Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek

If you are considering traveling to Nepal to undertake a challenging trek, you might be wondering which one to choose between the Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek.

Both are popular treks, but they have differences that make them unique. In this post, I will help you compare the two treks so that you can decide which one to choose.

Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek

Admittedly, both the Manaslu Circuit Trek and the EBC Trek are exceptionally appealing options. However, as with all treks, there are important factors that might play a huge role in deciding which is right for you and your fellow trekkers.

Not everyone has the opportunity to do both, so choosing the best trek in Nepal between Manaslu and Everest is a big decision.

Comparing the Manaslu Circuit Trek and the Everest Base Camp Trek can indeed be a difficult choice to make.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a rather rustic trek, with comparatively basic lodges and food menus. However, it has more of a feeling of being out in the wilderness as there are fewer trekkers who take this route as compared to the other most popular Everest Base Camp Trek.

In contrast to that, Everest has a wider range of choices in terms of accommodation. Other than accommodation, different type of foods are available on Everest Base Camp Trek. It is a little bit more of a civilized trek.

Things like taking hot showers, for example, make it that little bit more comfortable.

Picking which trek is right for your individual needs depends on various factors. It depends on who you are traveling with, their ages and physical capabilities.

Also, what you want to get out of a trek or what type of experience you are planning to have. It also depends on whether you frequently like to meet fellow travelers en route or wish to experience things such as the rustic villages and teahouses en-route.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek has the reputation of being the lesser developed route. The trek is certain to give you a more basic range of options in terms of your facilities.

For some people, this is precisely what they are after – to get lost in the wilderness of Nepal, with fewer people, fewer distractions and the opportunity to just soak up and take in the stunning scenery and surroundings along the way.

You may find a few teahouses on this remote trek, but you will not go homeless in that remote terrain. You would certainly get a much less commercialized climb and definite exposure to the unspoiled culture in the region too.

manaslu circuit trek vs everest base camp trek

manaslu circuit trek vs everest base camp trek

In contrast, the Everest Base Camp Trek is a route more traveled. It is, therefore, furnished with more options in terms of your amenities, and there are increased choices that are available to you.

You would most likely meet more people along this route and if taking the developed route is more appealing, I can assure you that you will still see some epic views and stunning scenery.

There would be the “luxury” of having hot water, internet access on EBC trail and also more exposure to the Nepalese people through more frequent passing via places such as teahouses.

everest base camp trek in september

Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to the base of Manaslu, which puts you at around 5106m and exposes you to a diverse range of flora and fauna, is simply amazing.

The greatest challenge will probably be passing Larkya La Pass, but from the peak of the trek, you will pass through lush alpine forests bustling with waterfalls, pine, bamboo, ferns and beautiful lakes that are all met with crystal white beaches.

You only need to be moderately fit to complete the Manaslu Circuit Trek and it does not require previous experience in trekking. However, as with most treks, there are some recommended conditioning steps to take before embarking on the adventure.

When trekking to the base camp of Everest, you’ll most likely take some time to acclimate first before heading through to the remarkable Base Camp.

You’ll pass through many different Sherpa villages on your way, depending on the precise route you take. When you travel from Lobuche, an ascent will lead you to the rocky Kalapaththar outcrop, which is around 5545m high and where you will be able to see the base camp of the world’s highest peak.

The entire Everest Base Camp Trek is filled with spectacular mountain scenery. It is not too technical of a climb, and you don’t actually need to have any experience at altitude or technical climbing.

However, it is important that you have a level of fitness that allows you to complete the trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek: Which One Should You Choose?

Here are a few points that you should consider while comparing the Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek:

Cost and Logistics:

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is slightly cheaper than the Everest Base Camp Trek, although obtaining a restricted area permit for Manaslu is required. The Everest Base Camp Trek is expensive because of the round-trip internal flight to Lukla in 2024 costs more than $420 per person.

Accommodation and Facilities:

The Manaslu Circuit Trek has basic lodges and food menus and is a rustic trek. In contrast, Everest offers a wider range of accommodation and food choices and is more of a civilized trek. Facilities such as hot showers are available.

Location and Accessibility:

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is in the western part of Nepal, offering a remote and off-the-beaten-path trekking experience.

The Everest Base Camp Trek is in the eastern part of Nepal and is among the most trekked trails in Nepal. The highest point on this trek is 5545 meters at Kalapatthar.

Crowds and Trail Conditions:

Manaslu is less crowded than Everest, and the trail condition is less developed. Individual trekkers without a guide or porter are not allowed to trek in this region.

Everest is more popular and hence crowded, especially during peak seasons. Although it is no longer legal to trek solo in Everest or any other regions in Nepal, people are still going on solo treks in this region due to the lack of proper monitoring.

Trekking Difficulty:

Both treks are considered challenging, but the Manaslu Circuit Trek can be more difficult due to its remoteness and longer walking hours with long and steep ups and downs.

Scenery and Views:

Manaslu offers remote mountain villages, lush green forests, high-altitude rivers, and Himalayan peaks like Manaslu and Ganesh Himal.

Whereas, Everest Base Camp Trek has high mountain peaks like Mount Everest, Amadablam, and Nuptse. The trail goes through Sherpa Village, Tyangboche Monastery  and the UNESCO listed Sagarmatha National Park.

Cultural Experience:

Both treks offer different cultural experiences. Manaslu is inhabited by people of Gurung and Tibetan origin, whereas Everest is home to the famous Sherpas.

Both treks offer a chance to see different types of traditional lifestyles, cultures, communities, languages, and attires of the people that live there.

To Summarize:

Nepal is a safe place to travel to. The Nepalese people have a great appreciation for tourism in their economy. Nepalese feel delighted to welcome you with warm smiles and will be always ready to offer you food and rest without any hesitation.

In summary, both treks offer the trekker something special. Both are notable and challenging with a plethora of rewards.

Choosing which trek is right for you and your group will depend on what appeals to you most, what type of experience you are looking for and of course, your preferred amenities along the way.

Manaslu Circuit Trek vs Everest Base Camp Trek – whichever trek you choose, you will get the amazing experience of walking on the mountainside, enjoying scenic views and creating memories for a lifetime.

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