10 Things to Experience on Everest Base Camp Trek

How Difficult is Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most renowned treks in the world. The 31 miles long walk from Lukla to the Everest Base Camp offers every trekker with incredible experiences to admire.

The Everest Base Camp Trek takes you to the beautiful Khumbu region of Nepal, which is the home to the great mountain range. And the inhabitation centers of an even greater tribe called the Sherpa.

The colorful monasteries, beautiful farmlands, grazing yaks, and tiny villages under the shadow of the world’s most stunning peaks are sure to leave you astonished.

We have listed down some of the most amazing experiences you will have during Everest Base Camp Trek.

 1. View from Kala Pathar

Did you know that we cannot view  Mount Everest from its base camp? But don’t you feel upset because a little hike from Gorakshep, before you reach the Everest Base Camp, will take you to a rocky peak Kala Patthar.

The sweeping panoramic view of Everest to Ama Dablam from top of this rock is one of the most stunning mountain views of the world. Plus, the view of Everest peak in the morning when the sun rays hit the summit is the most alluring sight to behold.

So, Kala Patthar is rightly called as the best vantage point for the Everest View.

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 2. Spiritual Peace

You may not be a very spiritual person, but you will surely feel calm and peaceful while you pass through the trail festooned with fluttering prayer flags and colorful Mani walls (Prayer inscribed wall).

You pass through several monasteries with monks continuously chanting the prayers. This will surely provide a fascinating appreciation and insight into the Buddhist culture and spirituality.

 3. Sherpa Cuisine

Sherpa Cuisine is different from the food eaten in the lower part of the country.

Since rice is not abundant in Himalayan regions, the cuisine here includes various types of dishes made out from locally available barley, buckwheat and potatoes. MoMos or the dumpling is a famous dish of this region, which is a warm and delicious delicacy after a long day walking.

4. Prayer at Tengboche Monastery

After making 1300 feet ascent, you will reach a beautiful hilltop where stands the colorful monastery of Tengboche with the most stunning mountain view. The experience of listening to the deep chants of the prayer in the Dokhang (the prayer hall) is spiritually inspiring experience.

While you are at the monastery, you will also get a chance to interact with the expedition team preparing for the Everest expedition. You can wish them luck in advance and pray for their safe expeditions.

5. Exploring Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar is the cultural and economic hub of the Sagarmatha Region. The Namche Bazaar is interspersed with a colorful panoply of houses, restaurants, lodges, shops, ATMs, and bakeries.

The narrow street of the Namche bazaar shared between the yaks, monks, Sherpa traders and the locals, offers a new discovery on every corner from bakeries, monasteries to museums.

While you are in Namche Bazaar, you can take short strolls around the town, or go shop the unique mountainside Tibetan products, or you can even buy trekking gears. If you are not interested in shopping you can spend the time exploring the everyday activities of the local businessmen, or the Sherpa people.

6. Lodge-to-lodge trekking experience

The tea-house trekking offers a very good combination of simple yet comfortable accommodation and relaxing social atmosphere for the entire trekking.

A warm breakfast in a cozy room while chatting and sharing the experience with other trekkers inspire for the journey ahead. At the evening warm food and comfortable cozy rooms take away the exhaustion of your long daily walks.  The card games with the guides and porters, and laughter shared with other trekkers is one of the most treasured memories of the trip.

In the entire trek, you move to different places and stay in different tea-houses. During the process, you will meet many new people and interact with the tea-house owners.

The lodge-to-lodge experience is quite amazing where you will learn many things.

7. The Trail

The excitement of reaching the Base Camp of the world highest mountain while walking on the centuries-old path trodden by the great adventurers is out of the world.

The trail is undoubtedly one of the best trails in the world, traversing the beautiful hamlets, cultivated fields, and monasteries along the prayer flag festooned path.

Slow your pace and enjoy your surrounding as you experience the journey of a lifetime. In the whole trek, the alluring views of the snow-covered peaks befriend you.

8. Serene Himalayan Lakes

A short extension of Everest Base Camp Trek leads you to the magnificent Gokyo region. The region is full of glaciers and impressive high altitude lakes.

Surrounded by the world’ greatest mountain peaks like Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and great Mount Everest, the magnificent turquoise high altitude lakes of the region are sure to stun you.

The 5 special glacial lakes in the Gokyo region part of this 20-day Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes with Cho La Pass Trek will definitely captivate you, especially during the afternoons and sunsets.

9. Reaching Everest Base Camp

The main purpose of the trek is to reach the Everest Base Camp. The atmosphere of the base camp is lit with the colorful tents and the stories of adventure and passion of the Mountaineers trying to reach the top of the world.

Since you have walked days to reach the Everest Base Camp, why turn around and leave in a matter of hours?

Spending sometime at Everest Base Camp is a peek into the experience of embarking on an Everest Expedition. The time spent at Everest base camp is definitely the most awe-inspiring moment in the entire trip.

However, there are no tea-houses in the base camp, so you need to accommodate yourself at Gorakshep visiting base camp as side trip.

10. Stopping to enjoy the environment

The Khumbu (local name for Everest Area) is an amazing region with stunning mountain views. The region never fails you to stun you with its glory and leaves you craving for more of its magnificent splendor.

The striking landscape, colorful villages, glaciers, and the ever glorious mountain peaks- there is no place on earth like this. Stop for a while and take a long breath and relish this scenic grandeur of the region.

In the lower regions of the trek, you will be amazed by the scenic views of the lush vegetation and the forests of Pines, Rhododendrons, and Magnolia.


Everest Base Camp Trek not only gives you wonderful trekking memories but also offers numerous activities to do. Enjoy every bit of it!

You may not collect such experience anywhere else in the world. So, cherish the moment and walk slowly. You will gradually feel the heaven in the snowy surrounding.

Did it? What is your favorite activity during Everest Base Camp Trek? Let us know by commenting below.

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