodges

Restricted Permits: No

Trekking Difficulty:  Moderate Difficulty

Annapurna Circuit Trek offers incredible Himalayan landscapes. Also, benefits for female trekkers is trek’s easiness with a lot of tea-houses.

In the present time, the road construction has eased and shortened the trekking trails. I hope this will make the trekking more comfortable in the upcoming days.


·         Passing the world’s widest pass that is the Thorong La Pass at 5,416m

·         Assorted trekking topography due to high variation in height that varies from 760 m to 5,416m

·         Developed trekking  with a high degree of ease

Annapurna Base Camp

Max elevation: 4,320 m, Annapurna Base Camp

Duration: 10 days

Best Season: March to May and October to November

Accommodation type: Guesthouses and Lodges

Restricted Permits: No

Trekking Difficulty: Moderate

Annapurna Base Camp trek comes with altitude 4,320m. This trek introduces you to the world’s most adventurous trekking destination. To have about 10 days for trekking this trek is, without a doubt, a great option for female travelers.


·         A genuine and real trekking experience, in view of the short trekking period

·         Great path and scenery, the nearer you get to Annapurna Base Camp

·         In close immediacy to beautiful Pokhara city, also useful roaming around after the trek

Poon Hill Trek

Max altitude: 3,210 m, Poon hill

Duration: 5 to 7 days

Best Season: March to May and October to November

Accommodation type: Guesthouses & Lodges

Restricted Permits: No

Trekking Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate difficulty

Poon hill trek comes with the height of 3210m. This facilitates female travelers with great sights of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain assortment. It is an ideal trekking destination for short trek lovers.

I recommend this trekking for the one with limited time for trekking in Nepal.


·         Sunrise on the top of Poon Hill offers an incredible panoramic sight of the Himalayas

·         Cultural trekking, particularly Ghandruk, a traditional and culturally rich community

·         Nearby beautiful city Pokhara, also valuable traveling around after the trek

  Langtang Trek

Langtang Valley Trek in April

Max elevation: 4,984m, Tserko Ri

Duration: 7 to 8 days

Best Season: March to May and October to November

Accommodation type: Guesthouses and Lodges

Restricted Permits: No

Trekking Difficulty:  Modest difficulty

One of the best treks in Nepal Langtang trek offers cultural imminent that includes monasteries, local villages, and a prospect to decide on and trek at your own chosen 4,984m peak.


·         Reaching the top of Tserko Peak with the height of 4,984 m

·         Completely genuine trekking experience, even if just available for 7 days

·         A traditionally rich trek extremely influenced by Tibetan background

The Final,

These are all about the useful tips for female travelers trekking in Nepal. You can choose from a number of options for short or long treks in the varying terrains of Nepal.

And, let me inform you, trekking routes in Nepal are female-friendly. You can feel secure while on your trips to any place of Nepal. No bad news is noticed so far.

If you have any query about the trekking in Nepal, feel free to contact us anytime you desire.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

About Author

Madhav started working as a porter in 2001 and then moved on to work as a trekking guide. After working in the trekking and tourism industry for eight years, he co-founded Mosaic Adventure in 2009.

Madhav has trekked to most of the trekking destinations in Nepal, including Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Poon Hill Trek, Jomsom Muktinath Trek, Indigenous Peoples Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, and all of the day hikes around Kathmandu.

He has also extensively traveled to other countries such as Australia, the USA, the UK, France, Hong Kong, Japan, China, the Philippines, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, Turkey, and India. Madhav is the one who answers most of your questions about trekking and tours and helps to plan your trip by giving a personal touch.

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