Upper Mustang Trek 10 Days

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Upper Mustang trekking takes you to the last forbidden world of Mustang district very close to Tibet border. This 10 days Upper Mustang trek takes you the most preserved and isolated region of Nepal.

This region is also known as a ‘Mini Tibet in Nepal’ as the topography and culture resemble that of Tibet.

It is the most interesting and picturesque places in Nepal. It consists of high altitude deserts, red-rock cliffs, eroded sandstone pillars. Also, the deep river gorges and the view of some of the highest mountains in the world add to the beauty.

On this trek, you walk to the walled city of Lo-Manthang which belongs to King Lo. Here you will get to see the four-storied palace and some of the beautiful architectures.

The 10 days Upper Mustang trek starts with a scenic flight from the lake city of Pokhara to Jomsom. Take each moment as an opportunity to learn, embrace, and refresh your mind while exploring this spectacular natural beauty.

Highlights of 10 days Upper Mustang Trek

  • Delve into the ancient Tibetan Culture
  • Explore the kingdom and palace of King Lo
  • Catch a spectacular view of Mt.Annapurna, Mt.Dhaulagiri, and Mt.Nilgiri etc
  • Witness the amazing view of Caves of Mustang
  • Walk past the deepest Gorges
  • Cross several bridges over the Kali Gandaki river

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Fly to Jomsom, trek to Kagbeni

Altitude– 2,800m / 8,960ft

Travel hours -30 minutes flight and 3 hours walk

The journey starts in the morning from Pokhara where you will have your breakfast. You will then move to the airport to board an early morning flight to Jomsom.

Enjoy the scenic flight to Jomsom. This flight offers an incredible view. The view consists of majestic mountains like Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, and the Annapurna range.

On arrival to Jomsom, the rest of the crew will be there to greet you. Here, you will be doing the necessary pre-trek preparation.

Shortly after the preparation, the ultimate walk begins. You will cross the suspension bridge at Jomsom. Following the trail along the Kali Gandaki, you will reach the northern valley of Kaligandaki River.

The trail offers a stunning view of snow-capped mountains like Tukuche, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri to the north. While the southern part of the trail features the entire Annapurna range.

It takes about 4 hours to walk through the Kali Gandaki river to reach Kagbeni.

You can explore Kagbeni during your free time. Overnight stay at a lodge in Kagbeni.

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Day 2: Trek to Chele

Altitude– 3,050m / 9,760ft

Travel hours-5 hours walk

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After breakfast in Kagbeni, the trail ascends towards the northern valley of Kagbeni. Next, you will head towards Tangbe and then towards Chusang valley.

The trail goes by the side of the valley and in some places, it goes through the riverbed. Riverbed is the easier path when compared to the valley.

Along the trail, you can enjoy the traditional red and whitewashed houses. There are many Buddhist monasteries, red, black, and white colored Chortens. You will also get to see the beautiful apple orchards as well as wheat, barley, and buckwheat fields.

After crossing several ridges and streams along the trail, you will be making your exit from Kali Gandaki valley and Manangi culture. You will then enter Chele and start to experience the Tibetan culture of Lo.

This place will give you a perfect view of Tibetan settlement. The journey from Kagbeni to Chele is truly amazing allowing you to explore the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the locals.

In the evening you can get freshen up and explore the place. You will be spending the night at a lodge in Chele.

Day 3: Trek to Geling

Altitude– 3,440m / 11,008ft

Travel hours-5-6 hours walk

After your breakfast in Chele, you will start your usual day trek with first hikes up to Taklam La Pass. Later, you cross different terrains to observe Yakawa Kang, Tilicho Peak, and Damodar hill.

Further, you will walk towards the village of Samar from where the ridge descends into the large gorge. You will pass through different chortens and walk through the beautiful valley crossing streams and juniper trees making your way towards Shyangmochen.

Shyangmochen is a small settlement with a few tea shops. You can stop in one of the tea shops for lunch and relax for a little while.

Near to Shyangmochen, there is a cave called Rang Byung that contains stalagmites in the form of Chorten. This is also considered one of the holiest places in Mustang.

From here the trail drops down to Geling. This place has many gompas and offers a pleasant view of the barley field.

Overnight stay at a lodge here.

Day 4: Trek to Tsarang

Altitude– 3,490m / 11,168ft

Travel hours– 5-6 hours walk

Today also the trek starts after breakfast. You will leave Geling and trek towards Nyala. The trail turns westward and continues through the driest part of Mustang.

Passing through the fields that are below Tama Gaon, you will take a turn towards north to reach Nyala situated 4000m above sea level.

From there you will pass through steep trails and descend towards Ghami. Ghami is the largest settlement surrounded by a large barren field in the Lo region.

On crossing Ghami river, the trail makes its way along the longest Mani walls ( a sacred wall made by prayer stones). At the end of the wall, the trail then takes an eastward turn where you reach the village of Tsarang.

Tsarang is a largely spread village situated at the top of the Tsarang Chu Canyon. Here, in the eastern side of the village, you can see Dzong (fortress) and Red Gompa( monastery). Here they exhibit exceptional statues and Thangkas (Rolling-painting).

You will spend the night at a lodge in Tsarang.

