Top Activities to Do During Tibet Tour

Top Activities to Do in Tibet

From sacred Buddhist temples and sparkling turquoise lakes to towering snow capped Himalayan mountains, breathtaking landscapes and colorful cultural villages, there are many top activities to do during Tibet Tour.

Tibet is a country that offers a unique blend of experiences that just captivates the heart of any type of adventurer.

The country has so much to offer and depending on your preferred kind of adventure, we categorize Tibet activities into the following.

Top Activities to Do during Tibet Tour

Mountain Trekking

More than anything, the country’s big draw is the elemental beauty of being the highest plateau on earth and the best way to explore this splendor is by embarking on a trekking adventure.

This trip will take you through beautiful lakes and landscapes, across valleys or plains dotted with yaks and nomad’s tents and through high passes draped with colorful prayer flags.Stone mantras Tibet - Top activities to do during Tibet tour

For the braver souls, trek to Tibetan side Everest Base Camp; or if you’re a seasoned climber, conquer Everest’s summit. We, at Mosaic Adventure, guarantee that once you make it you’ll find it a worthwhile adventure.

This journey is every traveler’s dream for a reason.

The challenging trek rewards you with majestic panoramas and unique experiences of being close or on top of the world’s tallest mountain—a one of a kind prize limited only to those who are brave for this challenging journey.

Mosaic Adventure offers a guided Everest Base Camp Tibet tour, which includes a days-long trek to the mighty mountain.

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Spiritual Tours

Tibet evokes images of a spiritual kingdom within the Himalayas and what better way to explore the mystical facet of Tibet than visiting the kingdom’s sacred temples or complete a walking tour through various pilgrimage circuits.

Kids in Tibet - top activities in tibet
A Tibetan spiritual tour is not complete without visiting the most celebrated and sacred of all temples, Jokhang (which means House of the Lords).

Located in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, the temple attracts bowing Tibetan pilgrims and curious tourists. The temple is also famed for holding important annual festivals and the ceremonies of initiation for the Dalai Lama.

The temple was founded during the reign of King Songstsen Gampo and was built for his two brides: Princess Bhrikuti of Nepal and Princess Wencheng of the Chinese Tang dynasty.

The temple houses the Buddha statue, Jowo Rinpoche, which the Chinese queen had brought as dowry. The temple reflects Tibetan elements with influences from India, Nepal, and China.
Lhasa Potala Palace - activities in Tibet
Circling around the ancient temple is the Barkhor circuit that draws a tide of pilgrims every year. Join the pilgrims in this religious journey to roll the prayer wheels.

En route, you’ll find several small but fascinating temples/chapelsas well as souvenir shops.

Another pilgrim circuit worth visiting is the one that circles the famed Potala Palace. Following a tide of pilgrims with prayer wheels, incense, and prayer beads is one route to the heart of the mysteries of Tibet.

Lake Tours

Tibet boasts the most stunning lake scenery which, depending on the weather, features glassy water that mirrors the surrounding snowcapped mountains or mesmerizing turquoise water that sparkle under the sun.

Like many places in Tibet, some lakes are considered holy.

Whether you are taking a tour to Tibetan lakes to simply see spectacular scenery or to continue your spiritual tour, Namtso Lake in Ngachu, Yamdrok Lake in Shannan and Manasarovar Lake in Ngari will definitely won’t disappoint.

Namsto Lake

Namtso Lake

Namtso, which literally means “heavenly” in Tibetan, is aptly named. Located in lofty altitude, the lake is often described as being close to heaven, thus its spiritual associations.

The lake showcases crystal clear water surrounded by snow-capped mountains and open grassland dotted with local nomads and yak herds.

It is also worth visiting not only for its heavenly beauty but also for being the highest saltwater lake in the world.

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake

Compared to Namtso, Yamdrok offers a different panorama featuring glistening turquoise water against the backdrop of dull gray and green mountains.

Believed to be the female Guardian of Tibet Buddhism, devotional followers come here for pilgrimage for the protection of their lives and their families.

Due to snow and ice, during winter, the road to the lake is closed in November through March.

Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake

Manasarovar Lake

If Namtso is the highest saltwater lake in the world, Manasarovar is the world’s highest freshwater lake.

A visit to this lake rewards you with breathtaking sceneries of crystal clear lake mirroring snow-capped mountains that surround it, to an emerald green lake that dazzles under the sun.

More to the beauty that awaits you at Manasarovar Lake, its spiritual essence is its main draw.  The lake has an interesting mythology that attracts pilgrimages for Hindus and Buddhists not only from Tibet but also from India and other neighboring countries.

It is believed that drinking the lake’s holy water purifies one’s soul from sins. And, they attain salvation after death.

Yamdrok Lake is included in our Nepal- Tibet Tour Package but for a customized Tibet Tour, we can also include Namtso and Manasarovar to complete your spiritual tour to these holy lakes.

Cultural/Historical Tours

Any tour around Tibet immerses you in the Kingdom’s unique culture. Although pure Tibet culture is in every corner of the country, a visit to historical/cultural sites offers a window to the country’s past and present.

The beautiful Potala Palace is a huge treasure house of antiques depicting Tibetan religion, culture, history and art. Here you can find precious sculptures, murals, antiques, statues, and religious items.

Visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery, the seat of the Panchen Lama. Not only a holy site that attracts pilgrims, but the monastery also boasts of distinctive architecture with its gold roods and red building complex.

Alternatively, just follow devotees at any pilgrim circuit or go to local stores and interact with the locals. Activities like these will introduce you to the hospitality of Tibetans that are embedded in their culture.

Mosaic Adventure offers several Tibet tour packages and customized tours accompanied by our experienced guides. To book your dream tour/activity and experience the real beauty of Tibet, contact us.

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