Day 5: Trek to Lo-Manthang

Altitude– 3,730m / 11,936ft

Travel hours– 5-6 hours walk

The attraction of Tsarang is endless. Therefore before heading to Lo Manthang, you will spend some time exploring the Tsarang village and the Red Gompa after breakfast.

Later after that, you will climb up the valley to explore the isolated chortens. This separates the area of Tsarang and Lo Manthang otherwise called “Plains of Aspiration”. Here you will see the horsemen riding around the city and crossing the waterways.

As the trail goes up to the windy pass of Lo, the trail broadens giving you the first glimpse of the walled city called Lo Manthang.

You will spend the night here. After 5-6 hours of walking, be sure to relax well to look forward to a great day tomorrow exploring the beautiful city of Lo Manthang.

Day 6: Exploration Day at Lo Manthang

Today after breakfast you will explore Lo Manthang without wasting any time. You will visit the Chosar town, religious communities, and chortens. After that, you will head towards eastern banks of Mustang stream to over 2000 years of age Jhong.

Additionally, you will visit 4 major Gompas like Namgyal Gompa, Chamba Lhakhang, Thugchen Gompa and Chiodi Gompa.

Other attractions of this area are the ceremonial King’s Palace ( 4 storied building at the center of the city). You will also see Tingkah ( a settlement of around 40 houses) and the last village to the northwest of Lo Manthang.

You will also get to witness the panoramic view of the towering mountain and get to experience the pure Tibetan culture.

Overnight stay at a lodge in Lo Manthang.

Day 7: Trek back to Ghami

Altitude – 3690m / 1210ft

Travel hours – 6-7 hours walk

Today after the morning meal you will walk up through pastures studded with Juniper. Here you will have the chance to look back at Lo Manthang one last time before you head back.

The return route is on the same side of the Kali Gandaki because the eastern part is less inhabited and more difficult for walking.

Gradually, as you say goodbye to Lo Manthang plain, after about two hours the mass of the Himalayas reappears. And you will successfully get over the highest pass, Lugri La (4200m).

After that, you have a short but steep walk down the yellow canyon to Tamar. Here you will see fields in the southern and western part of the valley and large red vertical cliffs in the North West.

Above the village are numerous caves, but their entrances are accessible only to rock climbers. Slowly, as you walk past more caves on your way south, you will then climb a hill. This will bring you above Ghami, where you can see the town, the long Mani wall, and the pass once again.

You spend the night at a lodge in Ghami.

Day 8: Trek to Chele

Altitude– 3,050m / 9,760ft

Travel hours- 6 to 7 hours

Today after breakfast you will leave Ghami. After walking for about one hour you will reach the top of Nyala.

From here you will walk down steeply on the other side of the pass. This time you will not go via Geling. Rather you will take a direct root via Tamagaun.

After nearly about two hours you will reach Shyangmochen. Here you can take a little rest and stop for your lunch.

After lunch, you will then proceed and get up to the Yanda La. From here to Samar, there are lots of ups and downs. Don’t worry, you can take rest in between.

You will then descend steeply down to Chele. While descending the narrow trail, you will get to see the great views of Nilgiri and Tilicho Peak.

Overnight stay at a lodge in Chele. Make sure you take proper rest and have a good sleep because tomorrow you will be walking a lot more.

Day 9: Trek to Jomsom

Altitude– 2720m / 8,704ft

Travel hours– 6-7 hours walk

Today is the last day of your trekking and it’s going to be a long walk. You will go via Kagbeni.

After your breakfast, you will leave Chele and within 30 minutes or so you will reach Chusang and continue walking. After some time you will climb up to the steep ridge to reach Tangbe. You can rest here for a while.

After the short rest, you will proceed your trek and descend into the riverbed where you will be walking the remaining trail to Kagbeni.

Nearly after five hours of walk, you will reach Kagbeni where you will stop for your lunch.

Once your lunch break is over, you will leave Kagbeni and start walking through the Kali Gandaki to reach Jomsom.

On reaching Jomsom, you will celebrate the success of your trek with your colleagues and other staff members.

You can also take your lonely time to embrace and rejoice all the past experiences and reflect upon the beautiful journey.

You will have many pleasant memories to cherish and take back home to share with your family members and friends.

Overnight stay at Jomsom.

Day 10: Fly to Pokhara

Altitude– 800m / 2,624ft

Travel hours- 30 minutes flight

After breakfast at Lodge, you will move to check in Jomsom airport to fly back to Pokhara.

This flight takes about 20- 30 minutes through the gorge between two high mountain (Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ). The flight back is amazing, it will feed your soul with a visual treat once again.

Once you arrive at Pokhara you are free to explore the beautiful city.

And with this detail itinerary, the 10 days Upper Mustang Trek comes to an end.

However, if you wish to plan your own itinerary, feel free to let us know. We assure to help you customize your trip according to your preference.

We also run Upper Mustang Jeep Tour for those who don’t fancy Trekking.

Best Time to Visit Mustang Nepal


The 10 days Upper Mustang trek is a moderate trek and is doable by everyone with average fitness.

You can take up this trek any time of the year according to your preference. With a little bit of preparation and research, you can complete the trek with ease.

The trek offers you a lifetime experience. And the peaceful and beautiful region untouched by modernization will leave you in awe.

Feel free to contact us for any further question or queries. We assure to guide and assist you in planning the trek and making it a successful one.

Want more information? Send us your query, and our experts will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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